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I bought my iPhone 5 two weeks ago and I have been having issues with my group messaging the past 4 days. I can send out group messages but I am not receiving any replies. About 5-6 hours later, I will receive 300+ messages and it'll start working again. But it stops working again after a few hours. However, group messages through iMessage is working fine. I called AT&T when it first happened (4 days ago) and they transferred me to Apple. Apple had me reset all of my settings and it started working then it stopped after a few hours. My friend is also having the same issue with her iPhone 5 and they gave her a new phone but she is still having the same issue on the new phone. I hope it is not a defect on the phone because I only have a few more days left if I want to return the phone. Is anyone else having this issue??????? Help!!!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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