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Please can anyone help?

I've closed all apps (by the correct method) and restarted but it's still doing it more and getting more frequent.

This is a recent problem so what's been changed ?

I love my iPad but this is so annoying, especially when I've typed loads and then in a split second lost the lot.....more than once!

  My husband has a samsung galaxy and wants me to ditch my iPad for a galaxy too.

I've always lauged at what i believed to be a stupid suggestion and point blank refused but if this continues,  probably will!

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    Have you tried rebooting your iPad?



    Reboot the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons.


    If you are using the original iPad, have you updated to iOS 5?



    You may also have something corrupt on the iPad - a setting could be corrup perhaps. You could try resetting all settings and see if that helps.



    Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. If you try this .... You will have to enter all of your app preferences and device settings again.


    You can try restoring from a backup as well, but then you do that, you restore everything that was in that backup at that particular date and time. Any app data that you have added since your last backup will be lost.



    How to backup and restore from a backup
    And if nothing else works, you can try restoring the iOS software.
      Aug 24, 2012 – Learn how to use iTunes to restore your iOS device.

  • Flowerpower203 Level 1 Level 1

    Many thanks for your response.

    Yes I've rebooted lots of times but it makes no difference, not even a temporary one.

    Probably being thick but how do I know if I have updated to iOS 5?

    If I haven't, how do I do it?  Should I use the restore method you mentioned!

    Usually I click ' update all' and don't take much notice of what the update is always assuming it to be an improvement of some type.  I know now that is not true as a lot of games suddenly have many more irritating adverts than before!

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    Flowerpower203 wrote:


    Probably being thick but how do I know if I have updated to iOS 5?

    Go to Settings>General>About>Version and you can see what version of the iOS you are running.

    Flowerpower203 wrote:


    If I haven't, how do I do it?  Should I use the restore method you mentioned!

    Before you update, post back with the version number.

    Flowerpower203 wrote:


    Usually I click ' update all' and don't take much notice of what the update is always assuming it to be an improvement of some type.  I know now that is not true as a lot of games suddenly have many more irritating adverts than before!

    These are app updates that you are describing. I am talking about updating the iPad operating software. Do you have the original iPad?


    Restoring the iPad software is a common troubleshooting step that can help in many situations, but it can take some time and some work.

  • Flowerpower203 Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry for the delay, I didn't realise I was in the US site (I'm UK) and the time difference and had to sleep as it was gone and I had to be up at 6. Doh!


    My version is 4.3.5 (8L1) and yes I have the good old original iPad.


    Thank you for your very kind assistance.

  • aoxide Level 1 Level 1

    In ios 4.3,the only way to update the ios is to connect to the itunes and choose update.ipadhelp.png

    In ios 5 and later the software update can be done within the iPad itself.


    If you want to solve the problem of the Apps,try a complete restore of the iPad ,in Settings>Reset.

    But this will completely reset the iPad and all its content will be erased.

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    No apologies necessary. I actually go to sleep at night myself!


    I am wondering if you have downloaded some apps recently - or updated some apps - that might now be taxing the limits of iOS 4.3.5 on your iPad. If you restore the device - you WILL be updating the iOS to 5.1.1. Some iPad original users love iOS 5.1.1 and there have been some complaints as well.


    If you really did close all apps and rebooted the device, I don't know what lease to try other than restoring the software which will update the iOS. It may be just want the doctor ordered and it might not work at all. There is no way of knowing for sure.


    Did this app behavior begin to get worse after you downloaded a particular app or apps? If that is the case, you could try deleting those apps before to do anything else.


    Just to double check - you did close all apps this way?


    Go to the home screen first by tapping the home button. Double tap the home button and the task bar will appear with all of your recent/open apps displayed at the bottom. Tap and hold down on any app icon until it begins to wiggle. Tap the minus sign in the upper left corner of the app that you want to close. Tap the home button or anywhere above the task bar. Restart the iPad.

  • Flowerpower203 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you for your quick reply.


    Before I restore or update are you able to say what type of complaints they were?


    Also, as I only regularly use a few I will go through and remove all apps not used.


    I use an app called 'Appsfire deals' that let's me know about any free apps available and have download all sorts of random stuff probably 2- 3 a week usually word games and puzzles. It could be any one of them so will be harsh and remove recent and not used apps.


    Yes, I close all apps as below but have only been aware that's how it should be done in the last week or so when I googled my problem and eventually ended up here (no idea why i didn't come here first!)


    Will be able to remove the apps tomorrow, or later tonite if I get chance, but will report back when I can see if the problem is still there or not....then do the update/restore if necessary.


    Thanks again for your help with this.

  • Flowerpower203 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you Aoxide for your detailed response, very useful.

    As per my previous reply to Demo I will try removing some apps before I take that route and be back with an update ASAP.


    Thanks again, it's good to know there is help at hand from people that know their stuff! Unlike moi!

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    The complaints and issues that I recall were Safari crashing, the iPad becoming sluggish, apps crashing ... Things like that. Similar to what you are now experiencing.


    i have two iPads, the original which is running iOS 5.1.1 and the new iPad running iOS 6. I had no issues at all with iOS 5.1.1 on my original iPad, but like I said, nobody can predict how it will work for you. You can pretty much feast assured that the overwhelming majority if users had good experiences with iOS 5.1.1 or it would have made worldwide news reports as all Apple hardware or software issues seem to do. Do you remember antennae-gate with the iPhone?


    I think it is in your best interest to take it slowly and try other things before you restore the iPad. I'm not saying that you will not need to do so eventually, I'm just saying try to rule out other issues first.

  • Flowerpower203 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, here I am again. 

    Just mention at this point I have very little on this iPad. My original iPad was smashed by someone (accident) and this is a replacement (I was not under warranty but the apple shop gave a replacement with approx £100 off standard price.

    Anyway, I don't have all my usual stuff on it like photos and similar stuff.

    Before tonight I had around a total of 40 apps and tonite deleted perhaps half , so I don't think 20 ish apps is too any. (all newish apps deleted now)

    So deleted the apps and then continued to do the things I was trying to do yesterday ( but kept getting kicked out) trying to send a private message to my friend on Facebook...just random stuff ad for a few hours I thought I had cracked it. Then boom, typed a massive message and was kicked out! Grrr!

    Not sure what to do now tho, this is a new problem for me and in the last week or so things have gone from years of being perfect to ******* me off time after time after time.

    I'm afraid if I upgrade or restore the problem will still be there but maybe worse.

    I don't want a samsung galaxy I want my old mate back like he was.

    Incidentally, the galaxy was given to me originally by my husband after he dropped my original iPad (which he had taken out of the case I always kept it in!)

    I just didn't get along with the galaxy and told him to have it instead and he thinks it's fantastic particularly as he never has any problems and mine seem to be constant!


    Sorry if I've bored you, been a crap day and night and a bit ragged round the edges now. Got to get up in 3hrs so off to sleep now.


    Final question for now at least, given a multiple choice what would you choose?

    A. System restore

    B.  Upgrade to current version

    C.  Say sod it and buy a new latest version iPad

    D. Say sod it and get the galaxy?

    E.  Something else


    C is not actually an option for me


    Thank you for reading this far and helping me.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    Do an update to the current version for the iPad 1 which is 5.1.1. Do this using iTunes on your PC.


    I'm not sure why you were deleting Apps.


    Be aware that what you are experiencing might be a hardware problem with your iPad. If problems persist check to see if your replacement iPad is still under warranty.

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    JimHdk wrote:


    I'm not sure why you were deleting Apps.

    It was my suggestion based on my opinion that maybe an app download was corrupt and that was why this problem crept up. She stated earlier that most of her recent downloads were games and i have downloaded games that caused issues so I was just taking a shot that maybe something corrupt in an app download was giving the iPad fits. Apps can always be download again.


    Yes it could be a hardware problem but I was trying exhaust all other possibilities that I could think of before restoring or heading to an Apple Store.

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    I agree with JimHdk that updating the iOS would probably be the next thing to try now.

  • Flowerpower203 Level 1 Level 1

    As the problem has started over the last few weeks dEleting the apps seemed to work at first but it's crashing a lot again now.

    Was only given 3 months warranty with this one so know I'm not covered any more.

    Will try the update tomorrow.

    Thanks to you both for your help.

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