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    Email sent.

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    Had the same reply from CAB. I am now trying the CCA route as I paid with a credit card and apple giving me standard returns policy rubbish. Most likely will go to the financial ombudsman as cc company have ignored me so far.

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    I had a call from Apple Customer Service yesterday, regarding my letter asking for a solution to the 4G incompatibility.


    The guy on the phone told me that the iPad 3 was worlwide 4G compatible at the time. He said that in England EE came with the 1800 Mhz frequence (or whatever it is) recently and that Apple could not predict this, that they did not know that EE would come with that band.


    My question is, was it known at the time (May 2012) that it would never work in the UK? is the frequence used by EE something of the last minute, let´s say known since 7 months ago only? or the frequencies to be used in the UK are know more than 7 months ago?


    I still waiting for Apple´s written answer to my letter.


    We´ll see what happens

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    The point here is that if Apple did not know what frequencies were going to be used in the UK at the launch of the iPad3, then they had no right to claim that that it was LTE ready!

    Apple state on their web site that the iPad3 is only LTE compatible in North America, it is utter nonesense if someone at Apple are saying at the moment that the iPad3 is globally compatible with LTE/4G


    My particular case is very clear, I bought the iPad3 on day one when Apple claimed on their website it was LTE ready in the UK. Subsequently Apple were told to remove the claims by the ASA, and they complied.


    Perhaps if you purchased after the claims were removed from the Apple site and advertising then your case may not be so strong, if at all.


    Hope that helps

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    LOL. "worldwide 4G compatible at the time" Apples email to all customers who bought in Australia offering refunds as Ipad 3 not compatible with Australia's at the time 4g network says otherwise.


    Having had to do lots of research since this debacle Apple would have known frequencies in the UK where going to use 800mhz and 2600mhz since at least 2011. Not sure about EE and 1800mhz.


    However I am in the same predicament as Mobly.

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    Dear oh Dear Apple really need to do better than that.


    Orange ( EE ) Went to ofcom in November 2011 to seek permission to modify frequencies they all ready had so they could start do put 4G in place ready for transmission.


    And to add more fuel to the fire other mobile providers have to wait until January 2013 before ofcom auction the other frequencies.


    Sounds pretty convenient that Apple would drop the entire iPad 3 completely from their range and bring out a new iPad just to accommodate Orange ( EE )


    I don't think so.

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    Indeed, and O2 have aready put their bid in for the LTE frequencies for next year, (according to forums on the O2 website) and guess what? they are not compatible with the iPad3. I havent found out yet about Voda or 3.

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    If you put 4G LTE to one side for the moment.

    I could not get my head around why Apple have dropped the entire range of the iPad 3 it just did not make any sense and its a first for Apple to do this.


    It was not until I started to look further afield that the jigsaw started to fall into place it would appear that Apple have had major problems with the iPad 3.

    The main problems seem to be with believe it or not 3G connectivity with many iPad owners world wide complaining of 3G signals dropping no matter what service provider they use and their also seems to be lots of problems with wifi too.


    But it only seems to effect those who bought wifi +Data and strangely enough most of those that are complaining seem to be those who bought the 64GB Model.


    So maybe their is more to this than just 4G LTE ..

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    I promised to get back to you when I had an outcome.


    Today my ipad 3 was swapped by my local Apple store for an ipad 4.


    Spec: black 32gb with LTE.


    Bought the ipad 3 when it came out in March. So i am well out of the 30 days.


    So it can be done. If anyone wants a copy of the letter I served on them, I would be happy to assist. I sent it to them with pages of printouts from the web bad mouthing apple with the ASA and also the stuff about apple being forced to give refunds in Australia.


    The swap is done as a "no receipt return". They refund you onto a gift card. Then they sell you the new one using the balance on the card.


    For those who want the letter you can get me at d a f i l t h at g m a I l c o m you can work it out.



    JudgeGledd (Paul)

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    Well done email sent.


    I'm really pleased for you and hope all goes well with your iPad 4.


    Best wishes.



  • andytvcams Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Paul.


    Sent you a email I just hope I got the address right,

    If you could let me know it would be appreciated.




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    Hi Paul, I've been told they're gonna replace mine too but when I phoned my local store in Belfast the other day they told me the cellular version was not available yet. Where did you get yours? They offered me a gift card a couple of weeks ago or said I could hold onto the one I had until the new model came in.

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    Mate it was my local Apple store in Essex. They got them in last night and the manager emailed me straight away because I had made such a total git of myself. But I have to say what a nice guy the manager is, he even emailed me after I left tonsay it was nice meeting me. Now that is service.

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    Hi Paul.

    Sorry to be a pain I sent you a email a few hours ago but I'm not that convinced that I sent it to the right address


    I've sent out another one and I'm hoping this time you will have received it.


    Any help would really be appreciated.


    All the best.



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    Just a update.


    Tonight I took delivery of a 64Gb Black iPad 4.


    Many thanks to Paul ( JudgeGledd ) for all his help.


    Just one word of warning Apple today sent out a letter to all Apple retailers.


    I don't know the content of the letter other than their lawyers seemed to have found a get out of jail card.

    Reading between the lines that apart from any agreement that has been made between retailers and those who have already complained and have received or a agreement has been made any future claims will be met with a so sorry your not happy but their is nothing we can do to help you.


    As I've just said I've no idea what they are cooking up other than I was told I was lucky to get a replacement.