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I bought my iPhone 5 two weeks ago and I have been having issues with my group messaging the past 4 days. I can send out group messages but I am not receiving any replies. About 5-6 hours later, I will receive 300+ messages and it'll start working again. But it stops working again after a few hours. However, group messages through iMessage is working fine. I called AT&T when it first happened (4 days ago) and they transferred me to Apple. Apple had me reset all of my settings and it started working then it stopped after a few hours. My friend is also having the same issue with her iPhone 5 and they gave her a new phone but she is still having the same issue on the new phone. I hope it is not a defect on the phone because I only have a few more days left if I want to return the phone. Is anyone else having this issue??????? Help!!!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I started having this same problem. First noticed it yesterday.  AT&T reset my connection to the network but I'm still not receiving group messages. iMessage and individual SMS are still working fine. Trying to figure out if this is an AT&T or Apple issue

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    I have had this issue for over a week now.  Last Tuesday I was on a 3-way call with Apple and AT&T.  AT&T did  an in-depth investigation with their network.  As of 9/28 I was recieving their messages and things were fine.  This morning when I sent another set of group texts, there was a "message failure" undelivered.  Those who have iPhones, the message is delivered, most of the time.  Those who do not, it's a crap-shoot.  I'm not sure what the issue is, but I would venture to believe it is NOT my carrier, as things go fine as single messages and they have tested their network.  My guess is that it's a bug in the software.  I wish they (Apple) would address this.  It's very annoying because I don't know who gets the messages and who does not.  I also have the delay in responses. 

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    I'm having the same problems as well.  Planning on taking my phone to an apple store tomorrow and seeing if they have any ideas, but it definitely sounds like an iPhone 5 problem!  I missed out on plans this weekend because I didn't get texts.  Super annoying!

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    Hey, I was having this problem also. Today i finally to restore my phone and that did the trick. Don't forget to back up.

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    I apologize for the late bump but this issue is still happening. I am in a group message with 5 different people (all have att) and somebody gets it at least once a day where they are unable to receive text messages from the group for about 5 hours. It happened to me yesterday and now happened to me today. I had a iphone 4s now I have an iphone 5 and same problem. Others will randomly get it for few hours as well.

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    Hey guys. I have no idea if this is a fix for all others but I turned off my "group messaging" (counter intuitive right?) and sure enough the group messaging worked once again just like normal. Hope this helps others.

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    my group messaging isn't working. I will receive the messages but it won't allow me to send any messages it just says message failure. Please Help Me!

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    Hey Cindy,

    Go to your settings and then messages. Make

    Sure they the option as send as SMS is turned to on. It's most likely somebody in your group message has iMessage off.

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    It didn't work but thanks anyways

  • gts650 Level 1 (10 points)

    Did you restart after?

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    No i didn't was i suppose to?

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    hi my group messaging was not working because i didn't set the MMS option on in Settings>Message

    Once you enable it this will show another On/Off for group messaging.

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    hey, just tried it and "no go"

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    I have an I phone 5 and was using ios 5, I updated to ios7 and the option to turn group messaging on/off is no longer there for me to select. I have tried to group message and all are receiving but all the replys are just to me.

    Do any one know why and seriously how to fix it???.

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