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  • andrejs.g Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue - on Verizon.  I turned off LTE and have not experienced the issue since.  Very frustrating when you miss an alarm because the time is 8 hours behind and on a different date.  This really needs to be fixed.

  • Q71 Level 1 Level 1

    I called Verizon again and asked them what the status was and told them that I was unhappy that I didn't get that follow up call I was promised yesterday.  He said that was unusual that a technician wouldn't call back and that he was going to check with that technician.  I told him this was a nationwide problem, 20+ pages of people complaining on Apple's website and now it is being reported in the media.  He said he was going to check with their network team on the status and get back in touch with me...again.

  • chrisfromdavis Level 1 Level 1

    Inspired by the growing interest in the tech blogs, I sent the link to this thread to National Media, including the Wall Street Journal Tech blog folks, NPR, APR's Marketplace Radio, etc.  Maybe if some national news outlets pick up on the story, the pressure might build for the issue to be addressed. 


    My 64g 5 has reset time randomly like everyone else on this thread, and I have missed appointments as a result and now realize I have to go through all my calendar events to make sure they are set for the right time in the right time zone.


    What amazes me is that Apple Tech Support doesn't pay closer attention to their own Support Community.  I got far better results consulting this thread than Tech Support!  Thanks to all of the thoughtful contributors who worked through solutions that seem to be resolving the issue.

  • chrisfromdavis Level 1 Level 1

    Oh, and I meant to add that I turned off the Set Auto Date & Time function and manually set the date and time.  My phone, so far, has heald the time and date correctly.  If indeed we have to have LTE on to recieve the Verizon LTE 'fix', this may be a temporary work around. 

  • Q71 Level 1 Level 1

    One more note..


    I've learned that if I put it in Airplane mode and wait about 15 seconds and then take it out of Airplane mode, the problem corrects itself every time.  I watch for it to show "Searching" in the upper right hand corner.  If it doesn't do this, then the phone never got to Airplane mode and I try again. 


    Also... I've never been able to "catch" it screwing up.  It has to be in standby (black screen).  I take a route between two towns where it ALWAYS screws up.  I drove this route with my phone in hand and kept it from going to standby just to see if it would screw up, and it never did.  Stayed on LTE the entire time no problem with date or time.  Driving back, I laid the phone down and it went in standby mode.  By the time I got home, it was screwed up.  I've noticed that I miss text messages while it is screwed up... but I don't know if they are all iMessages or if SMS messages are screwed up to.

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    Same issue as everyone else.  Verizon 5, Black 32 GB, Raleigh, NC.  Has occurred daily since launch, used to fall 44 minutes behind (same day) however this week it began switching to current time +1:47 hours with date reverting to August 28th.  Disabling LTE seems to solve but that's not a solution.  Receive regular notifications that iMessage failed.  Local Apple store claims to have never heard of issue, nor has Verizon tech.  Pitiful. 

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    Yes, that temporary fix has worked for me also. Problem is when I travel out of state I need to manually change the time and date! Not what I expected from the supposedly latest and greatest iPhone every!

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    I experienced a similar issue -- but on a much smaller scale. My clock was just stuck about 15-20 minutes earlier, and then updated after I toyed with it for a bit. I thought I'd share anyway, so my story is out there too. I've only noticed it once last week, although I have a feeling that it may have happened before... I just haven't really taken notice until the headline caught my eye. That's right guys -- this story is all over the media, so hopefully that will speed up Apple's fix! AppleInsider and CNET both have the story, as well as a few others.


    I work and live in the same immediate area. I walk to and from work, and the walk is only 5 minutes. I live in Lincoln Park, which is a city bordering the southwest area of Detroit. Last week, I went home one day for lunch. I left shortly after 1pm. After getting home and eating, I checked my phone so that I wouldn't be late getting back. My phone said 1:05. Being that I had walked 5 minutes home, walked in the building, unlocked the door, prepared lunch eaten... I knew it wasn't right. I checked another source and it was around 1:15-1:20. So I started fiddling with settings. I remember toggling cellular data first, since the time is set from the network. Turning that off and back on didn't help. I tried turning automatic time on and off, and that didn't help either. I hadn't read any articles or this forum yet, so I didn't think to toggle LTE. At this point I don't remember exactly what fixed it... although I'm fairly certain it was turning the phone off and back on. I feel like after the reboot, it showed the incorrect time for 10-20 seconds and then updated.


    I haven't had any problems with iMessage, push notifications or the like. No error messages saying that my date/time are incorrect. Most likely since the variance in my time wasn't nearly as much as others. It did happen in my home, like the others, and I'm also using an iPhone 5 on VZW. It seems weird that the time was stuck around the time that I left work... and the only possible explanation I can dream up is that when I passed through one of our dead zones by the time clock, that it didn't resync the time when it got back into service. It could very possibly be LTE related, because while I live in an LTE area, the heavy construction of my work building often causes our phones to fall into 3G or lose service altogether. Albeit, everyone else loses service more often while those of us with VZW tend to just lose LTE. (;


    So there ya have it. Although the one Sprint user did post, it seems like 99% of the problems are with VZW. I'm turning off notifications to this thread because I don't want 30 million emails, and I probably won't think to come back to visit unless I notice the problem again. If anyone could benefit from further info from me, feel free to shoot me a message.


    Lastly, I want to join everyone else in stating that Apple and VZW need to work collectively to get this fixed. Like YESTERDAY. They could at least acknowledge the problem so that we know a fix is in the works!

  • Cheryl CK Level 1 Level 1

    Just when I thought everything was good, I noticed my phone said it was 10:11am when my laptop, the clock on the stove and the battery clock on the wall said it was 10:48am.


    I have a Verizon, iPhone5 64G, black that I've had since 10/4/2012.


    Time was fine when I went to bed; this was the first time I noticed it. Haven't gone anywhere.


    The other issue I have noticed is my phone doesn't always revert to wifi when I am in the house. Sometimes when it is on wireless it will also revert back to cellular.

       - I've noticed the same thing with my new iPad which has both wifi and cellular, and is Verizon.


    I had noticed this with mynew  iPad before iOS6 came out.


    I never had the cellular vs wireless problem with my original iPad on AT&T or my iPhone4 which was also AT&T. It would readily go for wifi wherever I went if there was an active wifi connection.

  • Cheryl CK Level 1 Level 1

    I sure wish Apple and Verizon would "team up" to work on and resolve this issue rather than continue to just point fingers at each other.


    Stuff happens; technology doesn't always work right the first time and there are so very many little details that can trip you up. Anyone who is tech familiar at all knows that. But what is the most disappointing is not that there is an issue (to me) but the way the two vendors are behaving, the lack of acknowledgement, the lack of communication, and the finger pointing.

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    Could not agree more!  New technologies come with bugs.  Whens the last time you didn't have to update a piece of software from a category leader?


    To me, what was shocking, was that the Apple Support Techs were completely unaware of the issue when I called with the issue yesterday.  This thread was already days old, with dozens of comments, but you would have thought I was talking about manned space flight in the 1890s!

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    I am also having the same problem in Champaign, IL. My phone consistently jumps back in time by 15 days, 10 hours and 25 minutes.  I went into the local corporate Verizon store on 10/7. I called Verizon customer service on 10/8 and 10/16. I have an open ticket but every time I contact Verizon they act like they have never heard of this issue before. For now I am just going into Airplane mode everytime the phone breaks (generally several times a day on weekdays and 6-10 times per day on weekends). I'm also using my old phone as my alarm clock. This is so frustrating as so many apps use the clock in some capacity or another. There have been reminders on my calendar that I never received because the time was wrong when I should have received that reminder.

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    I found the process in this post to have worked for me and have not seen this problem since I have  used it. maybe 9 days now.


    But I did it with my wifes iPhone and it did not fix hers  No Guarentees it will help

    She is now  visiting her sister in Michigan and only has 3g and has seen not issues  for the last 5 days.


    So some of that LTE thought process is defintly a potential.


    now when it does happen the date goes back a month for us that is why I believe the HW clock is not being set correctly.

  • Gbrockway Level 1 Level 1

    maybe you copied the wrong link... but that link takes you to this thread...

  • hgott Level 1 Level 1

    it does take you to the page, but to be clearer




    I did the following and the date and time on my phone have been stable for five straight days now.  If Verizon and Apple don't get this fixed by November 4th, not sure if I have to update the time manually for Daylight Savings Time.


    Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically -> OFF


    Settings > General > Date & Time > Time Zone -> Enter your respective city


    Settings > General > Set Date & Time > Enter current date and time


    Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Setting Time Zone -> OFF

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