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Except for the WIFI problem (extremely low download speeds, like 0.3 Mbit/s), I see another problem occurring every now and then on my new iPhone 5 black 64gb. It's hard to specify how often this problem occurs, but I'd say once every device reboot - which could be when power on/off, or changing language (I do change language often).


The problem is, the below dialog pops up all the time and won't go away until I've clicked Cancel about 40-50 or so times. I'm not kidding.

I'm exemplifying with two screenshots.

The full dialog goes:


Sign In Required

Tap Continue and sign in to check for downloads.

[Environment: Sandbox]



What's this about? I should note that because of the WIFI issue I have reinstalled the iOS as per advice from Apple Call Center. The WIFI problem did not get better (actually, that advice was ridiculous, coming from a support call center). Anyhow, the current problem didn't go away even. The problem just still exist, popping up now and then. There's no way to get rid of the dialog except tapping Cancel - the dialog reopens. Have to keep on tapping cancel 40-50 times...

Photo 2012-10-09 18 12 32.png

Photo 2012-10-09 20 08 59.png

iPhone 5, iOS 6, 64gb black
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