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  • paige.c.m. Level 1 (0 points)

    rchwallace wrote:


    .... doing a "Reset of Network Settings" this was benign as far as what I had to deal with on the phone and since doing this my wifi and network environment is better......... as is my battery life. 


    Thanks for this tip. Any downside or tips related to doing a Reset of Network Settings?

  • rchwallace Level 1 (0 points)



    No not really, just make sure to know wifi passwords.  My phone has been on the network all night in standby getting emails every 15... Push is turned off as of last night and with an alarm on... It is at 92% after an iMessage run and three email replies... And this ..

  • Charlie The Pug Level 1 (0 points)

    I am now on my third iPhone 5.  The first one was a white 16gb iPhone 5.  The battery drained very fast.  I replaced it with a 16gb black iPhone 5.  I never got to try this phone as it had a scratch on the back.


    My third iPhone 5 was a 16gb black phone.  I did not charge this phone when I got it.  I just let the battery drain to 0.  I then charged it to 100 percent and did not use it as it was late at night.  I also closed all apps.  When I woke up this morning it was at 97%.


    I have used the phone throughout the day and currently around 3:30pm it is at 70%.


    The only thing I have been doing to this new phone is closing the apps, throughout the day.

  • Juneyt Level 1 (0 points)

    Is there going to be a solution for this issue? Or is it going to be an issue forever, it seems like Iphone5 isnt the best thing ever happened to Iphone after all, my battery life *** the battery went to %5 with everything turned off to the bare minimum in 3 hours, Ive paid 700$ its almost like buying a brand new laptop, do these people just watch the treads? Is there going to be a solution? It seems likme after Jobbs gone all they care for is to make money without delivering anything but empty promises. Do something, this is a huge issue, if you lose the trust of your loyal customers, you will lose your customers period. I really hope you guys actually read this and take some action.

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    Well, after trying everything I've had my first good day with my 2nd iPhone. I had LTE TURNED OFF. And and the only iCloud features I am using are mail, messages and contacts. I've gotten 6 hours of usage and 23 hours standby and stil have 51% battery. So I don't if the battery takes awhile to reach maximum capacity or what by today was good day.

  • HSUEA001 Level 1 (90 points)

    somethings going on that your probably not seeing.



    62% battery

    4hours 20min usage

    16 hours, 11 Minutes Standby.


    probably can last me another day... ive seen ppl who got 4% battery life, 16 hours usage, 2 day standby.

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    I mentioned this issue last night at the "Genius" bar... while I was swapping out my 2nd iphone 5. Along with turning down screen brightniess, etc... they said with the 5 it should become a habit to completely power down the phone once a day. There are many processes running in the background that we can not see or control that drain the battery.


    Hope this helps.

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    I was getting 3 hours max on my new iPhone 5. I followed rchwallace's post and Magic!!! Reset network settings and I am getting full battery time, >8 hours with use. Having been an iPhone user since the first, I was horrified.

    I tried turning off all services and no difference.

    Reset the network settings!

    Shame on you Apple and thanks rchwallace!

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    With all these good comments, reset my network settings. Then after charging to 100%, I let it sit quiet overnite. This morning it's down to 54%. Hmmmm.... Previously, an overnight sit would have had it go down maybe into the the high 80s. Any thoughts on what I might have missed? Thanks all!

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    Battery should not have dropped more than 5% overnite on standby/sleep. I have done 2 factory resets, 2 network resets, and all manners of minimizing brightness, location srvcs., notifications, etc. and getting 5-6 hours of total usage time before the battery is at 3%. It's not horrible enough to return or exchange the phone but it is highly annoying since the advertised battery life is suppose to be 8-10 hrs. I plan to keep using the phone and monitor the battery life and if it falls below 5 hrs. of usage, I plan to exchange it. Apple is cranking millions of these phones out every week, so it's no surprise that some (in the thousands) will have deficencies as with any large manufacturing variability no matter how small the variability of assembleage. Btw, I don't think that it's an iOS6 issue as my friends who still have the iPhone 4 and 4S have not noticed any faster drainage due to the upgrade. I suggest that you too exchange or return the phone at an Apple Store if you consistently get less than 6 or 5 hrs. of usage time before the battery is depleted. As I said, I will continue to monitor before I decide on a course of action. I noticed the battery issue on day 2. But was getting roughly 6 to 6.5 hrs of usage. But now after all the resets and tweaks, it appears that I'm getting less than 6 hrs.

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    Thanks for quick reply. I agree. Time to swap out this puppy. Maybe (I hope!) some of the new phones are better than others. Interestingly, it dropped only a few %points when watching a movie trailer on cell signal, plus I got almost an hour of navigation with just a slight drain.

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    Not sure here, yesterday my phone was cooked by the afternoon.  But interestingly I plugged it in as I went in the shower and in 15min it went from 12% to 100%....?


    So I am starting to wonder if it might be an indication issue as up to this point I haven't let it actually die.


    I plan to run it until it shuts down to see how accurate my % seems to be.  I am sure someone else has but I have not seen it posted.



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    Actually I had this issue with my 1st iPhone 5.. The phone was at 1% and I could still watch a movie on youtube (wifi) for over an hour after the battery was completely dead.

    Still the 'usage' never exceeded 6 hours.

    Besides after a reset in order to fix the battery life (I wish) the screen started flickering really fast and it stopped after 5 minutes or so (no it was not the usual flickering with the keyboard).


    There was also another bug with this phone but it was fixed after restarting the device. The flash of the camera was not synchronizing when I was taking pictures during the night and as a result everything remained dark on the photos.


    Worst experience ever with an iphone.


    My 2nd iPhone 5 is even worse though.. I am getting around 3-4 hours of usage..


    Tomorrow.. I am going to send back my 2nd iPhone5 and wait for another replacement. This really ***** beause I am on a contract (free calls,messages,cellular) and I have already spent a month by swapping iPhones every single week..


    I really don't get it why apple doesn't say anything about this issue. For example "we are aware of this problem and it is iOS related and an update is coming soon or it is hardware related and you can keep on swapping you iPhones until you get one that is working as intented."


    I really regret selling my iphone 4 and I am really sorry to say that apple let me down this time..

  • brsm1990 Level 1 (35 points)

    I also had the battery drain problem on an iPhone 5 I purchased in Singapore so this is not just a US problem.  I exchanged it today.  Will report if the exchange made a difference or not.

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    Happy Update!


    The Reset Network Settings WORKS! At least it worked for me, at the moment. My note above, in which I said it did not work, was an anomoly. That night, I tried the "Do not disturb" feature without power, and I belieive that was the cause of the huge drop.


    Since then, with just that one Reset Network Settings, and no other setting changes, I'm getting good to great battery behavior. I'm not pushing it hard, just my normal usuage of regular email checking, a few texts, a few web searches, maybe 30 min of navigation, a few Siri questions, and a just a few calls a day (I still prefer land lines whenever possible since the Sprint signal is weak, even with the booster).


    So, rchwallace, thanks for the Reset suggestion. At the moment, I'm very happy with my phone. I hope this works for you and others as well.

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