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    Call Apple and Sprint. Turning off LTE and setting to Manual time are not a solution. Guess what!! I called Sprint. They said that they are not aware of this problem. And, they asked me to contact Apple.


    I called Apple (again) and talked to supervisor. I heard the same thing from what I heard last time when I spoke to supervisor. He said that it's network problem.


    Again, it's always customers who suffer from this non-sense. When I called Apple, I knew that I would hear the same thing. I knew that there will be no fix. But, I did it. Supervisor at Apple said that he does not hear much about this problem... Yea... right...  I asked him to google it.


    Apple, customers are spending days and days to live with this bug. Please fix this or even announce or admit that you have issues. And, give like some Apple Store gift cards to those early buyers to show the appreciations for finding and providing temporarily fixes while Apple is being quite and ignoring the issues....

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  • myungchoi Level 1 (0 points)

    I just got a phone call from Apple. He asked if the new iOS upgrade fixes the problem. I am seeing if the upgrade fixes the problem.


    All, does anyone have the same issue after upgrade??

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    Update did not fix it for me. Even on home wifi and still 18min off. On sprint in Marietta, GA. What's the number to call Apple to add to the list of complaints?  Thinking of putting sprints lemon rule to the test since I know they can't fix this.

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    Didn't work for me.

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    i have the same problem since i changed to iphone5 since 8th oct, apple need to change a new set at no cost to us

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    upgrading ios 6 does not solve the problem for me either, i have restored also, it did not work also

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    it is the iphone 5 problem which is apple's problems. my is the same, i went to apple store,they said nothing can be done unless a new set is replaced

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    I noticed this morning that my clock changed by one hour.  I thought it was daylight savings time until my husband told me that its only Saturday, lol.  Anyway, I checked the settings and my settings say I'm in Denver.  When I change to Cupertino (I'm in Seattle ) it stays for a few seconds and then goes back to Denver.

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    I think this is something in the Verizon network, not Apple per se.  (or, specific to the combination of Apple and Verizon).  Here's why...


    My boss and I have the same phone, and noticed (weeks back) that we had the wrong time/date, but it was the SAME wrong time/date.  So the two phone MUST be getting the time from the same place. 


    Fast forward to the last week or so and I haven't seen the phone "time shift" in a while.  Nothing on the phone has been upgraded or changed, so I think Verizon is quitely adjusting something in their network?


    Has any two other people (in close proximity) witnessed this "same wrong time as the other guy" phenomenon?  As I said, maybe it something unique to how the iPhone 5 interprets the information from Verizon; all I know is I've not touched the phone in a while and all seems well suddenly...


    Anyone else?

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    I'm not sure how it ties in to the big picture, but this is not only a verison issue.  It's happening on Sprint as well.  It's a toss up if it's an iPhone problem or a network problem, but either way we're the ones who paid good money for a product/network that just wasn't quite ready.  Unfortunately I'm outside my 14 day window with Sprint to return, but I can always try the lemon law policy since I know it won't be fixed.  I'm just concerned with my travel and how much I've always relied on the maps and clock.  I know there are work arounds at least for the map, but I didn't buy a next generation phone to use work-arounds.

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    It will be interesting to see if there is any change with the DST change. It acts like there is a bug in the LTE chip that's causing the issue. If you notice the time is off press the power button at the top and turn it back on. You'll notice that not only is the time off but the date is as well. Strange issue that it is having. Probably someone programmed a default time server in to the phone and its broken.

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    I am on Sprint LTE and my phone is changing times triple times a day. This did not happen until I updated to the latest software update.

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    That's weird, because I'm on Sprint. After updating I turned my LTE back on ( 2 days ago) and have not had any time issues like before.

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    I called Verizon about this time issue today. I was told a fix has been identified and will be rolled out across the Verizon network around Christmas. This appears to only affect the iPhone 5.


    This is my first Apple product, I am deeply disappointed.  Everyone has been telling me Apple products were solid devices, they bashed the Droids, BB, etc...  All this hype, the peer pressure got to me, I even waited in line to buy this device.


    I question the time spent on this device during quality control.  Who and how long did this device get tested?



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