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So I got my iPhone 4S UDID registered for free, and was able to get iOS 6, then when the golden master came out I couldn't get it since I don't have a developer account, and iOS 6 beta 4 expired today and my phone is completely unuseable, and iTunes won't let me back it up. I know I can restore it, but I'd rather not lose all my texts, they're very important to me.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    if you had icloud your texts should be backed up. you will probabley lose some depending on when it last backed up but if you dont restore you cant see any of them anyway.


    after you restore you set up your phone from icloud backup and you will get most of your stuff back.

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    I'm having the same issue on my wife's phone, so I logged in to developer page ( and I was able to download the GM version.


    I'm a developer, but since I didn't extend my membership, I'm basically same as any regular user. I think you can just create a developer account (even though you don't plan to develop apps). It's free. And then go to iOS Developer Center and download proper iOS 6 from there.


    Hope that helps.

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    Hi, how can i download the proper ios6 from the developer account? i have a developer account but i didnt reenroll same as you so im pretty much stuck please help me...

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    I mean you need to download ios 6 for your device. It has iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS..etc.


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    Hi there.


    I have spent the better part of this morning trying to get my Iphone 4S, iOS 6 beta operational again after the beta expired yesterday. I know I could just restore it to factory defaults but that would leave me with an empty device. Since I had no backup I needed to update to the release version of iOS 6 without data loss.


    Which I was able to do.


    1: Download the correct .ipsw from Apple Link (this is ios 6 for the 4S)

    2: Start iTunes

    3: Connect your iphone and wait until it is verified (and that it fails because the beta has expired)

    4: ALT-Click (Mac OS) the "Check for Update" button (I do not know the equivalent combination for Windows. Just try)

    5: In the Open-File dialog box find and select the file downloaded under step 1

    6: Wait for your Iphone to be update to the lastest iOS 6 version with all your data intact!


    I was close to crying this morning when I discovered my beta has expired leaving me with the choice of knowing that I had my data on the phone, but with no way of accessing them - and reseting the phone to factory defaults to make it usable but in the process losing all my data.


    These few steps got me a working phone with my data intact.


    Good luck.


    //Ulf Thomas


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    So restoring an iOS 6 final image to a device running an expired iOS 6 beta 4 won't lose any data ?



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    Hi Ulf Thomas, I have downloaded the software and tried that.

    I keep getting the same error saying that the device is not elegible for rebuilt.

    I am not a developer a friend downloaded the beta version on my phone and now it is telling me that it should be activated. When I plug it into itunes, I can see the phone and the information on the phone as well.

    I have tried to both update and restore the phone with itunes, pressing option and selecting the software.

    It is not working.

    Can anyone help me ?

    Thanks !

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    Keep in mind though - if you click _restore_ you will delete all data.


    I clicked (alt-clicked in Mac) the _Check for Update_ button and that did not delete any data _for me_, and the phone reactivated afterwards.


    I cannot guarantee anything.

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    Did you click the correct button: Check for Update?

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    This is a bit ridiculous on Apple's part. I found 2 of my devices that I use to develop (my old 4S that my wife now has, and my old iPad 2 that my son uses), and both were just dead this morning. No warning that a beta was expiring--and of course when I checked for an update I was told all was fine and that I had a current version of the software! That is not the proper way to ease out of a beta program!


    Ulf, I'm downloading the ipsws now. I hadn't realized you can option-click the "check for update" as well as the restore button. You might have just saved me hours of pain reinstalling everything. If so, thank you very much!!

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    Yes, I have tried both of them.

    Restore and Check update.

    I get the same response.


    At this point I don't mind loosing the data, I just want my phone back.

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    There is a way to force your phone into recovery mode. Look for a link, but it's something like: hold the power/lock button down til the phone hard shuts down (just goes blank). Press some combination of keys to restart, then hit the home button at a certain time. That's not exact obviously but a quick search should find what you're looking for. At that point hopefully you can then plug the phone into iTunes and it'll go out to find a restore image for you. That would be my best bet at this point.

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    Here are the steps:


    1. Turn off the iPhone (you can hold down the Sleep button, or use Sleep + Home, and release as soon as the screen shuts off).
    2. Hold down the Home button while connecting to your computer with iTunes already open and ready for a connection.
    3. iTunes will prompt you to perform a software restore.
    4. Your iPhone will obviously be wiped new and be reset as a result and you wil have a working iPhone again.
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    I put the phone into DFU and it happens the same.

    It extracts the software and then it says it is not eligible.


    Please help !

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