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  • Gbrockway Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It would seem to me that if this phones are reverting back to an internal time that is wrong, the issue originates with apple. Pc systems, cars, tvs etc are all able to maintain a steady time reference by having the internal clock track it. I have set my phone to manual and while having this way I haven't had the time mess up. The problem is I travel and not having my phone auto update the time based on time zone is disruptive. I've not spoke. To Verizon about it since it seems to be a pretty undefined problem at the moment. Nothing much would be achieved if I did call. I don't know that I'm convinced that it is a Verizon issue.

  • Partysupplygirlnc Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Even set to manual mine constantly changes!

  • Pancake Bill Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    It is a Verizon problem otherwise we'd see people with AT&T posting about the same issue. They don't have it. We need to report it to Verizon so they can be made aware of it. I'm still surprised nobody is talking about this. BTW, turning the phone to manual setting for date and time doesn't prevent this issue from occurring. It's most definitely a VZW problem in that it only happens to CDMA phones. I've only seen one Sprint customer post about it but Sprit often piggybacks off VZW.

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    When I first experienced the random-time/date-shift problem, I changed my iPhone 5 to set time/date manually, and the time shifts stopped. That seems to indicate the problem is Verizon based.

    However, if you've gone to manual time/date setting and the phone is still shifting time randomly, then it sounds like an Apple issue.

    I'm surprised a problem as specific as this is hasn't been solved yet.

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    I have Sprint and have called Apple repeatedly about this issue.  They've tried the manual time settings change and are now just issuing me a new iPhone 5.  The issue may be CDMA-based, not Verizon based.

  • hgott Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    I defently believe it is an internal clock issue that is used when it is unable to sync time with a tower or a clock on the internet.  whenit happens it reverts back to some time in September, when I first got the phone it was August 31st, now we are on sept 6 or 7th.


    I did the manual time set and that did not work either several times, but there was an earlier post where there was a step 4 goto privacy and disable location based time zone, I am trying that and so far has not switched.

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    So I have had my phone time set manualy and the location services for time zone off for about 6 days now. I was still experiencing the problem for the first few days but it has been 2-3 days now since I have seen the time/date switch on me... Same with my wife's phone.


    So now I'm nervous to change anything because it seems to be ok even though it continued to change for the intitial few days with these settings.


    -I should note that just prior to switching to these settings I restored the network settings.

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    I have not had the time change on me since last Friday (October 5).  However I did travel from NC to Savannah, GA where I was in LTE coverage continuously.  I am hoping that the issue has been fixed in my area; perhaps a tower issue?  Hopefully by posting this I am not jinxing myself.  I did make several complaints with Verizon along with a trip to the Apple store. 

  • Rockyrikoko Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm tempted to switch it back to automatic to see if it has been fixed but it is working now so I'm worried about loosing my settings. It feels like the combos you had to do in 80s video games... I feel I happened upon the right combo in the right order and now it works



    What are your settings like? Did you change anything right before it stopped switching time?

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    No, I didn't change anything.  It is still set to automatic. iMessage is on, but my facetime setting was off (from one of the previous time changes where facetime wouldn't work.) I just turned my facetime back to on.  Location settings look normal.  I keep a really close eye on it to watch for time changes, so if i missed a change it would have been when I was sleeping.

  • Rockyrikoko Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well disregard my last 2 posts about my phone not changing...


    I was reviewing some voice memos I made over the weekend and one from Saturday is labled September 16th... So I didn't notice it at the time but it is still changing on me

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    Not everyone's phone is reverting the date. For me it is a time factor of back 17 hours and 23 minutes at least for a singular change. For me I reset my time to automatic. It was fine while I was at home I traveled less than 5 miles from. My home. I know I changed towers at least once because I changed from lte to 3G at least once. Once I got to my destination my time had changed by the above amount. The previous night I had done the exact same trip with the same time differential. It is definitely an issue with the different Verizon towers in certain areas of the country. It also is an issue with this apple device on Verizon networks, because no one is saying they are having issues with non apple devices or with apple on other networks. 


    I have updated my network settings to no avail. Now Verizon is asking me to restore the device using iTunes and I don't think that a full restore will stop this from happening if the network reset did not fix it.

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    Mine keeps bouncing back and forth between accurate Central Time and some random time. It is not usually even hour shifts, for example: It is currently 12:17 PM Central time. My iPhone5 says it is 1:38 AM. I will notice it is wrong when I cannot send a text. It will not allow the text to be sent when the time is wrong for some reason. If I wait long enough the time will fix itself. I have switched to manual mode for now but that is not desireable since I travel between Illinois and Indaina (Central to Eastern time) frequently. Please fix this Apple/Verizon!! How is it my daughter's cheap-o 8 year old LG phone is able to keep proper time but not my $700 technilogically advanced iPhone?

  • Pancake Bill Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    A full restore will do nothing but waste your time. I've restored from iCloud, resorted from iTunes, erased and set it up as a brand new device without using a backup. NOTHING has worked. It will eventually go back in time 12hrs and 14 mins. exactly. Always. All 3 iPhone 5s. No amount of voodoo with settings is going to prevent this. And I'll add this caveat - you guys need to be careful about posting "and it seems to be fixed now" type messages because Verizon techs are reading this. I was on the phone with VZW yesterday and the person I spoke to was reading this thread. She tried to tell me that it looked like the issue was being solved based on these kinds of posts. Nothing will fix this until Apple/Verizon address the problem and either push out an update or physically fix the towers in our areas that are causing the trouble. Nothing needs to mitigate this problem in their eyes. They need to know that we are all still suffering from this problem and WE shouldn't be the ones to recite incantations or button mash the proper sequence of features to manifest a temporary fix. That's not our job. We did our job when we paid hard earned money for these devices and for Verizon service. We are not getting our money's worth out of this. The focus needs to be on applying pressure for the media to FINALLY report this issue and on the respective companies to actively solve this issue. Sorry about the soapbox, but after shelling out over $900 a piece for 3 64gb iPhone 5s that have been glitchy since Sept. 21st I'm more than a little ****** off and I'm ready for TimeZoneGate to be over with.

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    Here is something that just occurred to me... When I'm home watching tv I have been playing with my new phone a lot so this is where I tend to notice the time changes most often.


    On Friday I installed a VZW network extender and I feel this is why I haven't been seeing the time change... When I'm at home on the phone its connected to the extender and not the tower...


    The way the network extender works is it bypasses VZW network and uses your ISP's infrastructure to get the call out so the problem for me is either with VZW towers or the VZW network in genral.

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