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  • halimlevent Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone5 was working quite good if I use it rare with rare messaging and few phone calls it was even lasting for 3 days but my regular use was around 1and half day.

    BUT 2 weeks ago all of a sudden started to have battery life only for 3-4 hours even not using it. There was definitely no change of my usage of any notifications, location services, push mail etc. but just started drain battery. Only thing I did was downloading few apps recently. (I deleted those apps and did not install them after restores but didnt help)

    So I started disabling more services and removing apps but didnt help. Reset settings etc but no way out. After all restored my phone 5 times as a new phone (using itunes few times and through wi-fi the rest) installed few apps only but no way all the 5 restoration did not improve anything.

    Last night before taking it from charge turned off wifi and cellular data so no connection could be made from the phone. (bluetooth all the rest was already off). No apps running and no data connection on the phone(left it as a phone for calls and messages only) just standby for whole night and drained the phone to 2% in 8 hours of standby and only 10 minutes of use.So even after restoring it as a new phone and turning nearly everything does NOT help

    I remember the good times that seeing 99% even 100% battery waking up in the morning and wi-fi, cellular, push mails etc was on that time.

    There is definitely something wrong in the IOS that has been triggered by something and cant be turned off. My last 2 weeks was to read many forums and posts and try what have been told around to fix it and tried all off them before writing here. I will try if I see some other things but from my experience it does not look like a user fixable issue. The bug is deep inside the IOS draining the battery and even resets can not help after it is triggered.

    Apple should really come up with a solution to this else iphone5 will not be a mobile phone but more of a fixed phone with limited mobility and need to charge all the time.

    Today I have downloaded and the Carat application from University of Berkeley and hoping to see some results in one week time. But since the battery time is not normal I can not use the phone like normal so limiting all the usage on it and keeping it plugged whenever I find a plug, usb port, car charger etc. Anyway maybe this will help to identify the leak. The link to the project is below:

    Hope this will be fixed soon else I need to thrash this iphone and i will continue until all apple products in my family and friends are replaced...

    Anyway I am in quite bad position in the last 2 weeks and desperately looking for a solution but nothing till now

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    During the last few weeks, I also noticed a significant drop in battery life on my iPhone 5. I heard somewhere that it has something to do with the facebook app and that the app should be deleted from the phone. I tried this and my battery life seems to have doubled! I hope this helps someone.

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    *** of the benefit using a smart phone, especialy iphone ??? if u turn of all the feature on the phone then simply just go buy a regular flip phone then....


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    I've been dealing with the poor iPhone 5 battery life issue and poor reception on calls since last October. I have tried all of the "fixes" that people list. Reset, delete everything, restore a backup, don't restore a backup, turn off everything useful, etc. None of it helped. I also noticed that in areas like my house with one or two bars of cell signal, the iPhone 5 would break up every time and drop calls even though I have Verizon and my previous iPhone 4s and my wife's 4s can make calls in the same spot on the same network without any issues. I even bought a Verizon Network Extender for $250 to try and fix the issue.


    Finally Verizon gave me a replacement iPhone 5 this week and the battery is lasting the whole day (instead of 1/3 or less as before) and the call quality in low signal areas is as good as my previous iPhone 4s, 4 and 3GS. This makes me wonder if there was a problem with my phone's antennas that would cause it to constantly be hunting for signal and kill the battery.


    I honestly think that Apple has a manufacturing quality control issue and that's why some people have no issues and others like me had nothing but problems. Of course Apple will never admit to anything when they screw up unless it's blatantly obvious, which is my only big complaint about the product and company.

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    Same problem is happening for me. I did not notice it after going to 7.0.  I started noticing it after I went to 7.0.2 and now that I am at 7.0.3 I definitely notice it.  I have gone through the suggested fixes too with no luck. 


    My iPhone 5 with iOS 7.0.3 will shut down anywhere from 23% down.  I did not have this problem prior to just a few weeks ago.  My iPhone 5 is exactly a year old.  No problems with battery at all until recently.  I did notice that when it shuts down early I can usually turn it back on by pressing the top button a few times.  In fact, if I go through a sequence of pressing the top button ten times and then pressing and holding it would turn on almost every time.  Odd!  When the phone would turn back on, the battery level would be at whatever it left off at (i.e. 23% on down).


    If after going through the power on sequence it would turn back on, I did try running out the battery by going through this until there was nothing left.  Went through batter recalibration and still the same problem.  I did notice that if after it powered down if I put the phone in airplane mode, it would not shut down on its own.  I could run it all the way down to 1% without any problems.  I did close out all programs, turn off wifi, etc, but if it was not in airplane mode it would continue to shut down.


    Personally, I believe this is a iOS 7.x.x issue and not a problem with my phone.  Especially considering the number of people reporting this problem in Apple discussions and other forums.  I sent a tweet to @9to5mac to see if they had these problems reported to them or if they knew anything about the iOS issue causing the problem.  So far, nothing back from them, but I am sure thinking it is a issue with the iOS.


    I am curious to know if those still running iOS 7.0 are experiencing this problem.  What about those running 7.0.2 and then finally 7.0.3?  Granted, some of the results might be varied by those having battery issues, but I do not believe the issues I and others are experiencing are batter problems.

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    I appear to be having the same problem as haverty35.  It is not an issue with short battery life, but rather with sudden loss of the battery when the battery gets down to around 20%.  My iPhone 5 will suddenly shut itself down and if I push the top button it will put up the display showing that it needs to be plugged in.  However, if I try a few more times, it will eventually reboot and come up showing that the battery still has about 20% power left.  I can then use the phone for quite some time, so the 20% appears to be accurate.  Overall, the issue appears to be that something in the software is incorrectly determining that the battery is dead when it really isn't.


    This has happened to me at least 3 times over the last couple weeks.  I switched to iOS 7 (7.0.3) around that timeframe, so it's seems like it might be related to the new iOS.

  • haverty35 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, same thing for me too. I am trying another test tonight.  The next time it happens to you, try putting it in airplane mode to see if it stops shutting off on you.  Once mine gets down to 20% or so and begins shutting off, airplane mode would stop the power downs.  I have only been able to test this once.  Definitely agree it apears to be a iOS 7.0.3 issue.

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    Sounds very similar to my problem. Since iOS 7.0.3 I believe my battery indicator has developed a problem. First I noticed the percentages were dropping in large increments while the phone was in standby and in use. My indicator was showing 82% then suddenly dropped to 75% then it dropped to 73% at normal pace to then hang at 73 for 15 mins to then start dropping quickly again.


    It became more apparent when the battery indicator was on 52% before I started videoing and 2:30 mins into recording a video the 20% low battery warning popped up on my screen. Then another minute later it displayed the 10% warning. 15 mins after finishing the video my percentage was on 7 and when I plugged it in to charge and the battery jumped to 42% instantly.


    A week ago I restored from back up and reset all settings but this happened again today, so now I have restored my phone from iTunes in DFU mode as a new device not from backup.  I am confident my battery is ok it's the battery indicator software at fault. I still believe it could be iOS 7.0.3.


    Since I have been to the Genius Bar at apple and they ran a dianostic check on my battery and it was showing very low power readings and possble fault with the battery charging. They wasn't 100% confident but sure that the battery would benifit from being replaced. For the sake of £55 and that the iphone 5 was nearly a year old I thought it would be best to replace the battery. If it turns out to be the recent iOS causing the issues at least I now have a new battery now.


    So far the battery is going down the percentages at a normal rate but I have only discharged it and charged it fully once since the battery was fitted yesterday. I am still 50/50 if it was the battery or iOS 7.0.3.

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    My iPhone 5 has held a charge all day, every day since I purchased it a year ago. Until iOS 7.0.3. Now, as is described above, one minute I'll have 100% power and before I know it have dropped to 50% to 20% and then 0. Yesterday I left for brunch at 10:30 with a fully charged phone, apps off, no texting, pictures, just incoming emails and by 1:00 PM I had a dead phone. Do I really need a new battery after a year? I'll head to the Genius Bar anfd get a new battery I guess but it worked before iOS 7.0.3 and not since.

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    Hello. I am also having issiues with my battery life. From 12-5am my battery went from 100% to 49%, while I was sleeping. Woke up at 8am and it was at 25%. Had a Genius Bar appt today. The tech told me there is nothing wrong with the phone itself. She said it was beacuse of app crashes causing it. She told me to do a restore, but set it up as a new iphone instead. Per her, she said there shouldn't b anymore of that problem after the restore, BUT if the problem still happenes then I will have to come back in.. *sighs* 64Gb iPhone 5s... on;y 1 month and 4 days old..... running latest iOS 7.0.3

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    They are committing product line suicide by not standing behind their product. I refused to pay the extortion price of $79 for a new battery when batteries are available for $10 or less. I bought one that came with a tool kit for $20 on Amazon. Imagine how much money they are gaining from a defect on their part. Inexcusable.


    My next phone will likely be a Samsung. Although they too have battery drain problems, theirs is easily switched to a fully charged battery when necessary. And you don't need a heavy case, with a different charger.


    I suppose eventually, as the furor gains from the draining batteries, Apple will be forced to offer a better solution. For now, they continue to gouge their loyal customers.

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    I am also having this exact problem. It seems to have started with 7.0.2, but I'm not sure. Sometime in the past month or so. I use my phone very lightly. Typically, it would be around 75% when I plugged it in around 9pm each night. Now, it goes from 100% (sometimes it doesn't even charge past 92%) to 75% within a few hours. The other day it did that within 2 hours, then all the way down to 20% in like 30 minutes, at which time is shut down. Other days, it's gone from 70% to shut down (0%) nearly instantly.


    This is obviously a bug. Oh, and my phone is an Apple replacement phone for a phone that failed, and I've only had it for around 3 months, so it's not the age of the battery.

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    I updated to 7.0.4 and while I did have one problem with it shutting down at 15-20%, I got all the way down to about 1% last night.  Much better!  I have changed a lot of things in my set up.  I have a iPhone 5 and I have done all of the steps suggested for conserving battery life.  As I have pointed out a few times, I believe this all has to do with the iOS.


    Curious if others that have upgraded to 7.0.4 are seeing better performance.  Still not great as it is not consistent, but it does seem to be better.

  • cvwcorp Level 1 (0 points)

    No, I'm on 7.0.4 and if anything, it got worse.

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    For what it's worth, my issues seem to have come with 7.0.3 and gone away with 7.0.4.