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  • jclarke5 Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried the reset as described above, but this morning the time was off again. I have verified my router's time. I am not sure what else to do. I hAve mentioned this issue to several friends who were considering iPhones for Christmas, but they bought Galaxy's instead.

  • kadamss Level 1 (0 points)

    this same thing happened to me this morning! i got my iphone the day after boxing day, and this morning my mom came and woke me up, because my alarm never went off, she came in and said get up, and i told her i got more time to sleep, its 5:30 but turns out it was actually 7:10 because my time zone changed on me over night, it was the toronto time zone whereas im in newfoundland, which made me alittle late this morning, me being a teenage highschool girl and all, this is horrible because i need forever to get ready, if this happens tomorrow morning too i might just cry.

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    Try downloading an App that has an alarm, just in case it happens again.  The downloaded app might need to remain in the foreground when the iPhone is locked in standby mode, well the one I used years ago needed to.  Set it to a few minutes before your iPhone's set alarm.  The app that I used is called AppBox Pro ($0.99CAD back then).


    And try the count down timer.  That shouldn't be affected by the actual time display.

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    I was told by Verizon corporate store that Apple would publish an update by mid-December. Well, guess what? It's coming up on mid-January and no update!


    In order to keep my time, alarm and calendar accurate, I have to turn off the automatic time setting AND TURN OFF THE 4G LTE!


    This *****, and after 2 months of it, I'm sick of it. When it's on 4G, this phone is smokin fast. I want my 4G Apple!


    Why should we all have paid for an iPhone 5 and expected a better and faster phone, then end up with this crap? A phone with lousy reception compared to my 4S and one that can't keep time!


    Let's get it done!!!

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    This is happening to me too! This morning my alarm went off ten mins early. Also I am noticing that I have my do not disturb active from 10pm to 7am.. Sometimes it will not even activate at 10pm and other times at 9am it is still active. I am not sure about this whole iPhone 5 stuff.

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    I had the exact same thing told to me.  I posted my first response intially in the following thread:



    "Re: iPhone 5 Showing incorrect Time. Unable to send text messages.

    Nov 16, 2012 8:07 AM (in response to jayR02


    I called Verizon about this time issue today. I was told a fix has been identified and will be rolled out across the Verizon network around Christmas. This appears to only affect the iPhone 5.

    This is my first Apple product, I am deeply disappointed. Everyone has been telling me Apple products were solid devices, they bashed the Droids, BB, etc... All this hype, the peer pressure got to me, I even waited in line to buy this device.


    I question the time spent on this device during quality control. Who and how long did this device get tested?




    Here is my reply to this first post:


    "I called back in to Verizon to inquire about the patch/fix release and was told that the information given to me in my prior call was incorrect and that this is a software issue that has to be resolved by Apple. The rep even indicated that they couldn't create a case # or support ticket because it wasn't something they could fix. 

    I called Apple tech support and they indicated that it wasn't an officially recognized problem. I sent the rep a few links to articles reporting the issue and to some of these forum threads. WAKE UP Apple and look into it!!!!


    Here is another Apple thread where people are reporting the issue.

    Here is a CNET article about it. d-time-bug/

    Here is a PCMag article on it.,2817,2411186,00.asp

    Here is a Verizon Wireless thread that reports the issue."

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    Yes, my recently acquired iPhone 5 is plagued with the seemingly random date/time issues.  Today it's 12 hours behind real time, and annoyed as heck my alarm didn't work!!!  Verizon tech/customer service appears to be unconcerned about the issue, especially after they've made the sale.  Don't know/don't care if this is Apple OR Verizon, but this needs to be resolved immediately, please.

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    I am in SoCal. Same issue here on both my verizon iPhone 5 phones, first when I purchased them and now its back, just had the phones replaced again tonight. One definite but lame workaround is to turn of LTE.


    Upon initial purchase of white iPhone, consistent/nightly time issues where the time was off by hours, standby time showed millions of hours and the date was reset to Sept or August, causing missed morning alarms, alarms in general to go off expectantly, calendar events from the past to pop up, SMS messages would not send due to incorrect date/time, &emails sent with invalid time stamps . Turned off LTE and the issue was no longer present, however having LTE is important to me. I spent multiple hours on the phone with Verizon & Apple as well as multiple trips to the nearest Apple store, 20 miles away. Had the phone replaced on 2 separate occasions, even asked for a black one to give me a better feel that it may have different vendor chips inside or just out of luck it was only with the white iPhones. On the last replacement(which both Apple and Verizon refused to provide me a black phone), the issue was no longer present for the week prior to the 6.0.1 update. As soon as the update came out, I performed the update and still did not have any issues and thought that the whole thing was taken care of.


    I then purchased a black iPhone 5 and performed the 6.0.1 update. No issues since the latest replacement, purchase of the black iPhone, & the 6.0.1 update.


    Then beginning on the morning of 12/17 my wife awoke in a panic as she was late for work and the phone alarm had not gone off since it showed 5:50 am and it was really 7am. I noticed the same on my phone. Since then, every morning, the time is off by approximately 1hr behind. Last night, after being out of town all day in another city 20 miles away and prior to driving home, I noticed my time was off by 1 hr or so. I cycled cellular data off and then back on, as well as airplane mode on then off and the time updated on the phone.


    To throw this out there as well, I personally have multiple devices pre iPhone 5with only 3G and I do not and have not had the issue. It happens mostly at night, however also has happened a few time during the day in other cities.


    I am in touch with Verizon Engineering and Apple Engineering via E-mail as this happens daily.

    Last chance Apple\Verizon or I want a refund and go to a Galaxy.

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    I am from Turkey. I have the time and date issue also. I have tried the following;


    Turn on and off Automatic Time option.

    Turn and off wireless and 3g connection.

    Restore iphone to factory settings.

    Restore Iphone to back up.

    Reset network settings.

    Change sim card.

    It is frustrating having a new phone without a proper clock.


    I dont live in US so it is definetly not a Verizon issue.


    My clock works fine. The problem is when the the auto lock kicks in. When you slide the screen to open, the phone clock goes back to the restored time and date or when you open the locked screen, you realize that the clock stayed at the time that was locked. It is like phone time freezes when the auto lock kicks in. It is the same when you manually lock it.

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    From other postings, I can see that there are people having same issue in other countries - which means it is not VZW's problem but of Apple's. I have the same issue, although I'm on VZW and living in Southern Cali. Almost didn't make it to work today beacuse my cell phone displayed 5:50 am when it was actually 7:45am. I'm little surprise that Apple produced such a ****** product, guess no one works there since Jobs died.

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    It's January 6th, alsmot 3 months since your post and 4 months since the first reporting of the problems. AND THEY STILL HAVEN"T FIXED IT! Apple may have been great, and WERE dedicated to making great products but not having a correct time on a cell phone is an unacceptable issue that should had been addressed immediately. I've been Apple fan for 10 years now and i'm very very disappointed about thier LACK OF ******* RESPONSES and ****** CUSTOMER CARE.

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    I'm a sprint user. I bought iPhone 5 on Oct 26. Everything was fine, until one morning, the alarm didn't go off. The clock was 20 minutes late. I called Apple, and the tech support person said she never heard anyone had this problem. She asked me to reset the phone and see if it would work. A couple days later, the alarm went off at 6:50 as it should be. I went about my business and after 20 minutes, I checked the phone again and was suprised to see it was still 6:50. I had no idea if the clock just stopped there or what. This time I took it to the Genius Bar. The guy checked a bunch of things, then he decided to exchange my phone for a new one, because he had no idea what was wrong with the 'old' one (barely two weeks old). This Monday (Jan 7) morning didn't go off again. It was 40 minutes late! I called a friend who has iPhone 5 too. Her phone was more than 40 minutes late twice that day. She told me to turn off the 'automatic date/time'. I did just that and thought I would be perfectly safe as long as I don't travel far. Not so lucky. I just found out my phone was 45 minutes late, again! Gosh, I don't know what to do with it. I'm thinking to take my old centro phone out of the toy box and use it as my clock and alarm. Every time I talk with an Apple people, they all acted so shocked, like I was the only one who is having this problem in the whole wide world. Disgusting!

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    Turning off auto time does not work for me either. I have tried every suggestion mentioned in this thread and it still is not fixed. A friend of mine with VZW is experiencing the same issue. Doesn't Apple read its own boards? This thread is getting pretty long.

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    Turning off LTE should correct the issue. The problem is with the LTE towers, so not connecting makes the time a non issue. Obviously this is not ideal, but for the time being it is better than nothing. 3G works fine for most things, and when I really need LTE, I can have it turned on within a few seconds.


    And no, Apple does not read their own boards. Apple implents change based on information from telephone support and in-store support. Expecting change based off this thread is pointless. The best way to make Apple aware of the issue is to call Apple support and speak to a rep about the problem. Once they create the trouble ticket, there will be an official record of your problem in their system. They only recognize "official Apple" documents, of which there are none for this issue, because Apple rarely admits to anything until they have it fixed. That's why so many people are encountering tech support agents that are unfamiliar with the problem... Apple doesn't bother to inform them of things like this. Unless the agent has had a previous caller with the same issue, they won't have a clue.

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    Brent - Do you work for Apple and\or Verizon? You sound awefully informed about their intentions to never monitor their own message boards...


    Of course they look at this discussion board. All companies do, including the Fortune 200 company that I work for. Obviously, if they didn't care about or look at the board, why would they dedicate resources to it on their own infrastructure?


    My experience has been that Apple and Verizon are both fully aware of the problem. They both told me the same thing, an update is coming. Most people don't start out their posts stating that their experience is... What happens to one person is not true for all, and for that matter it may not be true at all! Just because I read it on the 'net doesn't make it an absolute.


    As far as turning off LTE, I feel, or in other words, in my opinion, it is a big deal. I waited for the iPhone 5 to come out and bought it specifically for all of it's enhancements. I expect to be able to use those enhancements unimpaired. My money went to Apple and they delivered a product that did not perform 100%. I am a discerning consumer. I expect to get what I pay for in the same way that me and my team work to deliver what our customers are paying for. Why? Because it's an expectation. If I didn't have high expectations, then I would be happy to pay way less for a device from a different manufacturer and be satisfied with the comensurate performance. Apple customers have every right to receive what they expect.


    That all being said, i am very happy to report that I have now gone seven full days with my time set to automatically update and LTE turned on with no time shift issues!


    I did not receive an Apple update, as Verizon said I would. So who knows, it may be a coincidence.

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