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iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Do you have a technical question?

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    Dear Sir


    Is it possble some of high defination audio music ( WAV) to Iphone5


    Please advise how to transfer


    I am trying through itune it say it is not supporting

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    yes, I have a question

    This Friday I bought a iphone 5 and I was horrified that does not provide basic services.

    I need something like folder My Documents.


    How to create: DIRECTORIES and SUBDIRECTORIES(for my self documents "PDF,DOC,SCAN, MP3") I do not want all the pdf files in one "box", it is difficult to search for each type separetely


    I´m looking for this system of directories


    1.Common Law

    1. Scan of university books (pdf)
    2. Records of lectures (mp3)
    3. Remarks of common law (doc)
    4. regulation and laws (pp)
    5. etc

    2.Bussiness Law

    1. etc
    2. etc
    3. etc

    3. Criminal Law

    1. etc
    2. etc
    3. etc

    So I would like have self personal directories with my own content, not all pdf in one application I have a lot of documents.

    And I need system like window. Sorting the documents according to my own needs.


    I'm helpless I bought a cell phone for $ 700 and do not know even what phone for $ 250.

    Of course, any people in my neighborhood have iphone so I had to find out who that this "smartphone" don´t know even basic thing.

    I am very disappointed with my expensive cell phone is not working as I needed.


    Please, please I looking for this solution. Can somebothy to help me?? Please

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    Obviously you made a bad choice in the purchase of an iPhone because it does not seem to meet your needs. If you need a Windows type environment for the phone, then you need to purchase a Windows phone. The iPhone has never supported a file system as you describe and that has been well documented. You can use an app called Dropbox that will allow you to arrange files as you say, but you will have to access your Dropbox account to retrive the files.

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    Chris you might want to read this https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4953006

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    Yes I understand, but I had no where and how to find out before buying such functions the phone has. And now it's too late to trade him so I can return it I have adapted to these my needs.

    pardon me for the expression but now I also know that I made ​​a mistake with the iphone but it is too late to condemnation.

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    I know you mad at me but I need to solve it too expensive mobile. So please do not laugh and help me, please.

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    The phone is not capable of of supporting many of the types of files you wish to store on it.  Chris today and Gail yesterday told you this. Chris, Gail and I have mentioned cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. There are others similar to this. You could upload the folders and files to such a service and you might be able access and view the files on your phone that way

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    There is a free app in the iTunes Store called Google Drive.  Download that and set up an account with 5 Gb free storage ( if you need more you pay for it).  Then go to your computer and upload all the folders that you have and the files in those folders to your google Drive account. Then log into that account using the phone and see if you can vewi the files and folders.

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    As Gail told me once before DFTT.

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    Thanks I'll try.

    Very sorry again, but my professional life has turned this phone on 180 degrees and I was really behaved inappropriately. Many problems I had durring this two days with this mobile

    Completely surprised that no one has such a problem.

    After another website mobile iphone 5 is really amazingbase on RAM memory, but no directories for me nearly fatal.

    I bought a package of programs "office" and even a "file manager" and will be try with dropbox

    Thank you.

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    I have downloaded I phone onto my lap top, now what do I do to back up my I Phone 5, in case I need to retreive all of my contacts, should I have an issue?

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    I mean I have downloaded I tunes to my lap top so I can back up my IPHONE 5, but I don't know what to do next? what is the process?