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  • Ems26 Level 1 Level 1

    It's not doing apple any favours. My genius said that my only alternative was to swap to an android phone. 'Genius'!

  • tomyiiii Level 1 Level 1

    It's just the volume and lock buttons, it's normal.

  • marcosbarrio Level 1 Level 1

    I think it's (almost) normal when shacking it, but not every time the Iphone vibrates.


    I am pretty sure they noticed this sound when deciding to include a more potent vibrator in this model (more than the 4S). They should have test its interaction with other components and the noises produced.


    We are talking about an item that cost nearly 700$ the cheapest model, they should care about this.

  • Mr. PAM Level 1 Level 1

    I now have my second Iphone 5 (black 32GB)  - the first one was delivered back to apple becuase the microphone did not work properly. My new Iphone 5 also has this rattle noise in the top part - right next to the lens. Very annoying when you have paid almost 700€ for it.....


    Will Apple repair it? Will they give you a new phone?


    Steve would be turning in his grave by now......

  • Vegaspilot Level 1 Level 1

    Got my 5 a couple of days ago. Looked to be in good shape, which was a relief after seeing all the issues. Didn't really notice till I got home that the power button on top is loose and rattles if you shake the phone a bit. You can also hear it on long, certain vibration settings. Functionally the phone is great. All buttons click well, home button flush, screen clear and no real scuffs or damage. The rattle irritates and annoys me somewhat, but if I decide to stick with the 5 I'm afraid of getting into an endless exchange loop where every phone has something else/worse wrong with it. Don't know that its worth the hassle since the power button works fine with a good click. Wish it hadn't come to this with Apple's products.

  • Vegaspilot Level 1 Level 1

    Also it seems real hit and miss on the buttons. At one Apple store every single black 5 had loose power buttons. Yet at another store, most were fairly snug....not much wiggle or rattle.

  • cv_surgery Level 1 Level 1

    I noticed the rattle a couple of weeks ago, as with others here I have confirmed it originates from upper right hand corner of the phone. I have also noticed that as time has gone on the On/Off toggle button does not always turn the screen off with the first press.....It usually takes 4-5 presses to turn the screen off or turn the screen on.

    The rattle does not so much bother me as much as having to repeatedly press the On/Off button to make the phone turn on or turn off. I only see this getting worse and will more than likely take it to an Apple store in the hopes they can remedy the problem.

    Is there anyone else here that is having a problem similar to mine?

  • Theankit Level 1 Level 1

    What's wrong is the sleep button. It isn't snug enough inside the housing. How to tell? If you tap your phone near it, you will hear the rattle. Now just hold the sleep button ( don't need to press it) try tapping or shaking, and it won't rattle. Not too sure what you can do about this, though.

  • Gandalf_ Level 1 Level 1

    It is not the sleep button, sorry.

  • dhaudi Level 1 Level 1

    I too have this rattle in my brand new (2 hours old) iPhone5 replacement. My original iPhone did not have this, it was replaced because of a piece of dust on the inside of the lens, which showed up on all photos.

  • Mr. PAM Level 1 Level 1

    I just spoke to Apple (technical dep.) this morning. The rattle is caused by a loose part in the lens. Not the vibrator. I had apple note this "fault" (in my file) just in case something stops working because of this in the future. I am very disappointed that such an expensive phone has this cheap noise. Steeeeeeve.....come back please and fix this....

  • NistalJD Level 1 Level 1

    Same thing here with my iphone 5, got in on 12/08/12 I think the top power bottom is too loose and there is a hallow area behind the camera. If you shake the phone, place it on a hard surface, or move it around you can hear the metallic noise. Is a common issue with iphones but is not normal. I am going to call customer service and see what happens.

  • Chris092881 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same rattle in the camera area of my iPhone 5. Tap the back. Rattle. Slightly shake the device. Rattle. Place the phone down on a hard surface. Rattle. Drives me nuts. I'm a bit OCD, but this seems a bit odd for such a high end phone. So I called Apple last week and they agreed to ship me out a replacement. The new device hog here today and guess what? No rattle. However, there were 3 or 4 marks on the adonized aluminum back of the device, as well as what appeared to be a watermark/stain just below the camera. Also, there was a white putty like substance which I assume was an epoxy they used to seat the battery into place. It was inside the headphone jack as well as cakes around the jack itself. Very sloppy on your part, Apple. I spoke to Apple earlier and they gave me a case number and promised to ship me another device when they receive the one back I got today. They are waiving the $29 Express few, too. That seems reasonable. I love the phone, but this rattle can be heard when I'm talking on the phone and walking, or if my arm moves. You can hear it through the earpiece. No way I was dealing with that for the next 2 years. Not a chance. Don't settle for a subpar product. Make sure you get what you paid for!

  • The_Proph Level 1 Level 1

    so here's my update, after having got the second unit and sending it back, since it seemed to be at least as bad as the original. I called Apple again, and suddenly, their tech support people had a new line, calling the rattle "expected product behavior." My thinking is that they would have been saying this on my first call, should it really have been "expected." To me, it's more like "product behavior that won't ruin your phone or cause us a great deal of financial hardship replacing parts and phones." I just have to doubt they knew about this in advance, at least in a way that justifies the word "expected."


    This, along with the new iTunes update and the Podcast app for iOS--really starting to get ****** off.

  • ottomark Level 1 Level 1



    I started this thread a long while ago and never updated the thread with my final experiences. I got so fed up with the rattle that I took the phone back to Apple 3x. The final time, I had a long discussion with the Apple manager. He told me that when the phones first arrived, the staff at the stores simply didn't know how to handle the rattle -- there was no communication from Apple that the rattle would exist and they were not given any information about what to tell customers. They have since learned (according to him) that the rattle is expected. It comes from the camera. The camera auto-focus (and I'm guessing the panorama feature may enhance this need) requires a very loose connection. And it rattles. He said they had some phones that also had batteries that were not firmly in the phone. This they said was not expected and caused even more rattle.


    I can say that having now had two phones, they both rattled and they both worked very well. My second phone works better than my first and I think was built more solidly. So, that's his story. I'm not worrying about it now. Despite some gripes, I love this phone. I upgraded from 3G finally and there is a world of difference (especially with LTE, which I know other phones have).

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