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I have the latest Apple TV 3rd gen with version 5.1 software installed today (a clean factory reset install).


A couple of days ago I added a movie to my Wish List on Apple TV - it was the only movie in the list.


Today I also installed the latest version of software on the Apple TV. Also, from iTunes on my PC, I decided to buy the movie (through iTunes Store) that I'd put on the Apple TV Wish List, and left iTunes to finish downloading.


Later I was using my Apple TV, and as expected the movie showed up under purchased films. I went to check my Wish List and the film was still there. But now if I click on the film in the Wish List view its details, I don't seem to have the option to remove it from the Wish List now that I've bought it. This option seems to have been replaced with an option to Play the film. (I'm fine with how to remove a film that I *haven't* yet bought from the list, that all works ok and I know how to do that..!)


Anyone know how I can remove the film from the list?


I know it doesn't matter much as it all still works, but I don't really want stuff I've purchased showing up there !

Apple TV (3rd generation)
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