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    Well it genuinely worked for me. I was Googling the problem to see what fixes people were coming up with. Didn't want to reset my phone and read a post on another forum about this app and thought I'd try it. Like I said its fixed it for me, so thought it may fix it for others.


    I've got nothing to do with the aforementioned app, but even if I did I can hardly imagine sales figures rocketing as a result of my 'marketing strategy' (ie my post)! 


    Hope you get yours sorted out soon.

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    I'm experiencing the same issue. I went to a good friends party and all my photos turned out black. It's like the flash was out of sync and a very short flash at that. My friend with the iPhone 4S did not have this issue. I had to ask to use his phone to take a few pics. Grrrr

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    I recently found out that the timing of my flash on my iPhone 5 wasn't right. And so I followed Tripleb15's steps and now the flash works completely fine! I wasn't so sure it was going to work, but it did. If you're afraid to lose data, info, contacts, etc. just use iTunes or iCloud as back up.

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    I'm on my 3rd iphone5!! I dropped the first one after 3 days and thought that's why my flash didn't work. I got it replaced and it happened to the new phone, got that one replaced and now it's happened to my newest one and I've only had it since Friday... No point in getting another one. I'm going to try the reboot and hope for the best!

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    I just tried downloading another camera app if the flash timing was off there too (not gonna mention the name, dont want to seem like I'm pimping them) - it worked fine with the other app, so I tried the native camera app, and the flash worked fine there too.


    I suspect it might be a temporary fix, so I'll try again in a few hours, tomorrow morning, and tomorrow evening.


    For the record, it's approx 1 AM in the eastern time zone as I write this.

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    I did the reset settings and restored from the backup from when I upgraded to the 5 from the 4 and have had no problems since. Anyone who went through 3 iPhones is wasting their time. All you has to do was follow my instructions who were given to me from an intelligent apple rep who knew of this issue when the 4s came out also, just not as widespread. Anyway just reset to factory settings and restore. Bam glad someone listened :) saved time and gas and frustration of swapping out your phones.

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    Hi, all!

    Even reboot, and restored, then dark photo been happened again, really hope apple can fix this PROBLEM ASAP!

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    I tested my phone out again today, and it was working fine around 130 PM, so I cancelled the support call I had scheduled with Apple.


    Then a couple hours later, it stopped working again, so I scheduled a new call.


    Right before the call, I tried it again, and it worked.




    I went ahead with the call, and she suggested resetting the settings on my phone, and if that didnt work, wipe it and restore from a backup. 


    They're going to call me back tomorrow night to see if that worked, so hopefully they'll have something better to suggest if this doesn't work.

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    I am having this problem, suddenly after 2 weeks with no problem.  I rebooted my phone and then it worked fine for a few pics... Then tonight (about 20 hours after last reboot) my pictures are black again.

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    Reset settings back to factory. Then sync from back up to get it back to normal. Yes if u have a 64gb it will take time. Did this on the 22nd after calling apple it has worked flawlessly since. Stop wasting time and try it first people.

  • Tripleb15 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    First page of this thread 9 replies down. It's worked fine for me and others that's have tried everything else. Swapping phones is a waste of time and gas and you STILL have to restore from back up if u swap phones. So yes it takes time but seriously reset all settings them restore from back up. It works

  • Tripleb15 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Reset all settings before you restore from back up

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    Same problem. It works again after a reboot but after some time, the flash is out of sync. Disabling the location worked for me.


    Some people restored the unit and saw the problem starting again. I don't want to lost hours for nothing.


    Apple should issue a note or a fix about it.

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    I had the same problem too, and it was fixed by disabling the location service of the camera app.

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    Disabling the Location services for camera worked spot on. Shame it hasn't been fixed so many weeks after release of iPhone 5...