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  • simonbethersden Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After owning 3 iPhone 5s and having the same problem with them all, and with Apple service failing to return my calls/emails, I've found the solution


    My nexus 4 is on order


    Apple; get a grip on product quality. My old iPhone 3 was fab, my 4S was rubbish and my 5 experience has meant I've given up.

  • yogesh_m Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Even i am facing the same Issue.... No service...

    I restarted, tried turing airplane mode on & off....

    And I am afraid of restoring it through iTunes, because few days back i restored it & had problem of Invalid SIM or Sim not detected at time of activation.... I kept trying restarting since then, it started after 2 days.


    Any more solution to this problem?

    Should i replace it?

  • TheBanditKing Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also having this problem, not at first though its only been recently. My iPhone 5 has been great since I got it back in November but after the last 2 firmware updates I have been getting this issue. Its really annoying because sometimes my phone will just notify me that I have a voicemail but the phone will never ring, or even show I have a missed call, ugh come one Apple fix this, please

  • mansoorfromtrichure Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    i selected carrier mode automatic off and selected network manually.after that it working fine

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    I also am having this problem, it started about 6 months ago on my 3gs (prolly from firmware upgrade)

    I figured they were just 'bugging' me (pardon the pun) to upgrage to new technology & contract, but no such

    luck, still happens on my new 5 with os 6.1.4 so the fix is not yet in, since this is the latest os version,

    or so i am told. I hope they fix it soon cause it sure is a pain in the a$$.

  • bibivee Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I bought one today,No Service! Apple Communities did not get back to me!Only thru ?Googling did I find there is a proble generally! Poor stuff,first smart phone I've ever had,been using a Nokia for nearly seven years!Back to the Apple store tomorrow,for a workshop,hope it can be resolved,or I'll go back to that trusty old Nokia!!

  • davedicko Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I too am getting the "no service"issue,I am on three in the UK,i have tried all the solutions on here to no avail will contact Apple then Three,this is also my first foray into the world of the controlling apple,what a mistake that was!

    I too may go back to my trusty Nokia or Samsung beckons (why do have to reply to a post to post or am i missing something?).................Dave.

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    I'm having the same problem. My ip5 keeps saying searching since morning. I've tried restarting, reset the network settings, airplane mode method but nothing works. Any new solutions or do i really have to go back to the apple center for repair?

  • Sacls Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I get this no service a lot while others beside me have lesser phones and they have a signal. Sadly after lunch today I saw that I had no signal again but was in conversation left my phone down and somebody took it. Now since my phone has no service , find my phone will not work and prey as well. So all you iPhone 5 users beware and take heed that this fault is detrimental and landed my in the situation where I could not activate a sound or tract the iPhone, it has been 6 hours since it was taken and still nothing, I used to restart the phone when I got the continuous fault of no service and by not reacting immediately it has cost me my iPhone 5, thanks Apple you give us the tools to get back our phones but no service no phone

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    Hi there!


    I seem to be having the same issue here over in London, UK!
    I've tried several times restarting my 5c ... and also turned off and on the airplane mode, but nothing seems to work! I've done both of these more than 10 times ... It still has no service! or Wifi!


    Any other suggestions on what might work?


  • Sandy789 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem for me. I followed others advice on this site. Went to Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings. Immediately reconnected. Just had to resign into Wifi network, nothing else lost

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    Hello Guys,


    I am having the same issue too. Sometimes my ip5 is in "Searching..." or "No Service". Today I counted this issue happened more than 3 times. It seems that mine was stucked on "Searching..." status, not sure if it was really doing "Searching" for signal. I tried using Whatsapp Application (just opened it) to make sure its "Searchiing". Once I opened the app, it showed "Waiting for Network" status and shortly my ip5 got signal again. I tried this 3 times and it worked.


    I'm not sure if this could be a temporary workaround for you, but you could try it (maybe you could use other apps which initiate a network connection too) and see if that works. Hopefully Apple could help finding a proper solution.



  • freejudy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


    I'm based in South Africa and have been having the same problem with my 5s. I was without service for nearly a day until I could get to another phone to contact my service provider to ask *** was going on.


    The guy I spoke to told me it's a network compatability issue caused by LTE. Apparently most networks offering LTE aren't actually "ready" to do so. The phone is supposed to switch back and forth from LTE to whatever is the next best connection automatically but it doesn't and then loses service.


    He told me to correct mine by going to Settings-> Mobile/Cellular

    Switch off 4G

    Then go to  -> Mobile Data Network

    Under Mobile Data, change the APN to iphone.<yourserviceprovider>.<countrycode>

    then click straightaway to go back to Mobile/Cellular

    Switch phone off. Switch back on. Follow same first step. Under Mobile Data, your APN should now be set to iphone.<yourserviceprovider>.<countrycode>

    You should now have normal service.

    Disclaimer: this worked for me for 10 days but today my network data dropped to an "E" connection, not even 3G, and I lost service again but after switching my phone off and back on, it's back up again.

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    This is a recurring issue for me unfortunately. I have gone to the apple store to have them resolve the problem. They told me to go to my service provider (bell) or call them and have them resolve the problem because they say that it is not an apple related issue. I have gone to bell and they changed my SIM card but nothing changed. The people at Bell told me that it is an issue that must be resolved at the apple store. The service works for a few days sometimes longer but at some point or another the network drops. It is hard to believe anyone at this point because I feel jerked around. No one seems to want to correct the issue. It is beginning to be ridiculous.

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    Has anyone anywhere found a permanent solution to this 'No Service' problem yet?  This site is beginning to remind me of the Microsoft Hotmail site where everyone goes round in circles and just has to wait for their hotmail account to come live again because there are no professionals to help.  This is truly outrageous if Apple have not resolved this problem after years of it being highlighted.