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  • Kurnbread Level 1 (0 points)

    Well. I ended up adding a line and gave my iPhone 5 to my wife. I bought the galaxy s 4. I was on my 3rd iPhone 5 and the last two the apple store gave me had stuff rattling around in them. I'm quite satisfied with the Samsung android experience. I won't be going back to iOS anytime soon. that is my iPhone 5 battery fix.

  • Kirk Carver Level 1 (5 points)



    I took pains to step-by-step analyze the problem over several weeks.  I even swapped my hardware with my wife's iPhone 5.  What I have determined is that The issue is fairly location dependent, most likely a software issue, and has to do with the network/wifi connectivity. 


    I consistently got 8+ hours of normal use from my previous iPhones.  Now I get 4 - 6 hours with very similar routines.  Hopefully Apple will fix this issue.  Giving the device a bad name.

  • Kirk Carver Level 1 (5 points)


    Can you explain exactly what Reset All Settings does to the device, and what I will need to reinstate?



  • thunder1202 Level 1 (0 points)

    Reset all sttings : will NOT erase your SMS, notes, contacts; mail, photos or apps.

    It resets the SETTINGS to factory default (i.e screen lock settings, passcode, mail fetch, location services, wifi, bluetooth and notification center).

    Try that first before deleting any of your apps.

    If your battery is still draining; turn off mail fetch

    As I menioned ; try to delete FB app as a last option.

    Now my phone has 68% battery after more than 23 hours of last charge.

  • Jdawg24 Level 1 (0 points)

    hi nathan


    i have just reset all settings and have no background apps running in the background with all mail set to manual.


    I am using battery doctor to monitor the battery--it is showing CPU usage of 14.3 %


    according to your stat, then something is chewing the cpu yes if it should sit between 2-4%?


    what else could I try. I'm lucky if I get 5 hours out of the phone in a normal day before it hits 5%. 

  • Mrigger Level 1 (0 points)

    I know you have all your apps off but I do know angry birds has a feature called magic places that tracks your location even if the app is not running so maybe there are others that do such a thing

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    What worked for me is killing Whatapp when not using it, i get the notifications anyway from the notification center so i dont understand why whatsapp doest closes itself when i close it and instead keeps running in the background drainning the battery.  Whatsapp running in the background is useless since i get the notifications on the notifications center anyway, i wish they make that change and allow for closing it completely when i close it.  Right now when i am not using it i click twice on the button push for 10 seconds the whatsapp app and click on the minus sign that appears.   By the end of the day my Batt is at 70% doing the same things as always.

  • Rhode Island Level 1 (0 points)



    I was experiencing battery drain in my iPhone 5 as well, after I updated to iOS 6.1.4 (the newest version of iOS). I read the post on here and decided that I would add my own input.


    This is what I recommend to FIX THE iPhone 5 battery drain problem:



    1)  Turn off all NOTIFICATIONS (settings>notifications>set manually>turn off all unnecessary, and leave only those on that you absoltuely need


    2)  Turn off all unnecessary LOCATION SERVICES  (settings>privacy>location services>leave on the essentials that you think you may need


    3)  Plug your iPhone 5 into your computer


    4)  Go to/open iTunes on your computer


    5)  Do a full RESTORE of your iPhone 5 and set it up from your BACKUP (I would not recommend setting it up as a new phone, it is way more time consuming, and you will lose all your data! )


    Once, the RESTORE is done, there will be a prompt that reads: 


    "There is new software update from your cell phone carrier available"  Click UPDATE



    ***This should fix your iPhone 5 back to it's original glory!


    Hope this helps!





    Rhode Island

  • atty8012 Level 1 (0 points)

    As an alternative, so that you can maintain the services, try:


    (1) deleting all current email accounts and calenders that are being synced;

    (2) perform a hard reboot of the iphone; and

    (3) re-join the deleted email accounts and calenders.


    I need to do this every few months, but it works every time - the phone stops getting hot, and the battery life is extended to like when first purchased.


    This issue also occured with iphone 4, and the same solution worked.

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    Look, this is crazy.  The iphone 5 should not have to be used like a stipped down volkswagon.  I have turned off EVERYTHING that could take jucie--so I have a basic phone.  NOT WHAT I PAID FOR AND NOT WHAT I EXPECT FROM APPLE. 


    This phone is not even 6 months old and my battery went from 100% at 3PM today to 43% now--with ALL the things I bought it for turned off.  Forget about initial rollout---this is PLAN FAILURE. Temporary fixes; why don't we all become apple tecks now that we are owners---folks I have a life; I bought the iphone5 to make my life easier. 


    I am exceptionally disappointed and feel ripped off.

  • Rhode Island Level 1 (0 points)



    I understand your frustration and I feel your pain.


    I recommend that you follow my post from 3 posts above.


    I agree that Apple should not have rolled this out before it was

    perfect, but it seems to be a problem with the newest



    You have to do a software restore to fix the battery.


    I was having the same problems, but after I followed the steps

    Of my post above, it fixed my battery perfectly.


    Do it - and your iPhone 5 will be the best phone in the world

    and have a very good battery life.


    Hope this helps!




    Rhode Island

  • BeltwayKate Level 1 (0 points)

    Well Rhode Island, I did it and I am losing juice but at a much slower pace.  Been 3 hours and down 30% but that is better than dead in an hour.  Maybe I should retry tomorrow.  Appreciate the guidance.

  • Rhode Island Level 1 (0 points)



    If you follow my instructions, it will fix it.

    And your phone will be back to all of its glory!


    The problem is a glitch with the newest software update of the newest iOS.


    JUST follow these steps:


    1). Go through all NOTIFICATIONS and LOCATION SERVICES and turn off all unnecessary functions.


    2). Do a RESTORE (and DO NOT set up as a new iPhone, do a restore as a BACKUP from your computer or iCloud.


    3). Also, I would recommend resetting all setting to factory defaults.  You can do this by going to SETTINGS>GENERAL>RESET>RESET ALL SETTINGS

    (You will not lose data, but you will have to re-enter your wifi password and reset your passlock. No big deal. Also, you might have to reset your screensaver /home screen image, also, no big deal  


    4). Do a hard restart of your iPhone.  To do hard restart, simply hold the home button (circle button the bottom) and the on/off switch in the upper abd hold both of them for 10 seconds until the silver apple logo appears.

    Let it restart.  Takes about 1 minute.


    This should do it!


    Hope this helps!




    Best Regards,


    Rhode Island

  • Chief AT Level 1 (10 points)

    I just moved up (?) from a 4S to the 5. No apps running - just the basic phone. My 4S, in standby, would drop to around 96% after about 4-6 hours, while driving around the neighborhood. My 5, with the identical setup, drops this far in less than an hour - sitting on my kitchen counter (not moving, so no location activity). There IS a difference between the 4S and the 5, but it's not a deal-killer, just an irritation. With this phone, I just have to remember to keep a close eye on the charge level.

  • YoloMohd Level 1 (50 points)

    battery life increased to 2 days!

    #Salute #loveU

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