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  • kinou_ Level 1 (0 points)



    I've just experienced my first sudden shutdown of my iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.2.

    The battery was at 21% (at least when I restarted it without beeing plugged).

    For sure, this problem is not related to 7.0.3 release.

  • haverty35 Level 1 (0 points)

    I thought my issues had gotten better.  Running 7.0.4 and doing better the last few days.  Well, tonight, started powered down with what at first showed as 18% battery.  After it powers off, I can turn it back on by doing the top button a few times and then eventually it turns on.  This time battery showed 12% and then turned off again.  I turned it on again and this time it shows battery at 29%.


    So, something is still not right with the iOS from my view.  This is not a faulty battery, but something wrong with the iOS.  A faulty battery would not turn back on after the phone turns off.  I started thinking it was better when it got all the way down to 1% last night and the night before.  That appears to be a fluke and now back to same old crap!

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    I've just fixed my massive battery drain which had only started after the  7.0.4 update.

    I did as others have advised but it wasn't as drastic as I'd expected it to be.


    First I backed up the phone to iTunes and then did a complete reset of everything. I'd thought I would be fine starting fresh with an 'as new' device so I elected not to restore and went with a clean start.


    The phone looked so bare and I couldn't face the mountain of setting up the email accounts and finding the apps again so I did another reset and this time went for a restore from iTunes.


    After it came back on the email accounts were there but there were no apps, then I realised it was downloading more data from iTunes; music, apps etc. so I just left it to it and came back a few hours later to find everything back where it was.

    Before the phone had been getting very hot but I've just gone a whole 5 hours and it's cold to the touch and still showing 100% so I'm hopeful that it's now cured.

    There must have been some rogue process running which has now been killed; these things are computers and I don't blame Apple when a fluke error happens to a random selection of devices, it can't be easy to remedy ever problem with a global fix but at least the backup and restore option is there as a last resort.

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    I'm glad this worked for you. It didn't work for me.


    I can understand why fluke errors like this happen with major updates, but the fact is that Apple simply ignores them. I had the wifi bug with iOS 6 and it took Apple way to long to sort that out, while they blamed "your router".

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    I am running ios 7.0.4 and I am having sam issues. My phone was working fine untill yesterday. I wiped out my phone ang again restored it from icould, but this still seems to drain out the batter from 100% to 30% in matter of 2 hours. I have not changed my usual usage.


    Anyone knows any fix to this?

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    New record: From 100% to shutoff. Plugged it in, back to 100%.

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    I posted three weeks ago about this problem and now, two trips to the Apple store, 1 long conversation with Verizon, 1 visit to the Verizon store and TWO replacement phones later I have a fix: a brand new phone. WITH a battery extender case. Works great.

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    Thanks dude, was just about to reset my phone! Guess I'll wait till a true fix emerges

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    I have been doing some tests.  I believe the problems I have been having with my phone shutting down with 15-20% battery left is related to push settings and email.  If I have push disabled for email, my iPhone 5 will go all the way down to 1-5%.  If push is enabled for any of my email accounts, that's when I see odd behavior with dying before it even gets to 15%.


    I did not see this behavior before updating to iOS 7.x.  Curious if others that are having this problem could check their email settings to see if they have push enabled. 


    I have done testing by turning it on for a week and experienced daily problems with my phone shutting down.  Then I have been running the past two weeks with push turned off and no problems with my phone shutting down.


    Can someone else try this to see if this is the problem with the shutdowns on their phone?





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    I posted previously I thought I found the fix.  Well, after posting that my phone died at 25%.  I have since turned push notifications on again for email to see how that affects my phone shutting down.  Even though I thought this had to do with email and push notifications, I still believe this has to do 100% with the OS.  I am looking forward to 7.0.5 or 7.1 to be out in the next month or so (according to rumors).  Although I have not heard whether either of those updates are supposed to fix the phone shutting down problem.


    Anyone else find any solutions for this problem of the iPhone 5 shutting down?  The fact that when it shuts down with a lot of battery left and I can turn it back on again makes me think it is a OS problem.  I do have about a year left on my warranty, but I have not been convinced yet that it is a bettery problem.  Anyone else care to comment?

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    I have tried the 'double reinstall' and it didn't work. Any attempt to reinstall from itunes brings back the problem.


    My phone battery is currently working normally, after doing a fresh install (so I've lost my data) and not adding any email accounts.


    As my iphone is the only way I can check my email without wifi, this is rubbish.

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    I've just started having this issue this week.  Started on Monday, and has happened every day since.  There is no rhyme or reason to it.  It happened when my battery was at 80%, 60%, and 30%.  Some times it occurs right after taking a call, or even during.  Other times it happens wile I'm just checking mail.  Each time, the phone shuts off,  will not turn back on until I plug it back in to a charger, and the battery is about 20% less when it does reboot.  


    I've tried restoring, reverting to a backup, you name it.  Has there been any progress or revalations on this?  I've read several "solutions" across several threads.  All seem to have various and limited results.  There doesn't seem to be one singular universal fix for anyone.  I plan on heading to the Apple store this weekend and will post back if I discover anything.  

  • Theresa Quirk Level 1 (10 points)

    Help! I just brought iphone 5 64 gb..... Had an iphone 4 before this. My battery gets 4 hours! This is unacceptable. My old iphone 4 lasted for more than a day under same usage! I am distraught, tried resetting network, blah! What is wrong Apple? Tell us here what is wrong, please. I plug it in every night like I did with my previous phone, nothing different with my usage.

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    There may be a new official fix out there now.


    Background: I've had my iPhone 5 for 3 months and the battery life has been awesome ... until about 10 days ago when I started getting similar problems of others in this forum: Overheating, standby = usage and battery draining in about 12 hours even when just on standby.  I tried all the easier fixes mentioned (background apps, network reset, reboots, stoped push notifications, etc..) and was down to the last resort option of a complete reinstall.


    Yesterday I started the backup when I was offered iOS 7.1.  I figured it was worth a go.  It installed without problem and all of a sudden my phone is back to it's original excellent battery life and the standby time differs from the usage again!  It's such a relief.


    I don't know whether 7.1 contains a fix for this or just the upgrade process cleared the rogue background process but I hope it's the former and I hope others have similar success.  Best of luck.

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    My battery on this 5 is the worst out of any iphones I've had (1st gen, 3gs, 4s, and 5). It drains really fast and will even turn off with anywhere from 20-45% battery but when it's plugged up it instantly comes back on with whatever battery level it died at. Sometimes if you let it set a while after dying it will eventually fire back up sometimes staying on for a while and other times it may not. My phone also gets pretty warm sometime.


    I didn't really notice this issue until the iOS update but maybe that is a coincidence. I would've went to the genius bar but my warrant is up. I recently broke my screen and was going to get a battery when I got it fixed but this thread makes me think that may be pointless.