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  • jruiter Level 1 (0 points)

    There is a little switch on left side of Iphone 5 just above volume controls. Make sure it is not switched off. Worked for me!

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    Thanks jruiter,


    Your method worked for me. That switched was ON position and didn't noticed. Soft / Hard re-set didn't resolve the issue but that little switch did.

  • vicconde Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you!! I was ready to pull my hair out! Such a quick easy fix for something so frustrating!

  • 17beachside71 Level 1 (0 points)

    Update to IOS 6 seems to have switched the mute key and volume ringers off completely

    go to. this worked for my Iphone 4





    Assistive touch switch on.


    my iphone on the side is showing mute not on, using the assistive touch ( the white button that appears on your home screen, go to device and swithc the mute key to the opposite. on my phone mute on  (bell with cross through it, opposite to phone), my phone now rings.

  • lknaus Level 1 (0 points)

    fantastic...the tiny button on the side right above the volume worked for me...thank you

  • ashpreet Level 1 (0 points)

    Have tried everything, nothing works ...


    Ringer not working, speaker phone mode not working,

    Music not working ..


    Please help !!!

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    Same problem with new one day old IPhone 5 ie would be no audible text email etc alerts when the bluetooth was on and connected to my Oticon hearing aid streamer although the call ringer would work..In fact when trying out different alerts in the settings only the call alerts were audible when bluetooth was on...Spent half day at Verizon store and they got it to work at times but could not figure out how and when the phone was turned off and back on did not work again ie no text audible alerts although the vibrator functioned..They concluded the Oticon streamer was not compatible with the I5 .Then want to Apple store and waited a couple hrs to see a guy at the "Genius" table who had never heard of this problem but after seeing on the Oticon website the I5 not listed as compatible with their streamer told me he was sure this was the problem....I was unsure of this as it worked intermittently so came home had a beer or two and did a search coming to this website...texan101atlanta post interested me as turning off the bluetooth is not an op for me with needing streaming directly to the hearing aids....I did not have any music to stream but a couple other posts here and there suggested playing anything from the speakers might help(something about the music player running in the background) ...Soooo I downloaded a free Angry Birds app and played the sound a min or so and know what---FIXED....Yes now I get audible text alerts with bluetooth on and connected to streamer and in the settings all alerts can be heard not just the call alerts....And have turned phone off and on and bluetooth off and on several times and still works...I have 14 days to return stil and will be testing frequently but looks promising....So tell me you tech folks why did this work????


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    Thanks!  I;m a Droid convert and this is my first iPhone.   I've had it for a week and couldn't figure out why it would not make any sounds (except vibrate).  Unless you look real hard at the button, you don't notice the red showing.

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    Hi All

    If you check on the top left side of the phone itself there is a little rectangle button.  It can be moved up (black line visible) or down (orange line visible).  You need to move the button upwards to show black line.  If the orange line is visible then all sounds are muted.  It works.

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    This worked perfectly. It is counter intuitive but it worked

    Thank u beachside

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    Thank you -- that worked for me and nothing else did!

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    There is a small toggle switch just above the + and - volume buttons on the side of the phone - left while facing the screen.  Push it forward or back, relative to the viewing screen.  When red is is showing along side the toggle, the ringer is in silent mode, and no amount of fooling around with the settings will change that.  I had the same problem.  Turns out that when putting the phone into an external case, the switch is pushed

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    Thanks this helped me greatly...I just got my phone yesterday and I'm like why won't it ring...I bought a case for it and when putting it on it moved the little button above the up and down volume buttons...THANKS A BUNCH!!!

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    Go to settings / sounds / lock sounds.  My lock sounds was turned on and when I turned it off the phone ring worked.

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    MY phone was not ringing.  Make sure your ringer switch on the left hand side above the volume buttons is turned on.   If you see red, it's off.  Just slide it on.  Now my phone rings.