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Ok here's my problem. My time on my iPhone is incorrect. I check my settings it's on automatic and it is set to my Hawaii time zone. I am unable to send text messages because I believe the time is not the same as the server. When I try to send a text it says Go to Date & time settings. This happens at least once a day. My time would be incorrect for 10 mins then go back to correct time. This happens on LTE and on WiFi. I also have rebooted the iPhone. One last thing. I check my battery usage. It's says 4,294,967,278 days on Standby. I guess the time is messing up my stats. Anyone have the same problem? Please help. If not I hope new ios update fix this.

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I, too, am seeing time issues - not as bad as yours, but every day, I have to reboot the phone to get the clock set correctly.  Every morning it seems to be several hours off.  If I reboot, then it is fine for a while.  I haven't had problems sending texts.

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      My house is in an area that is covered by 3G.  But I work in an area that is 4G-LTE.  (Actually, my house is right on the border of these coverages because I notice it switching from 3G to LTE periodically.)


    Anyway, what I notice is that when I switch from the LTE to 3G network, my iPhone 5 clock gets corrupted.  It's 2h22m off.  Weird.  It doesn't do it right away, but after I'm home for awhile, I'll notice that the clock has been changed.  I know this corruption causes errors in my iMessage app because I've gotten an error message about it.  It may cause errors in others.


    Once I leave my house and go back into stable LTE coverage, I can do one of the following to correct the clock (because it won't autocorrect):


    - turn the phone off and then back on

    - go to Settings => General => Date&Time and switch "Set Automatically" off and then back on


    These fixes will also work if I stay in 3G coverage.


    This has happened every day since I got the phone so I know it's a real bug.  I'm sending a support request to Apple today.  Otherwise, however, I love my iPhone 5 and LTE speed makes all the difference.

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    I tried updating my phone using *228 but my phone wont let me dial out. I called verizon and ask if I'm able to update my phone using *228. They said your not able to because of the SIM card that apple has done to it. On my wife's 4s I can. So instead I reset my iphone power and home button. We see what happens.

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    Just spoke with Apple tech support.  Only some iPhone 5's are affected.  Do a complete restore on your phone.  If that doesn't work the only other option is to go to an Apple store for a replacement phone.

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    Thanks. I'm going to Verizon today.

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    I changed the set time automatically to 'No' and I haven't seen the problem again now after several days.  Another iPhone user in the office also thought it probably had to do with going between 3G and 4GLTE Verizon towers and something getting the update on time wrong.

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    I just went to Verizon. They said that its not a reported problem in their system. They said it must be a minor issue. He said to do a hard reset meaning connecting it to PC iTunes. That means I have to download all my apps after I'm done?! I'm probably going to wait until the next ios update. Haven't had any issues when turning off automatic date and time but if you do some apps ask you to turn it back on. I uploaded a video on YouTube. Just search iphone 5 date and time problem. I hope Apple will fix this on the next update.

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    Interesting - when I called them on the phone, they said that it was a known issue, but that there wasn't a resolution yet.  She seemed to find it in some sort of problem reporting database.

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    Yo so my phone says 6:08am but right now it's 240am. Wth! Yah out late. Wth is going on. So I guess being on LTE

    Doesn't work. I was just on 3G for some reason. That's when it happen. Apple verizon fix this!

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    It says it September 10. Wth!

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    Yes, same clock issue as Jay. It's happened twice, & the only reason I knew was because I couldn't update apps because of the time discrepancy, & it interfered with iMessage.

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    I am having basically the same issue with two iPhone5's.  Here's my situation.  On Verizon - Seattle Market area 4G with spots of 3G, work during the day with wi-fi in the building, returning to home each night with wi-fi in the home and the neighborhood bounces back and fourth 4G/3G.  Sometimes the clocks on both the phones are normal, other times one of the phones will go back in time up to 45 minutes.  I haven't seen the device go farther back than 45 min.  Other times both phones will act the same, but not necessarily all the time together.  Sum it up, we bounce between 4G/3G/Wi-Fi 24/7 and it's driving us insane because we can't depend on the devices for Alarm clocks.  The kids have been late to school twice since the pre-orders were delivered, and each of us have been late to work once because the clock is unpredictably wrong half the time.  Apple/Verizon - someone get this bug fixed.  I love my iPhone5 like I did my 4S, but don't want to switch to Galaxy SIII.  One more thing.  No issues with imessages, or any other app related problems.

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    Same issue on mine.  Twice my phone has failed to get the proper by a day and a half even though an hour earlier it was correct.  Also standby time was reading 4.2 billion hours. 


    Soft reset is the only thing that fixed it.  I would think it was a network issue because my wifi iPad isn't doing it, but does the phone get standby time from the network?

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    Also having this problem on my phone.  I have also tried to manually set the time with auto-update off and it continues to not show the correct time.  It will work fine for a while but eventually cuts out and starts giving the iMessage error about the Time & Date settings being incorrect.  I'll give it a couple days before I do a full restore, but until then, I'm keeping a watch on me.

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