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Hi Everyone,


I posted a similiar topic, but lost my thread for it.


I have numerous Iphone 4S's at my work and a few of them were upgraded to IO6. I work in IT so i thought i'd give it a test and couple of staff also upgraded to IOS6.


I have a Netgear WG102

Firmware: 5.03 is the latest

WEP Security

Network Authentication: OPEN

Broadcast SSID: Yes

Data Encryption 64bits WEP

Wireless Client Security Separation Disabled

Operating Mode: Auto - 8020.11g/802.11b

Data Rate Best

Output Power full

Country Australai

IP Address, Subnet, gateway and DNS addreses applied acdordingly


The FEW who have upgraded to IOS 6 are unable to connect to my WAP including myself.

I have tried Backup/Restore Iphone 4s

RESET Network Settings

Selected FORGET this network and attempted to reconnect, still doesnt accept the key

Tried to Manually select the WAP and manually apply the config details as opposed to automatically accepting details when it accepts the key

I have recreated the same ABOVE config profile on the WAP device, just a different key and no success.


i have also taken the Iphone4s of mine to the Australian, CBD, George St Apple store where they wiped the phone. We got the phone back to factory, connected it to "THEIR" WiFi. The answer i got from the Manager at the time was "If it works here, there's no fault with the phone"


I still have the majority of my staff using IOS5 which im not permitting them up upgrade for the above reason


I was suspecting FIRMWARE versions being different upon upgrading to IOS6

I found Modem Firmware: 04.12.02 or higher seemed to have no problems connecting to my WAP, if it was lower then the phones werent connectning.

Im reading on other posts people are suspecting DNS, Wireless Config setup.

I have created a SSID with NONE security to connect and still says Unable to Join the network


Tried WPA2-PSK : AES Encryption

Tried WPA-PSK & WPA2-PSK with TKIP + AES Encryption

Added MAC Address of my Iphone to be TRUSTED

I enabled Super-G Mode for proprietary support of 820.11g


I can confirm the two Iphone 4S's i have problems with at the moment were "Problem FREE"


At this point the only thing i havent done it downgraded Firmware of the device


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