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    So the motto to this saga is don't buy another iPad for at least 12 months.

    If you want full use and chose of LTE equipment (Apple or other manufactures ) network supplier and tariffs - Correct !

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    I bought mine online from Apple website on launch day, I just wanted to know who i am best to write to regards the mis-selling. Am i right in thinking it should be Apple's offices in Ireland as per my invoice or should it be to my local retailer.

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    No point writing to head office in Ireland as they do not come under UK Law.


    You need to write to your retailer in the first instance so you can lodge your concerns.


    And I would defiantly write to the CAB on line as they are automatically sending all correspondence to Trading Standards.


    That's what I've done plus I emailed the Advertising standards Authority who are also logging complaints and sending them on to Trading standards.



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    Many thanks,


    Done the CAB and ASA already. CAB advised sending the letter. Also sending one to the credit card company which I used for payment.

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    So it's definitely not now and never going to be 4G compatible with networks in UK ? Fore I send these off to 'two now one' con artists and trash pedlars. I did write to ASA, contacted credit card company and will email CAB too if they forward to Trading Standards.


    Good luck to everyone. It's ridiculous we have to go to these lengths. In US they just take back within 30 days I believe.


    Thanks to Ketih for clearing that earlier link from US a about availability of LTE outside US. All so technical but I am starting to make the relevant connections


    One of my sisters is going to get her 10 year old a newer IPod touch for Christmas. He wants 32GB. Anything she should know, be wary of, concerned about ? I told her to go to Apple this time.




    This device has disconnected from WiFi four times in the last hour and I am sitting beside the router. Never happens with anything else. They use 'industrial' strength connections when testing I was told.  Is that a 'fair test' ?

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    So has anybody had any luck yet I spoke to my retailer last night who are back peddling like ****,


    One minute they are agreeing with the point that I was mislead over the purchase of my iPad,

    But next they are trying to lay the blame with Apple and not them.

    Despite me reminding them that my contract is with them not Apple.


    So I'm really not sure what to do now?.


    Any advice would be appreciated.



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    My advice would be to write to the retailer and remind them that they have verbally admitted to you that you were mis-sold and that because they are now back peddling they are acting unreasonably and duplicitously. Quote the names of whoever agreed. Keep a copy. Tell them you want a reply within ten working days and that you want them to replace/refund. When I wrote to apple I included a load of printouts from various Internet sites which were about the ASA investigation and the refunds that were made in Australia over this. That may put them psychologically on the back foot. In your letter tell them that you are preparing your case for the small claims court and that the papers will be served on the store manager. On a saturdaybafternoon with a full shop. That may freak him/her a little. If you don't hear back then actually sue them. They probably won't even turn up or will contact you before hand to sort it out. PT Barnham was right, not all bad publicity is good publicity lol.

    The simple fact is that this whole debacle has been a total farce for Apple, Orange etc. I guess I was lucky that I bought mine directly from Apple. Maybe therein lies a tale?

    Good luck mate, let us know how you got on.

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    Many thanks JudgeGledd

    For your quick reply and advice the guy I was on the phone to last night was quite adamant that his company had not mislead me his words and I quote you asked for a 4G model and that's what you got the fact that it does not work in the UK is irrelevant he then went on to say that even if I did have a case the fact that I had the iPad since march ad I've had seven months use out of it and have not complained until now proves to them and it would to a court that I was happy with my purchase.


    Then in the next breath he said he might be able to offer me some discount if I bought a second iPad.


    Unfortunately I cannot find anything related to the ASA findings against Apple and believe me I spent hours on the Internet into the early hours of this morning looking.





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    I couldn't find anything from the ASA site but below are examples of web pages i have used.



    HTH - Maybe JudgeGledd has some better ones?

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    Many thanks I shall go through them and see if I can find the relevant documentation.


    And hopefully JudgeGLedd will come back with the direct link to the ASA findings.





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    My understanding is (not gospel) that the ASA investigation is still ongoing. Whether anything happens or not who knows.


    In reply to the comments made by the guy you spoke to Andy, he sounds like he is just being loyal to his company and suspicious that you are taking the piddle.


    I did chuckle that he knew what the outcome of a court case would be. You have already been advised that you would win by a chap in this forum who does court cases and legal stuff day in day out. So I would stick with that for now.


    The included URL's for printouts are totally fine.


    One final and very important point for this reply: People are claiming for mis-selling of PPI from years ago. So a few months for an iPad is nothing. With PPI, one of the things you have to show is at what stage you realised you were mis-sold. In this case I stated to Apple that I was aware when I contacted EE and asked for a sim for my iPad 3 and they said it wouldn't work. I would suggest that your story was a similar situation?


    Andy, go for it. Write a stern letter, send it recorded to your local manager. Mention all of the above, make sure he/she is in no doubt that you mean business. A cretin on a phone is just that...

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    Sorry for the late reply JudgeGledd.

    Had a Doctors appointment which turned out to be a three hour wait.


    Good point with the pip saga he is calling me back later today so that is one bit of ammunition I can use if needs must.


    Although I'm not holding any hope that we will come to a saterfiying conclusion.


    Having gone down the route to writing a formal letter to customer services my next step is to take your advice and write a strong but polite letter to the store manager.

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    I sent a letter to my local shop in Belfast where I purchased a 64gb Wifi and 4G model on launch day. Today I received a phone call from the store telling me I could come down and they would exchange my iPad for the new model

    They didnt tell me they didnt have it in stock yet, which I found out when I went down but they've assured me as soon as the new model comes in they will phone me.

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    New model not due until the end of November but more like December that's what Apple UK told me yesterday


    Also if you look at their specs their are two different model numbers very confusing and Apple could not give me an answer?.

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    Model A1459 = AT&T, Bell, Rogers, Telsus

    Model A1460 = Others


    According to


    Bold font not intentional.