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    Perhaps others can confirm this, but maybe it is something to do with the iPhone 5? I have the 4s running iOS6 and do have all of that. Again, it is only after I reverted back to the Music app using the steps in my earlier post.

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    This is more convenient than that form on that website

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    I have exactly the same problem. This is really a pain in the *** when it starts playing in a meeting

  • Chillichocolate Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue for me. iOS 6. iPhone 5. Annoying.

  • DavidAndrus Level 1 Level 1

    Just adding in a "me too."


    16 GB black iPhone 5.

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       Here's another "me too" ... sort of.  Until recently, I had a 4S running IOS 5.1, but I handed that down to my daughter when the iPhone 5 came out.  I have had a similar problem since day 1 with the 4S and it became worse after I got the '5.  My issues seems to be a superset of what everyone else here is reporting.  I should add that I used the Instacast app for podcasts on my 4S and have continued to use Instacast on my iPhone 5.  I have never launched the new Podcast app.


    On my iPhone 4S

        Whenever I got into my car with my phone in my pocket and on bluetooth (i.e. not connected to USB/charger/earbuds etc.) it would "connect" to the car's bluetooth as it should and then remain silent as it should.  If I fired up a podcast or a playlist in the music player, and then either turned off the car or exited the car ah la hollywood stunt man or otherwise; whatever happened to be playing at the time would automatically pause. Upon re-entering or restarting the car; the phone would re-connect to the stereo but would remain paused until I manually resumed play. I was fine with that because I don't necessarilly want to resume listening to the same thing (or anything at all) the next time I get in the car.


       That was fine, but here's the problem: Everytime I ended a call or came out of an interlude with Siri, the phone would start playing something whether I wanted it to or not. If instacast was running with an active podcast on pause, then the podcast would resume.  Otherwise the music player would mysteriously come to life and play a song.  More often than not it was the music player that would start playing, and it mattered not if the music player was active in the running apps list or not.  I tried "killing" the music player (double-tap/long press/minus), but it made no difference.  I could be driving for hours with nothing playing, but as soon as I invoked Siri to send a text or whatever, the music was guaranteed to start playing as soon as Siri became dormant again.  This was incredibly frustrating because whenever I would get in a volley of hands-free text messaging via Siri, it was generally not the time for having music continually restarting on its own and blasting until I could manually pause it again.  I was never able to find a solution to this and so I just learned to live with it.


    Enter iPhone 5 with IOS 6


    I was hoping this would just go away in IOS 6, but alas it has become even worse and much less tolerable. Basically my phone is now determined to play something; ANYTHING it can get its grubby little claws into every single time I start my car.  And every single time I finish talking with Siri.  And every single time a call is completed.  And last but not least EVERY SINGLE TIME SIRI SPEAKS DURING VOICE GUIDED NAVIGATION.  Talk about annoying!  I received the phone on Friday; flew to San Francisco on Sunday and am trying to navigate in an unfamiliar city while being in an Infinite Loop of beratement from Siri, then my wife of 24 hours give or take, and then "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machine. Yeah Siri ... rage against THIS why don't ya?!


    Okay so one honeymoon and a few pano shots of the GG Bridge later I've come to the forums in hopes of finding that there's some archane setting or something that I can tweak to eliminate or mitigate this problem. As it stands, it appears that there are a lot of people with a similar problem and still hoping for a solution, but so far nobody else seems to be experiencing the even worse problem of having their music player so afflicted.  It's not looking good at this point I dare say.

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    I just posted about this and a few other issues I've noticed with podcasts. I can definitely confirm that this is an existing problem, I suffer from podcast autonomy on my iPhone 4S using iOS6. As I said in my own post, sometimes I might be listening to a music podcast with some crude language in it on the way to work and then just unplug my headphones when I get there. Then say I get a call from my boss that I'm expected to answer despite having customers in the store, upon ending the phone call my phone starts screaming profanities at me and anyone else within earshot of my speaker. As I said in my post, I'm thankful that most of my customers are well humored so there haven't been any problems yet but I think it's only a matter of time.

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    Same issue here with IOS6 on iPhone5, extrememly annoying!


    I have another small issue though, I have some "podcasts" which are from Audible.  They are radio shows I subcribe to through Audible.  These used to always be handled and synced just like podcasts however since buying the iPhone5 and using the Podcast app, all of my podcasts are moved into the Podcast app except these Audible podcasts, they show up as audio books.  When I was using just the Music app they would be under podcasts, not audiobooks.  I have checked the media type in my iTunes library for those and it does clasify them as podcasts.  Does anyone know how I could get these Audible podcasts into the Podcast app?



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    This is happening to me as well. iPhone 5. If I use Siri, as soon as she's done, whatever podcast was playing automatically resumes, even when I don't want it to.


    Just adding to the critical mass, hoping Apple reads this thread.

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    Yeah, I had to remove the crappy Podcast app until they fix it.  If you use the normal Music app it doesnt do this.

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    I also have this problem.  iPhone 4s with iOS 6.

    I had this happen when I silenced the vibrate of a call during a presentation.  It was not good.  I have taken to force quitting podcast before I class.

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    I have this same problem. It's extremely inconvenient when I need to silence a call while in a meeting or something, and then my podcast just starts playing. Makes me look very unprofessional. They need to resolve this issue now.


    iOS6 on an iPhone 4s with Podcasts 1.1.1

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    Good grief- me too.  I'm using my iphone 4 with ios 6.  My podcasts just pause in the middle of listening, actually my music does the same thing- APPLE PLEASE HELP!

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    OK just adding to the confirmation on this. Same problem using iOS6, iPhone 5. Podcasting app resumes after using Siri or ending a call. I have deleted the podcasting app. The app wasn't the greatest but it wasn't the worst and I became used to it. However the app started going off right before a meeting and I cannot have that happening.


    For some reason I cannot find the podcaster app I have used for years. Are they no longer making it? I am switching to downcast.

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    I do have a cheesy workaround.


    I've also noticed this happening with Pandora, yet it never happens with the Music app, so the commonality appears to be streaming services. I've managed to work around this for now by switching to the Music app to play something, just for a moment, and then pausing it. That changes the active media application to Music, not a streaming service, thus evading the issue.


    I still want this fixed, because I really hate when my comedy or politics podcasts start blasting in the office after a phone call, even if I ignore the call.