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    My husband got a replacement iphone 5 due to a cracked screen. The very next morning he noticed that when shaking the phone, even lightly, it makes a knocking sound. Returned that one to the Apple store where they told him the battery inside was loose. They replaced the phone with one that came in a simple white box.

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    Mac OS X

    My iPhone 5 started to rattle after 30 days of usage - without ever falling on anything other then a pillow.


    A guy from local authorized service told me, this is auto-focus lens and it is normal, which I do not believe. He said he could fix this with a piece of paper, but he does not recommend it. He said black version rattles more than white. My guess is a vibration motor. If the auto-focus lens was moving I doubt it would auto-focus properly. Anyway, he offered me a replacement - without any guarantee it would not rattle. And here comes the story:


    He took his iPhone 5 from the pocket (it was 1 minute after closing the shop and we went out on the street) and shook it. It was about 5-10 times more loud then mine! And he was happy with it - a guy from authorized service!


    A colleague of mine had the rattle issue from beginning, he exchanged 5 phones until he got back one without scratches, dead pixels and rattles ... and it rattles too! He saw another 3 iPhones in local stores - they all rattle. From day one.


    I talked to our local Apple Store representative on the phone about this story, and told them that I do not want to give it to service, until they acknowledge they had this problem and have it fixed since certain manufacturing week. She said, she cannot acknowledge this and offered me compensation - about 5% of the price.


    This is not something I would accept. I will keep it next 11 months, and then replace it for a new one (ok, I know it will be refurbished) which does not rattle. My previous 3GS was serving me 3 years without giving out any rattle noise ever.

  • brablc Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    After some reading I believe now, it is the lens, at least in my phone.


    The 5 element auto-focus lens is using a voice coil motor, it is possible, that it is not "parked". May be parking it would require some extra energy, and this can be the result of prolonging the battery life. The camera unit, is one of those, which needed major redesign to fit into slimmer iPhone 5. In my case it begun to rattle after 30 days, may be it just lost some kind of friction.


    And to my previous post, I misunderstood the Apple representative, they offered me just compensation for not being happy - not touching any of my customer rights. Which sounds fair. I will see if the rattling gets worse and hope, they will recognize that they need some better desing for the camera unit in the meanwhile.

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    Marco, i am inn... I have been 3 days in a row to the apple store in soho, where the "grnius" guys took my prattlong phone to the back for 5 minutes and returned it rattle free till i got home.... When it started again.... Now im pushing down on my phones screen to make the rsttle stop for a while.... Im gonna demand a replacement but something tells me that it can happen again.


    Let me know where to write these emails to! Lets get apple to start recognizing this issue and solve it.

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    My experiance: iphone 5 with a noticably loud rattle. No its not a button it and I refuse to believe its the lens, it sounds like there is a screw loose. Made an appointment with "genius" bar. Attend and am told by a team of staff ganging up on me insisting "it is normal" and a "feature" of the phone - in other words ive paid top dollar (£600) for a mobile devise expected to be a the most premium built product on the market today yet I should live with the annoying rattle because and bugger off and live with it. Pah!


    I point blank refused and made it clear that as a customer of the product I am dissatisfied and the rattle of this volume is unnaceptable.  Long story short they replaced it and it is much better far. Muppets Apple are definetly going downhill IMO its so obvious and is a real shame.

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    They won't ever acknowledge it's a flaw with the quality of their product, which it most certainly is cause some have it and some don't.  It would require the recall or fix of millions of iPhone 5's.  If I wanted an inferior product that rattles or feels cheap, I would have bought an Android phone.


    I've been through a few iPhone 5's and if there is a rattle, I just tell them to open another one.  Go to a quiet area of the store and listen cause you may not hear it in the loud sales floor.

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    I don't understand your unwillingness to accept the truth. The autofocus mechanism is NOT fixed in, it is engaged when the phone locks its focus, try it yourself, try rattling your phone while the phone's autofocus lock is on. I have owned three different iphone models, and i have had these replaced multiple times for other defects, they have ALL had the autofocus rattle, because it is the nature of the mechanism.

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    Hello every body, I live in holland. And bought a Iphone 5 a few weeks ago. And I noticed the rattling sound right away. Straight from the packaging. I was very annoid by this, butt i know it will not effect the function of the phone, butt for a high quality product I expect some decent quality.


    My previous Iphone 4 also had the rattling nois, butt not so bad as my new Iphone 5. (my friends Iphone 4 didn't rattle) so this annoid me even more. I always thought it was the powerbutton that was rattling. Butt after replacing the button the rattle was still there. I also tried to shake only the camera ( once it was out of the phone), butt no ratlle. So I don't believe it's the shutter from the camera. To prove this, go to your camera, touch the screen for like 5 seconds, the outfocus locks (won't focus anymore) Still Rattles!!! Holding all buttons tight to the phone STILL RATTLES AAARGH!!!@#!#!@!@ So srew you with your shutter theory.


    And it's definitly not a loose battry in my case, it's a small mettalic rattly, not the uge battery swinging around.


    The same friend now has a white Iphone 5 wich doesn't rattle !!@@@##..... So now I even more annoid.

    This proves to me, that this is a FAULT, and not a design feature


    Why does apple don't come clean and just admits whats is wrong with this phones!? So I can fix it my self.


    Freaking annoing rattle while in a conversation, or when the vibrator goes on!



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    I've had my IP5 for about 4 months now and I previously had the 4S. Both had this camera rattle but the 5 is worse. I also talked to apple support and reps and also tested every single floor model at my local store here in Canada and they ALL made the same stupid rattle (20 plus display phones). - black AND white (not as loud on white for some reason)


    It IS definitely related to the camera - my new IPAD 4th gen has the same **** rattle lol!


    I would like to comment on the "normal" comments from apple and users - this IS normal for APPLE auto focus cameras BUT it is definitely NOT NORMAL for Auto Focus cameras! This issue is unique to Apple.


    Samsung SIII, HTC and even the new **** Blackberry Z10 all have Auto Focus cameras and NONE that I have tested have this supposed normal rattle.


    Question to apple support personnel monitoring this site (and we all know your here) - how is it that a nearly has been company like blackberry can launch their first phone with auto focus and not have this issue but apple who has years ahead of them in this area not be able to solve the problem?


    Slackers! Lol

  • mar2lab Level 1 Level 1

    Its not the mechanism, its apples design of it! otherwise how do you explain that this rattle is only on iPhones and not any of the numerous other smart phones with auto focus cameras?

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    Was the ratting close to the camera?

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    Mine does the same. Sounds like something is loose behind the camera. I noticed it setting my phone on the coffee table one day. This cannot be normal-definitely subpar for apple. I had my 4 before this 5, no issues-same phone for two years. This is highly disappointing from apple. Especially given that I had not one prior malfunction. Yes, the phone works fine, but why should I hear and feel as if something is wrong! I'm calling apple and going to the store as soon as my schedule permits.

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    I got the same problem right Out of the Box. Its really annoying, i just have to tap the right Edge of the phone and it already starts to rattle like Crazy. Since there is no applestore nearby, i dont know whether i should get it replaced by Post or Not. Any recommendations?

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    I got my iPhone less then a month ago and I noticed that. but also because my touch sensitivity went out so I restarted it and when I did my screen started flashing like it was having a seizure. so I took it to apple and they gave me a new iPhone five. but it still rattles like that. but if you do go to the apple store make sure you back it up to iTunes on your computer if you want your pictures and everything. oh and also if you have different colored glass screen it voids your warranty because that's not what came with your phone. it also voids your warranty if you use any charger that is not from the apple store. if you use a charger from the gas station or a phone booth at the mall your warranty is voided.

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