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  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,825 points)

    MightyMTV wrote:


    Do you think they actually READ the support communities and just sit and laugh?



    No, I don't think they read them at all. They state that they do not.

  • ramifromlondon Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    We are really tired of this bug.....


    NO SERVICE but got EDGE working and no phone calls

    NO SERVICE and can not get 3G!!!!


    I wish not to do another "Reset Net Sett" anymore, plus restored phone..... etc


    iphone 4 with IOS 6 ...


    used other SIM cards from different providers and same issue.

  • Dinodameano Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think everybody wants to downgrade back to 5.1.1 all cuz of many problems. But I never upgraded mine due to I knew there would be problems. And I was right. I think that map thing might be your last worries if your having the same problem as over 35,000 people plus my fiancé. Ever since she updated her phone to ios 6 she and 35,000 other people are having problems with there wifi. Ethier not working or constantly cutting in and out in places they had perfect service before. And forcing people to get a replacement and still have the same problems. Then they switch to the samsung galaxy.But for some reason now my phone is cutting in and out on my wifi all around my house when I had good full bars of wifi service before. So this all sounds like  they want people to go over there data limits if they don't got unlimited. Sounds like a scam to me for having all them people having problems after upgrading to ios 6. And now affecting mine and possibly others that's are still running the 5.1.1 versions.  Apple must be getting kickbacks from all the wireless carriers that charge there customers for overage data usage.

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    If we have to use map application in browser then why should we use iPhone? that can be use on any normal phone... dont know about other but there was atleast 50% of part of google maps why I love my iPhone 5.1.1... I am seriosly thinking to divert on android

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    This is now getting more and more ridicules ... I need to downgrade back to 5.11 … the IOS upgrade has now killed my iPhone usability:


    1. I cannot no longer tether with WIFI connected devices, USB and Bluetooth work
    2. All my VPN contacts are gone
    3. All my RDP Lite contacts are gone
    4. All my SSH contacts are gone


    I know the Apple lovers out there will say this is NOT a disaster or a nightmare but it is. I work in IT, I am a freelance systems architect and when I am traveling or on the train and I get an emergency call I use my phone to VPN in and then use RDP and SSH.


    I have over 30 clients that are my direct support. I am a CISCO partner and I need this … now I have to spend countless hours in recreating all theses entries because a stupid upgrade deleted them … Windows upgrades never deleted my DATA!!!


    Furthermore, now I cannot tether via WiFI … so when I am in a datacenter and I put my phone near the window so I can get a good signal now I cannot do this because I have to be close enough for a wired connection.


    Unbelievable, you guys think this is a good thing … this is down productivity … I either need Apple to fix my tethering and to stop deleting my VPN, RDP, SSH stuff or I am switching next contract to something else … totally unprofessional.



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    Yes Apple is doing a great job here.


    It is possible to downgrade, but we are not allowed to post the solution here.


    The user agreement does not claim that such a solution can not be posted here. Yet that is what you will be told, if you post it.

    Apple is not telling us anything. there is romours flying around, but nothing from Apple.

    I think it's about time Apple started communicating with there users. Am I the only one ?

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    This post is written from the view of a android and of user, as I drift from device to device. Frankly, when we all bought our apple products we expected a premium product, as it was a premium price. The only apple product I own is an iPod touch, since a music player is where android is lacking. I bought this, in the belief that I would get service in equivalent to what I paid for it. Right up until Steve jobs resigned/died this is what apple offered. It was all great - a stable, easy to use operating system, that did what you wanted it to do. Along comes iOS 6. Suddenly the user experience overall, not just the maps is decreased in value. It is no longer the premium product we once thought it to be. It crashes all the time, lags a lot, and removes some of the apps I used the most. That is definitely not the sort of service I paid for it. Not only this, by because the iOS deletes key files on your iPod necessary to downgrade, you cannot go back to the system which was actually meant for your device. That is just atrocious and not premium service. The only solution I can offer is to move to android, who offer a far better product for far less the cost. (The Samsung galaxy s3 is far superior to anything apple is currently offering)

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    It seems a very long parallel (iOS 6 downgrade) thread has been vaporised by Apple. It's their forum to do what they want with, but I can't see it inspiring upset iDevice owners to moderate their opinion of Apple and their iOS 6 'upgrade'. Rather than building a bridge to regain respect, this attitude burns whatever bridges were left for many owners.


    Despite Apple's attitude, I hope I'll be able to resurrect my Apple gear from the drawer if a downgrade becomes possible or if Google's Map app is as complete as it was in iOS 5, and at least re-coop some value from this short 12 month $1500 investment. Till then, it's 2 Samsung Notes to the rescue for our tour business with a promised upgrade to Note 2's, and even more of the same, if nothing comes good from Apple or Google's Map app.

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    This disucssion has gone the wrong way. It was suppose to discuss and help other users with instruction/steps on how to downgrade from 6 to 5 rather than complain about 6 or even 5. We all know what 6 got hold of us and hence the subject "Downgrade iOS 6 to 5.1.1" Please write some instructions on how to downgrade!

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    Matt Laun wrote:


    Please write some instructions on how to downgrade!

    There is nothing to discuss. There is no supported method for downgrading. Unsupported methods cannot be disucssed here. You'll need to go elsewhere.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,825 points)

    Matt Laun wrote:


    Please write some instructions on how to downgrade!

    There is nothing to discuss. There is no supported method for downgrading. Unsupported methods cannot be disucssed here. You'll need to go elsewhere.

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    Apple fanboy: Talk to apple support *whiny tone*


    This is what I sent to them


    Hello Apple


    I wanted to ask if you guys could possibly allow downgrades in ios. Have you seen What an utter faliure ios 6 is. Allow apple users some freedom. We pay for these devices, expecting proper support. All we get is a bunch of humbug regarding NO DOWNGRADES. For the love of god, Tim Cook,  are you going to ignore me like the other zillion people you've ignored. What do you do, sit there and laugh at us while we write. Take a look at your forum. Apple maps= fail, apps crashing slow devices. Might as well allow older devices to downgrade. 3GS or 4. Take a look at my iPhone 3GS. Apps crashing like crazy. Apple is a disaster. Many people have gone to android over this problem. Again, are you going to ignore this apple? Just like the others? Keep it going and no one will buy an iDevice again


    Thanks for regarding this

    A bunch of Very angry customers


    **** you apple

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,825 points)

    Well, you got the "whiny tone" down cold.

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    a lot hating apple devices nowadays, i got a lot of troubles too with ios 6 over iPhone 4s and want to downgrade as well, the silly maps of course is the first issue

    my phone also became slow on games rendering

    i got alsow volume bug , my phone suddenly turn the volume down to minimum without any touch and stuck at this till i press volume botton to stop it and adjust the volume again

    second bug is suddenly also my phone backlite turn to minimum without any touch and i have to unclock and go to settings and push brightness bar to get back to old brightness settings, this is ***!!!

    i waited for 3 updates over ios 6 but all that issues remains the same !!!

    i need my old software 5.1.1 back, i hate u apple
    i promise my next phone will never ever be an iphone

    im just patiant on selling this phone because its less that one year old and spent a lot for it, it never worth


    android for ever! love u google

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,825 points)

    3dpaint wrote:


    i promise my next phone will never ever be an iphone


    Uh, thanks for sharing? You're not talking to Apple here. If you want them to know how you feel, use the Feedback page:



    Best of luck.