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    I was annoyed too, but I did it. Reset all settings.

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    Actually I think I've found an alternative.


    Following situation: Me and my wife upgraded to iphone5 but wanted our kids to use the old iphone4 without a sim card just as an ipod, facetime, imessage device.



    The two old iphones still kept receiving messages for my and my wife's phone numbers and there was no way to turn that off, the old phone number was still linked to the old phones.



    1. go to settings mail, contacts, calenders amd set my info to the new contact e.g your daughter's. If you don't have the contact yet create one.

    2. go to settings, phone, and delete the phone number listed except for the country code. Hit save.

    Go to message and turn off slider and turn back on right away.

    3. Turn off the iphone and turn back on.

    4. go to settings, messages and view the information listed under send&receive. The phone number should now show show up twice, one grey one black. Uncheck black one. Make sure other address, this has to be an email address is checked.

    IMessages can now be sent and received using just this email and will not be received double to the old phone number.

    Same procedure for facetime.

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    I got the answer from Apple support guy over the phone and it worked!!!


    Sign out of your Apple ID in BOTH iMessage and Facetime. Turn the both iMessage and Facetime OFF. This will remove the number from the Apple ID in both.

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    Oh man, this works beautifully!!!  So simple and solved my issue!!!    All of my family's phone numbers were showing up, sure you could uncheck them, but I didn't want them to show up at all.  By signing out of the Apple ID on each phones iMessage and Facetime, it removed the other family members from the list. Yahooooooo.

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    I had the same problem when my friend asked me for my apple id , since i didn't had any credit card info there didnt matter to me as i wasn't owning any iPhone. Last weekend I got my iPhone 5 and faced the same problem , me and my friend were recieving same imessages


    To remove it i simply tried this
    - backed up my phone on mac with imessages logged out ( turned off )
    - restore my iphone with latest iOS , setup as new phone ( dont select phone number you dont want when asked to setup imessages )
    - restore with backup i made ( dont select phone number you dont want when asked to setup imessages, it will ask again to setup )

    and it really worked , i dont see my friend's phone number in "Settings>iMessage>send and receive" anymore

    felt like a GENIUS since i switched to iphone again after two years of android

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    Thank you mate!

    this worked beautifully

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    I know this question was a while back but I figured I'ld answer anyway.


    Launch the Message app from your mac

    Log into the account of the person recieving the unwanted messages

    On the top right corner by the apple logo, it should say "Messages"
    Click on "Messages"

    Click on "Preferences"

    Click on the "Accounts" tab

    Click on your accounts and see which ones have numbers that are linked to them (you can see those numbers on the right side)

    Uncheck the number in which you no longer want to recieve messages from


    There you go!

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    OK folks.. Though that I would update everyone with how this works. I too had done something similar.. My wife used my itunes account etc... So the deal is when you activate imessage or facetime with an account.. that device sends its' information to the account that it is associated with and enters the number and probably the IMEI number as well. This information is NOT displayed wither you login into or from itunes account management. It is all under the skin. So your wife, like mine got her own and now I'm getting her imessages and facetime stuff.. really annoying. Well to get rid of this, your wife has to turn off all imessages and facetime and itunes probably and logout of her own account. After that she needs to login to imessages and facetime and itunes with your account like you did b4. When that is complete make turn on imessages and facetime .. then turn off imessages and facetime. This action of turing it off while in using your account will remove the number of her phone from your account. After that she can login with her own id to imessages and facetime. This is the only way to un associate a phone from those services... It makes sense however apple should have a portal to manage these items directly from the web.. Hope this helps....

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    I did this and it worked straight away. I had been trying everything else for hours and a password reset removed the numbers from old devices!!


    Additional Information

    How to unlink a phone number

    Note: If you no longer have access to the iPhone that is using the number you want to remove, reset your Apple ID password.

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    I had the same issue. On my Imac I went into imessage/settings/login the imessage account/ there you disassociate the number (untick the box).

    On the Ipad you go into settings/imessage/view account. There you can untick the box. Done.

    Concerning your Iphone: switch off imessage. Wait 10 second, switch imessage back on. Apparently the devices are synchronized automatically, bc now the telephone number is still greyed out, but unticked. If on any of your other devices the question popps up if you want to add the ofcourse you say no.

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    Sorry, again I know this is old. Turning off apple ID for both Facetime and iMessage worked for me too.


    But I'm wondering what am I losing by doing this? Please everyone just say nothing if that's the case. But is there anything else turning off the ID does?



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    Try signing out your apple id on your wife's phone. And let her create a new one.

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    Proper process of unlinking a phone number from an Apple ID is fully described here:


    In a nutshell, you just need to reset your Apple ID password. It will remove ALL your phone numbers from your Apple ID. Then you can re-add your actual number again. I think it's the easiest way.

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    Just go to scroll all the way down to How to unlink a phone number for instruction.  I did this for both my iphones and it worked.

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    I need some help deleting my phone number from my apple account I have an ndroid now nd I do not receive any messages from people who have an iPhone