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    Could you explain real quick what exactly you mean by the 'Master Ticket #' ?   


    I am having the same problem as everyone else on this..  My clock becomes off over 2 times a day  by some random hours and minutes while I am on LTE and while my time is set to 'Set Automatically'.  I am going to call in soon to Verizon as I feel this is their problem and not Apple's. I mean, this is really ridiculous.. I can't even use the LTE network! NOT TO MENTION that iMessage will NOT work when the phone time is screwed up!




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    Reporting from Michigan far today my phone clock/date has NOT reset ( I hope I am not jinxing myself haha).  I did do something to the phone last night so maybe that fixed the issue or maybe they are actually fixing whatever bug they have.  When you go into date and time, my time zone said "New York", I began to wonder if there were other cities listed that were also on EST, so I searched for all the major cities in Michigan.  Detroit is listed, so I selected that.  Since changing the time location to Detroit, I have not had any issues.  I did this at 10PM last night and usually by this time of day it will have already reset to a different time and date a few times.  Hope this might help, or maybe my phone just isn't feeling as glitchy today....


    iPhone5 16GB Black

    Mount Pleasant, MI

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    According to multiple Tier 2 Support techs I've talked to and also on this thread there is a Master ticket # for this problem.  ( when you call in and report a problem they assign your problem an individual ticket #) .... So since there is apparently Support techs saying they are unaware of this UNBELIEVABLE ! You need to give them the master ticket # so they can find it and also I was told by my support tech that it is good to be attached to that ticket # even if you are given your own individual ticket # .

    Hope all of this helps.


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    Seems like it occurs when switching networks (3G to LTE), at least some times. I checked my location in the clock settings and noticed that, among Cupertino, CA, New York was listed. I'm closest to Los Angeles area, so I removed both and added Los Angeles.


    Anyway, not having a reliable alarm clock is a real problem; VZW and/or Apple might cost some of their customers their jobs.


    I will post back if changing the area my time is attuned to fixes the problem (doubtful).

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    I see there is a new link at the top of this page that says "Branched to a new discussion" with the following link:



    But everytime I try to access it, I get the following message:



    It appears you're not allowed to view what you requested. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake.


    Is anyone else able to access this "new discussion?"  I'd like to know what's going on there...

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    Mine does not have to be connected to charger or anything else to do it. It has been doing it all day.

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    Yes. I know what you are all talking about. First off I love my new iPhone. It's the first I've owned even though I been a long time Mac and iPod user. My first iPhone arrived scratched from the factory which is a whole other issue. They got a extra $100 from me because Verizon only had the 64gb in stock and I didn't want to wait another couple if weeks.


    Anyways, back to the time issue. I just started having it yesterday. Only the time was affected by 4 hrs. I set to manual and when I awoke this am iMessage said that my times settings needed to be updated. I did and everything was back to auto working fine. Then at lunch I lost 30mins and 4 days behind. Switched back to manual which iMessage came up again to remind me to update. Finally, I called Apple.  They told me to do everything short of resetting my phone. When I tried auto again it worked (I was on wi-fi). Apple said if you put on Manual and time doesn't change then its not a software issue. He didn't come out and say it, but basically he said that Verizon was the problem. Then later this evening after being on auto for an 1hr when I left wi-fi range and switched to LTE the time issue happened again. I finally went back to manual. I noticed that when you switch between auto and manual when in LTE Range, the time doesn't display properly and gets even further off. It had me back on Sept 15.


    THIS SEEMS TO BE (from my experience and opinion) A VERIZON LTE PROBLEM!!

    I didn't have any issues with my Droid X losing time on the 3G network. Verizon will not admit its there problem and Apple want admit its theirs. Best thing is to set to manual and deal with it. Of coarse that ***** when traveling, but its the only way I can be assured my alarms and calendar appts. will be right. Until Verizon works out the bugs off LTE this will probably always be a problem. I mean, if you have turn off 4G LTE to keep your time synced up, I could have just saved $300 and got a 4S. That's one of the main reasons I went to the i5.

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    Oh yeah, and I'm in eastern NC.

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    If its Verizon it will catch up to you.

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    I get the same thing when I try to access the branched discussion

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    Hello all. I wanted to give a update. After a week of this issue its still not fixed. I have been using phone with the LTE off. I triedturning  it  on again yesterday and when I picked up the phone a while later  the time was wrong. I went into setting and turned off LTE again. As soon as the signal reset the time reset to normal. This happened seconds after I turned off LTE. I called Verizon a few days ago with a status update on my ticket number. No solution yet. I have been setup to start receiving a credit on my bill for Loss of use of LTE. You remember LTE? THE FASTEST NETWORK.(yea right) I know most of you know this but turning off LTE works 100% for me. Try it, you might like it.

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    Just wanted to give an update...


    Ever since I changed my city from "New York" to "Detroit" in the date and time settings, I have not have the date or time change once.  I have had no clock or date "mess ups" since Tuesday afternoon (I was getting 3-4 mess ups per day prior to changing the location).  So either Verizon is fixing their issue in my area, or by changing the location to Detroit, that has corrected the issue.


    I just hope that it stays this way and doesn't again change date and time on me to make me mad.  I will post again in a few days if it continues to stay correct or if things change.  I am still setting an old school alarm clock yet because I still do not trust my iPhone, lol.


    Fingers crossed


    iPhone5 16GB Black

    Mount Pleasant, MI

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    My iPhone 5 has started doing the time/date change more frequently lately. This screenshot was taken around 8:45 this morning (October 25th). I have the black 32 GB on Verizon.


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    I don't think that's going to do it.  I live in Midland, Mi and have problems everytime I go to the West side of Midland.  I have been using the Detroit setting and still have the time change everytime I go to that area. 

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    I WAS having this problem multiple times a day.... But, after doing this, I haven't noticed it for a few days...


    1. Go to Settings - General - Date & Time...

    2. Turn 'Set Automatically' to 'OFF'

    3. Go to 'Set Date & Time' while the clock is wrong!

    4. Set your phone to the correct date and time...


    It's been about 3 days since I've noticed the date and time being wrong....


    ALTHOUGH... I just turned 'Set Automatically' to 'ON' and the time changed back to September 27th and the clock was 1hr and 30 min off again.... I'll be leaving mine set to 'OFF' from now on....

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