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  • Hyperyellow Level 1 Level 1

    Hi guys...I just read this on the Verizon site:



    "I was having the same problem in Greenville SC with both mine and my wife's iPhone 5's. I just got off the phone with Apple and they told me to check the time on my wireless router at home, that this could cause a problem and the shifting time problem. I haven't gotten back home to try this yet, curious if this will work for anyone else."


    I restored to factory settings and reinstalled my backup on Tuesday and the problem has not returned...YET.

    I have not heard back from Apple yet either with an explanation or their fix....


    Good Luck and I will keep you updated if I hear anything else. :0)

  • Janine Costanzo Level 1 Level 1

    I've been having this problem too (32 GB iPhone 5 on Verizon).  We just called Verizon, and they said they've had some reports of this problem, but it's nothing on their end.  They checked the cell towers in our area (SF Bay Area) and the time is right on them.  They said it's likely a software issue on Apple's end, so we should call Apple and tell them the problem and hope that they release a software fix for it.

  • simplyme79 Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue, iphone 5 64G Sprint. I live in Kansas City, so this is not just a verizon issue.  After reading all this I am going to try wiping and setting up as a new phone.

  • fitnesspro1973 Level 1 Level 1

    Okay, so I called Apple and they said that this is a known issue and to fix the "minor glitch" as he called it, to simply do a Backup, and then to do a Restore, and that will resolve the issue. Well, I did exactly that last night and approximately 30 or 40 minutes after the Restore, my iPhone had the same issue, again. So, the easy fix was of no help.


    Apple, if you're reading this, you had better find a solution quickly, otherwise I'll be forced to jump over to Samsung and become another Galaxy S3 user.

  • JoshTheQuietRiot Level 1 Level 1

    I've read elsewhere that the issue can actually be with the local cellular tower.  When phones connect to a cellular tower it sync's up the time with it's own time.. so if the time on that particular tower is off, it will change your phone to that incorrect time.  I know verizon has been adding additional LTE towers, maybe some of those new towers aren't handling the time correctly. 


    I emailed verizon customer support asking if this was the case, and while they said they had no incident reports in that area where my wife's phone changed back 7 hours, she hasn't had the issue since.


    I'll update later when I stop by there, I hadn't stopped by personally since getting these verizon phone so my time has been fine.

  • Priss8099 Level 1 Level 1

    I have noticed this same problem on my iphone 5 and I live around Greenville, SC and I am on the Verizon network.  I called Verizon Thursday and they claimed to have not heard of such a problem, so I decided to wait and see if it still happens.  As of this morning, it's still a problem and I've also noticed the date is wrong, showing a date of August something.  Turning my phone off and back on has corrected the problem although somehow today, the time just updated when I started messing with my phone.  I did not notice this problem until 9/25 and I've had my iphone since the release on 9/21.  I need a fix soon since it is affecting my alarm which affects me getting to work on time!!

  • dtenberge Level 1 Level 1

    Yesterday I received this email response from a "APPLE iOS Senior Advisor"


    I just got a response from our Engineers, at this time we cannot see anything wrong on our end, they did suggest that you contact Verizon and open up a "ticket" and have them look into it.

    From what they can tell me, Verizon is the only carrier they have noticed having this issue with iOS 6 on the iPhone's.



    I brought the issue to Verizon's attention on Monday 9/24. On 9/25 they passed me off to Apple. Now on 9/28 Apple hands it back to Verizon. Really...No one it taking ownership of the problem!!

  • Beachgorl Level 1 Level 1

    IPhone 5. Verizon network. Have had this same problem twice. Noticed it first yesterday in iMessage and then again today. Changes my time by a week and 12 hours. Very annoying! A restart fixes it but the wrong times are recorded in iMessage. I have yet to contact Verizn or Apple. I am sick of them right now as it took me 3 days and countless hours of my life to get my dads defective iPhone 5 replaced. Bad SIM card reader!!!! Ahhhhh now a new issue, NICE!

  • Sliderbot Level 1 Level 1

    I Mae having the same issue. Verizon in Hawaii. Changes by about 2 hours 30 min several time a day. Does not matter if it is set to auto change or not. Frustrating.

  • jayR02 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everyone! Haha. I find it funny. Well not really because I just posted a thread about this issue. I even made a YouTube video of it. Just type in iPhone 5 date and time problem in the search box on YouTube or google. I went to Verizon and they said the issue that your having is not reported in our system. I even showed him the video I took and he was shocked. I notice most of the time it happens when I charge overnight but it can happen during the day. I'm in Hawaii and I know someone in this thread has the same issue. So it seems like Apple and Verizon doesn't know who's fault it is. We need more people who are have this problem to post, YouTube, and anything they can about this so that either party can fix this issue. Please view the video. Hopefully apple or verizon will see it. Thanks.

  • jayR02 Level 1 Level 1

    I will check my router but I'm sure it's on the right time zone. Also this has happened while on LTE so I'm not on my wifi.


    Verizon, white 32gb, Maui Hawaii.

  • jayR02 Level 1 Level 1

    Last thing sorry. I will try turning off my wifi and see if that's the issue. Because it seems like its switching LTE and wifi. You can try this too. I will let you know the results in a few days.

  • Sliderbot Level 1 Level 1

    Same for me. Happened yesterday at home on wifi, and today on LTE/3G.

  • Rockyrikoko Level 1 Level 1

    I just got back from the local Apple store at the Ala Moana mall in Honolulu. They said they have seen a handful of people come in with this issue... All of them Verizon subscribers... Nothing Apple can do helps and are convinced it is the network. They were good sports though and even though they told me this hasn't helped anyone in the past gave me 2 brand new phones, did a restore on the brand new phones and set them up from scratch (not using a back up) so I left feeling they did everything they possibly could. Less than two and a half hours after leaving the store one of the phones changed date/time again. I don't know why this problem is happening to some of us and not others but I am convinced after all this that the problem is with Verizon.


    It happens whether it is or isn't connected to wi-fi. I checked the date/time on my router and its correct. The phones are new, the software is new... The only thing left is Verizon... What I haven't been able to figure out is why my wife's phone will change and mine will be fine or vice versa.

  • jayR02 Level 1 Level 1

    I checked my router. It has my correct time zone.

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