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    Many thanks.


    Best answer I got from Apple when I rang them that one was white and the other black LOL.

    And they are supposed to be the experts?.

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    Is that the Apple store in Belfast handyman ? I went in there last Sunday and one 'Genius' told me it was 4G compatible - even it did only work in US and Canada. Another 'Genius' told me it was not compatible and I might try the mis sold with ASA etc. On phone later a woman spent time looking here, there and everywhere for addresses online to write to - Cupertino, advised to use CAB, ASA and even go to Ombudsman.


    I did not purchase with Applet though. A reseller. Belfast said they would have changed it if a fault were in evidence. They use 'industrial' strength WIFi to test I was told. Not much good testing for the average Jo Bloggs on a 'normal' internet service.

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    I can only reiterate that you email the ASA through their website they have reopened the case so the more that complain the more pressure will be put on those concerned.


    Same applies with the CAB they may give you answers you already know but the most important point is all complaints are being past on to trading standards,in fact if you go to the trading stares site itself will tell you to write to the CAB but if I'm right in thinking its the CAB head office not your local branch.

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    Gullytale, it was the store in Belfast. I sent them a letter and the day they received it they phoned me offering to replace it. I bought mine from the store on the morning of release. I made it clear in the letter that when I was queueing one of their workers came round asking what model did I want, the wifi only or wifi and 4g?

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    I see 'two are one' have changed their online advertising now. Removed all reference to 4G. Keep putting on the pressure.

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    ASA have come back to me saying they contacted the company and had them remove the references and put in a more 'generic' term. They will list the complying company/ies on their website as of 28th Nov 2012.  Did any of the rest of you hear anything ?

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    I own an iPad 3 64 gb wifi 4G and Have contacted Apple Customer Services recently asking for a solution to the 4g incompatibility problem in the UK. I spoke to Kevin O Mahony and, after 3 phone calls on different days he told me that Apple would not exchange my ipad 3 for the latest one.

    While on the phone I told him that I was recording the phone conversation and he told me that he had to stop the conversation at that point.

    I have sent them a signed for letter by post and through email exposing the problem and pointing that my invoice says clearly ipad .... Wifi 4G ... Black-gbr. The unit was bought on 2nd May 2012 from Apple Distribution International, Cork, Republic of Ireland.

    The Apple document that explains all the details about ipad connectivity (on Apple's website) was last modified on 11th May 2012. What did the previous document said? Well, only Apple knows but would be interesting to see the previous revision.

    I honestly think that we should join forces and start a group of pressure to ask for a solution to this problem.

    We were miss-sold. I expected my ipad 3 to be future proof regarding 4g connectivity in the Uk. They said tat it was 4g ready!


    How many others are there with this problem?




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    The main problem your going to face is you bought a product from cork in the Republic of Ireland and as such fall out of UK Law

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    Well, andytvcams, that remains to be seen. The product has been sold and delivered in the UK, so I disagree with you opinion.

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    Was the iPad bought in the UK.

    If not why did you buy from the Republic of Ireland ?.

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    If I can add my thoughts; I think it's total crap that Apple customers in the UK that bought the iPad "3" were made to believe that it was LTE compatible. Spoke to an Apple rep earlier on the phone, (he wasn't helpful, to put it politely) he basically said it wasn't Apples fault that the frequencies that come with the iPad3 are not compatable in the UK. Outrageous! not surprisingly he would not back up what he was saying in an email!

    Will be emailing the Press!

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    As I've said before on this thread go to the ASA Website and put in a complaint they will advise you to contact the CAB but again do it through their website.


    This might sound like a complete waste of time but every complaint they get they pass it on to trading standards.


    Who I believe are now re opening the case against Apple.


    But of course that is up to you.

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    Yep went to ASA and they have replied, stating that Apple were told to remove their references to 4G/LTE.

    As Apple complied the ASA do not need to take any further action. They advised me to contact the Citizen Advice Bureau if I want to take further action. Will be contacting Apple again, wish me luck!

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    I would still write to the CAB as your information will go to trading standards.


    BTW is their a way to send and receive private messages?.

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    I will certainly consider it, but I had a good call with Apple customer relations today, although by no means did they idicate or infer in any way that they would replace my iPad3, just that they would look in to it.


    feel free to email me jag at gillan dot mobi I dont think there is a PM system