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    Tried the  headset setting weeks ago and it  did  not work ...this morning  I had a call actually  come in  correctly. Have not had another call since.. will check it out tomorrow  Apple  PLEASE fix.. should NOT be taking 6  months to fix

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    Five tried that too, it didn't work.  Spoke with several techs at Chevy and they said this is a known issue with both vehicle manufacturers and Apple.  Both are working on updates to solve the problem.  Chevys updates are vehicle specific and are being released as soon as they're available.  The dealer can update the software.  They will advise by U.S. mail as updates are available.  the techs thought Apples update would be available circa feb or march.

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    I changed the incoming calls to headset then tried this  with 2 different iphones 5 (both brand new).


    iPhone 1:

    While the phone was locked and recieved a call, I was notified on my car's screen picked it up from the car's steering wheel but wasn't able to communicate. While the phone was unlocked, I was notified on my car's screen picked it up from the car's steering wheel and everything worked fine. Isn't that weird?




    While the phone was locked and recieved a call, I was notified on my car's screen picked it up from the car's steering wheel but wasn't able to communicate. This time, while it was unlocked same thing happened no communication, but when I picked up the call from my cell phone instead of the steering wheel and manually tapped the HFL button, everything worked fine (obviously an extra step that we're all complaining about).



    I think I know why this happens.  If you turn off your phone, quickly turn it back on run to settings:bluetooth you'll see that there is a circle beside Devices, which means that it is trying to connect to HFL. This also means that when you turn off your phone or when you're at your lock screen, your car is connected to your phone but your phone is not connected to the HFL, therefore it's not connected to the car until you turn on your phone. so how possibly can it transfer incoming calls while it's not connected?

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    I did exactly what you suggested and it did not work. What is strange is that sometime you can get the call

    from your steering and most of the time you cannot. I could figure up what kind of calls got through and what kind did not.

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    Sorry everyone that this did not work for you.  I am not actually connecting to a car, rather a Plantronics Headset.

    Maybe that is why it is working for me.

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    Not a great answer - but i think i know how to "fix":


    1) Under settigs, general, Incoming Calls - set to headset.  Then, the phone must be unlocked.  If locked the issue persists. 

    2) If you have the issue, answer the call and hit transfer 2x. The first transfer sends the call to your phone, then the second picks up the call via bluetooth. 


    Not very clean, but it works for me.  Does anyone else find this aligns with their experience?

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    @Long Island Dan


    Yes that's exactly what happens.

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    Some auto manufacturers are beginning to roll out firmware updates for their radios that are no longer compatible. I also have a Honda and cannot take handsfree calls. I have a call to my sales guy to see if there's an update on when Honda will have a fix.

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    Not sure what "transfer" means, but this is the workaround that has worked for me.


    Under Settings>General>Accessibility>incoming Calls, select "Headset"


    When phone rings, tap Answer on phone.


    The car screen display asks whether you want to answer the call using Handsfree Link. Select yes.


    The call is connected 


    Not perfect, but it'll hold me until updates are forthcoming.


    As an added bonus, the car now "reads" incoming text messages. This happened after selecting Headset.

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    Hi BroncoBcc, Your solution worked perfectly in my Audi A6. I am a happy girl now!

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    I have tried the double push on the answer button and all it does is hang up.  If anything else will fix this issue, I would like to see it posted.

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    I too have the same problem with Civic 2013. please update the post if anyone finds a fix.

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    The other day I posted the workaround that has temporarily resolved my 2013 CR-V/iPhone 5 issues.  I neglected to add the step of unlocking the phone, which is necessary before tapping Answer on phone.  Go to Settings>General>Auto-Lock and select Never.  Keep the setting for the duration of your journey.  See my post of January 12 in this thread.


    Good luck all...

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    I'm also having a problem with an iPhone 5 and a 2013 CR-V. When answering calls with the Bluetooth /HandsFreeLink, I can't hear the caller and they cannot hear me.  Outgoing calls do not have this problem.  When I check the phone it shows the source as being HandsFreeLink.  If I switch the source to iPhone and then back to HandsFreeLink, then the Bluetooth connection works normally for the duration of the call.  This setting can also be toggled by pushing 'Transfer' on the Navi screen. Pushing 'transfer' once sends the call to the handset, pushing it a second time puts the call back on Bluetooth/HandsFreeLink.  So, to answer a call, use the answer button on the steering wheel (the phone menu will automatically appear on the Navi screen), then push 'transfer' twice and The Bluetooth connection will operate normally for the rest of the call.

    I've checked Honda's HandsFreeLink compatibilty page and they show the iPhone 5 as being incompatible with 2012 & 2013 CR-V & 2012-2013 Civic. Their website says that it's a phone software issue and that the phone manufacturer has been notified. The site also specifically notes that the problem is with incoming calls.

    However, it may be worth noting that both the Civic and CR-V had full model changes in 2012 and these seem to be the only models that are incompatible with iPhone 5.  Older model Civics, CR-V are shown as compatible. Other Honda models are shown as compatible, including the newly redesigned 2013 Accord is also shown as compatible.  Why is it that the the only Honda's that are shown as incompatible with iPhone 5 are cars that had major model updates in 2012?

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    Zach3000, where do u find that transfer button? Is it on the steering wheel or on the dashboard? Thanks