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After reading endless tips and tricks I found a temprally solution for the Spotlight indexing issue that came up after the update Lion 10.7.5


The problem is that is long Spotlight is trying te finish the indexing TimeMachine can't make a backup.


TimeMachine is conected to Spotlight.


So, if you like to backup again than you have to quit the Spotlight indexing task.


To do so read this website.

There are 2 commandlines in it you can drop into Terminal.app


file://localhost/Users/eurodata/Desktop/How%20to%20Disable%20(or%20Enable)%20Spo tlight%20in%20Mac%20OS%20X%20Lion.webloc


I will wait until Apple **** with the solution to fix the Spotlight issue.

Until than you can search for document etc. by using the search window in Finder window.


The most important is NOW that I can make backups.



Good luck ...



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