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  • Zach_n Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey guys,


    I think that this issue is definitely not isolated to the iPhone 5, check out this thread:


    iPhone 4 users are also reporting this issue after upgrading to 6.0.1 from their old 5.0.1 versions, it's definitely something within iOS 6.0.1 that's causing this issue in my opinion.


    Anyway, I have some reports on my usage which I want to share with you guys, last night I've charged my phone and got up to disconnect it from the charger at 5:00 AM, woke up at 8:30 and the battery was still on 100%, then I've started using it as normal and when I got to work I've done some reading and changed the Fetch settings in my iCloud and Gmail account to Manual instead of Fetch.


    This setting lies under General -> Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data -> Advanced


    After changing these 2 to manual, I am now with Location Services on for Facebook, Maps, Siri, Skyscanner, Speedtest, Weather and Find my iPhone, Wifi and BT are off but I've used Wifi for about 30 minutes today. Today I played Coin Dozer for about 15 minutes, had several phone calls, browsed Facebook, read and sent quite a few Whatsapp messages, checked Gmail, Flipboard and did some web browsing as well and this is where I'm at right now:




    What do you guys think? I think my performance is pretty good right now.

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    hi i just want to share mine


    i have a iphone 5 32gb black


    when im playing music and texting my battery last for good maybe i think it will last 2 days


    i dont use lte or bluetooth coz in my country we dont have lte and if we have i dont plan also


    so here it is when im playing games like asphalt and brothers in arms


    my battery life draining fast its like 1 percent per minute


    is this normal???

  • ski4 Level 1 (0 points)

    rap rap

    that sounds like how mine is working and NO that is not normal,  at least has not been with all of my previous iphones until the 5


    i swapped mine at the apple store last week and thought my problems were better,  they aren't

  • Will C W Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the iPhone 5 form Sprint and from reading this wonderful post, here is a summary of what I got:


    Upgrade to IOS 6.0.1

    In SETTINGS, reduce the default brightness settings.

    *SETTINGS > Brightness & Wallpaper


    Turn the following service off when not in use:

    WiFi OFF

    Bluetooth OFF

    Do Not Disturb OFF


    Turn LTE off when you do not have 4G LTE available yet

    *SETTINGS > General > Cellular > ENABLE LTE - OFF


    Turn Notifications OFF that you do not need

    Mail OFF

    Stock widget OFF

    Game center OFF

    Photos OFF

    Reminders OFF

    Passbook OFF

    Weather widget OFF


    Turn Location Service OFF when not used

    *SETTINGS > Privacy > Location Services OFF

    When ON turn them OFF by Applications


    Turn iCloud backup OFF


    Turn MAIL settings to manual retrieve or reduce frequency of getting mail

    *SETTINGS > Mail, contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data - MANUALLY


    ALSO from reading some post, RESETTING Network Settings helps


    This will reset your Wifi passwords, Bluetooth passwords.


    Remember anything running on a regualr basis is a battery drain.

    Thanks all

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    See this is what I can't stand this phone, pretty much turn the whole **** phone off and you will save 2-3 hours, then why the **** they have all these options there, this was suppose to make life easier, I think it's about time apple needs to stop being capitalist and get back to their roots, the main reason why I became "apple guy" and I'm sure many of us did same was because of Steve Jobb'ss "satisfy people first" mentality, because of that there hasn't been a crappy product on the market, iPhone5 simply was a disappointment, even 4 is way better phone. Having a cell phone means I should be able to carry with me anywhere without having it attached half the time, but if I'm plugging it in 4 times a day because of it's battery life than make some radical changes, don't charge people $1500 for a phone and not deliver near perfection, you can purchase a decent laptop for that price. I think it's extremely unfair. I hope they will make some changes with their mentality or else their precious stock will plummet just like Blackberry.

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    It's down to the built in system services.


    Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services (Riiiiight at the bottom under all the app options) switch these off. One of these is accessing the GPS without telling you (hence the other option there) making the phone hot, eating the battery and ripping through the data allowance.


    This worked an absolute treat for me

  • sjfwhite Level 1 (0 points)

    No luck for me disabling those services.  I have had two incidents of rapid battery drain - 45-50% in a couple of hours of the device sitting unused (presumably in standby).  On one occasion, the iPhone 5 heated up considerably (this was on one occcasion where the battery dropped from 100 to 35% in 3 hours and it was in a pouch case.  I just got an expensive screen protector on it so getting Apple to replace it puts me out $30.  I'm hoping that 6.1 fixes these difficulties.


    Something tells me that this is an intermittent problem that occurs as a result of a conversion of multiple issues, so the solutions that appear to work for people are likely temporary and reflect the intermittent nature of the problem.  I have noticed that each time I get the sharp drop, doing a device power off and reboot, then a recharge fixes the problem for a day or so and then it repeats.

  • Nikolaus Heger Level 1 (25 points)

    There is a lot of confusion about this issue.


    I think the bottom line is that yes, all those services that are on the iPhone, notably location services and Push notifications, drain battery. But even with all those services on the phone should last through a day of heavy use, and two days of light use.


    By heavy use, I mean using maps, surfing the web, playing a game now and then - those things all eat lots of battery, and if you do all those you should still get a day of battery.


    If you play a 3D game, expect your battery life be more in the range of hours. This is normal.


    If, on the other hand, you don't even use your phone at all and it drains to zero in a few hours, then there's something wrong with the phone or the battery. I've had this issue on my iPhone 5 - I solved it by doing a restore with iOS 6, and then NOT restoring it from backup. It wasn't a big deal as it does sync with the address book and so on so I got the most important data back regardless.


    My iPhone 4 is jailbroken and restoring an iPhone 5 from a jailbroken phone can result in severe battery issues. I got 4 hours of battery life. After the restore, my battery life was just as good as on the iPhone 4. The last resort fix before returning the phone to Apple is to restore the Operating system - if that doesn't help then you really may have a hardware problem.


    I don't play 3D games but I play Letterpress a lot and I notice that that game pretty much ***** up 1% per minute - and that's despite the fact that the graphics don't appear to be super fancy. But I guess it turns on OpenGL / 3D.


    Normal battery savings tips:

    Go go Location Services - look at all the apps, and especially all the way down there in System Services - there is a little grey arrow or a purple arrow next to an application or system service it means that that service or app has recently used location services. If it's a system service you never use, or you don't want to use Location Services for, like weather, date and time, compass, just turn them off.

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    Ok, I have an iPhone 4, and I posted earlier, was reduced to rubble after iOS 6.0.1 update with a battery life going from 3 days or better to maybe 8 hours and typically going from 50% to dead very quickly. Also the phone was vey sluggish and unresponsive when selecting apps or unlocking. Almost like a virus. I tried a number of things in this thread with no real improvement. I also turned off the % indicator as I no longer trusted it. I gave up and accepted that it would take the anxiously awaited update to fix this. About 4 days ago, it started working as it did before. I've turned the % indicator back on and after a charge its stays at 100% for awhile and seems to be back to lasting several days again. Ok, so what happened??!! I checked and many of my iCloud settings are enabled, location services on for everything. I had disabled the diagnostics upload a while ago and that didn't help at all. I don't do much phone activity, mostly email and web. No change in what I do, but again now back to normal.

      I have no explanation, but now wonder if iCloud server could have been causing this. What's find most discouraging is the total lack of communications from Apple on this. I was prepared to move my PC platform to MAC next. Not doing that now. When I am eligible for iPhone upgrade, I will base my decision, as most of you likely will, on my perception of Apple's response and public acknowledgement to the issue.

  • All Day Breakfast Level 1 (20 points)

    Me too. And while early days, I haven't yet seen a downside. Thanks.

  • sjfwhite Level 1 (0 points)

    See the last few posts here:


    I have been able to replicate the conditions of the drain on my iPhone 5 - a combination of wifi being on on the phone and a dodgy wifi network at my work that loses internet connectivity frequently (on any wifi device I have used on it).  Interestingly, my 4th generation wifi only iPad has no such problem and the battery is not affected by the crappy wifi connectivity.

  • Wrael Level 1 (0 points)


    - Rapid battery drain (100% to dead in 20 hours on standby)

    - 'Usage' and 'Standby' times reported as almost the same even when the phone was on complete standby in airplane mode




    For me, the problem was a bug in the 'Settings' app. Whenever I had the app running in the background, the symptoms listed above would appear. Exiting the app from the background fixed everything. 'Usage' and 'Standby' times are now accurate and the battery drain isn't excessive. The picture shows statistics after the fix:



  • sjfwhite Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks - the full description of my problem is here:



    What doesn't seem to fit is that I have my Settings app running in the background, as far as I know, all the time.  Also, the usage/standby issue and battery drain only occurs at work and disabling wifi fixes it.  It never occurs anywhere else.  It is as though the wifi is still trying to negotiate connections instead of sleeping.


    Tomorrow at the office I will make sure I force close Settings but I think these may be different bugs with the same symptoms.  I am really tempted to flash to 6.1 from my dev account but am not quite at that point now if it is a hardware issue.  I don't want to just compound it with beta code.

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    It's  a simple fix you don't need to turn off anything it should just work! What you need to do is go back and factory reset because if you installed it and you backed it up to the original iPhone 4s or iPhone 4 it screws the processor up.  Do a factory reset on your iPhone 5,  connect to your computer computer and start iTunes and re-download all of the apps.  It is what it is! The iPhone 5 is unlike anything that Apple has released before!  When they say it was completely redesigned, it was completely redesigned that means there is nothing like this phone!


    The other thing is the rollout of iOS 6 that in itself changed everything on my iPad on my own and on my iPhone because the apps that you had before iOS 6 were not optimized for iOS 6.  Most of the app on my iPhone five and my iPad had to upgrade to iOS 6 to function properly. Now both devices are in running 10 times better!  Just remember that iOS 6 caused a lot of problems with apps and everything on any of the devices!

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    My phone was set up as new. Perhaps for some people that is a factor but not in my case.

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