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I recently updated the operating system to iphone 4s to IOS6.  Since the update, I do not receive Facebook push notifications.  I also noticed that the facebook app does not appear under Settings>Notifications.  I checked "Notification Center" and "Not in Notification Center" and the app is not listed at all.  I tried "Reset all Settings" under Settings>General>Reset, but to no avail.  I noticed that if I delete the Facebook App and reinstall it, that it will reappear in the Notification Center; however, I still do not receive any push notifications.  Lastly, if I turn the phone off and then back on again, the facebook app disappears from the notification center until I reinstall it.  I have checked and rechecked all settings and they seem correct.


Anyone else run into this issue? If so, any help would be appreciated.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    Same here.  I even tried a suggestion I found here in Apple Support.  Someone suggested adding text messages as a notification until Facebook remedies the problem.  Tried that...still no sound and no texts.  I did have the sound work on one notification and one text but it was random.  I saw that an update came through for Facebook and was hoping the was the patch we all needed to fix it.  If it was, it didn't work for me. I've deleted my Facebook mobile app.  Without push notifications, better for me just to log on from my computer.  This happened to me right before iPhone 5's arrival.  I'm guessing Facebook made some sort of error when changes were made for the app that would support iPhone 5.  Until Facebook fixes it (or Apple has us downgrade our phones back to it's factory setting) looks like we all will continue to be disabled.  :-(  My biggest disappointment is not seeing anything from Facebook or Apple saying 'they' are aware of the problem and working on it???   

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    I also tried adding text messages as a notification with no luck.  I did see another suggestion after I posted this one from another forum.  That suggestion was to put the phone back to factory settings and reload the apps again.  Some folks on that forum said they had luck.  I plan on trying that this weekend. I will keep you posted.


    I was also dissappionted with Facebook and Apple. I contacted both, but never even received a reply to say they knew about the problem or that they were working on the issue.  I'll let you know if the factory reset works. Thanks for the response.

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    I have been having the same problem, and I am not sure if it is the New Facebook App or FB on ios 6,. I tried several things (a full reset of everything on the phone, a full restore, and deleting and reinstalling FB. Nothing works.

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    I deleted the Facebook APP from my phone.  If I want to play on FB, I access from my computer or go on through the web.  Before I downloaded ios 6 I wasn't getting push notifications.  After the ios 6, FB wouldn't let me post a picture.  Said the APP hasn't been approved.  Say what?....You can't add your FB app as an approved app.  That's like saying the app needs approval for itself to do what the app was made for???  Anyways...It's FUBAR and I've spent way too much time on it.  In time, (maybe by Christmas) I'm sure it will get all worked out.  In the meantime, I'm back to using Facebook the way I used to.  May not be an option for everyone...but it's one that works for me. As for ios far I'm not having some of the problems with that I heard about, but my phone has done a couple of strange things. In surfing the net about Facebook's APP crashing, I heard that Apple Stores will default phones back to their 5 settings until their update comes out to fix of all it's bugs.     

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    Just so you know, the reason the FB (and Twitter as well) notification settings are not in the "Notifications" list is because they are in their own menus. Assuming you still have FB installed on your iPhone, scroll down the main Settings screen, and you will see FB and Twitter menus. Go into that menu, then select Settings. On that menu, you'll see a Notifications menu. But when you click on that, it says the notification settings are in the app itself.


    BTW, I'm having the same problems with FB push notifications. They will show up on my screen, but they don't make any sound or vibrate the phone, even though I have those settings turned on.


    Don't know if I helped, but now everyone knows that I too have that same problem!

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    Same here not going to go on about it but I notice the issue started right before io6. With only certain people maybe there process preparing for io6. I want my sound

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    I would just like to chime in here.

    I'm coming from Android to the iPhone 5, and I get only badge notifications for Facebook. Banners, vibration, and sound are absent. My friend, who made the same switch, has had no issues with it whatsoever. I've tried removing and re-adding my account on both iOS and Facebook, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling Facebook. Installing the Messenger app does give me banner notifications, but that is not ideal for me.

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    We are all in the same situation. It is very annoying. We have to get people to let Apple and Facebook know. It is not my phones (I have a 4 and a 5), because Facely HD, which is an app that accesses Facebook, works fine as does everything on both phone (native functions, native apps and non-native apps).

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    Thanks for the input tried that app works great. Kinda weird but does the job till they get it fixed

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    Encountered exactly the same problem. Likewise, comparing to iOS 5, I've also encountered problems when alerts do not pop out on my screen. After series of trial and error, here's what I did to 1. Solve your problem in terms of the Facebook app not included in Notification Center; and 2. Notification Alerts popping out on screen.


    First deleted my account in the in-house app of FB in IOS 6. Then reinstalled FB app. After installing FB app, do not log in using the ios6 in-house app. Use the reinstalled FB app instead to log in. A prompt will appear asking you to use the iOS 6 in-house app, just click "No thanks"


    FB app will now appear in Notification Center. There's just one minor glitch though. Even if you tick on sound in Notification Center, it won't work, but you'll still see a banner or alert prompt (depending on what mode you selected in notification center). There's a message alert sound however, when someone sends you a PM.


    Hope this helps. And I hope the Apple Tech Team could fix these glitches. Thanks.

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    To make the text alerts work ..on facebook account settings, go to notifications, then uncheck email frequency (right corner) , then go to all notifications, click all applications, go to other applications, and lookk for "iOS" and tick that box and you should then be good to go! I hope that works for now.

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    Basically just wanted to bump this thread, but:


    All push notifications are enabled inside the facebook app. Still no push notifications, not just no sound or vibrate, but nothing at all. The facebook app doesn't even get updated until I go into and tell it to refresh.


    This is a rather big issue. Wasn't one of the big points about iOS6 that facebook was supposed to be seemlessly integrated? Although some of the integration features are working I'd really like to get notifications as I have unlimited data and few texts so I try to use facebook for texting.

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    Checked all you mention. I found the IOS application inside facebook disabled. However, still have no push notifications.

    Strange thing is... when i unlock the screen looks like the facebook app refresh by itself and looks up for notifications. If there is any, it will be shown but no sounds or vibration even with the slide alert. This looks much more like a bug. I didn't change anything before or after upgrading to iOS6.


    iPhone 4s - iOS 6

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    Same here but on my iPad. I did delete the app. Re-installed, every part of notification center all with no luck. >_<

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