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    Are you in the UK?.

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    Yes. I am n UK

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    I had the same problem. Took it to apple and they replaced it with an iPad3

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    I was told by Three when I bought my iPad3 back in July that it was 4g ready. I'm still on a 3G contract but was looking to get a 4g SIM card. Are you saying that the Ipad 3 does not support 4g?

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    Well the iPad 3 does not support 4G or LTE as in the UK. I am not sure if 3 will come up with their own frequency. Apple were not transparent enough and their staff are not knowledgeable enough.

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    THe ipad 3 will not work on 4G period.


    AS for frequncys 3 Mobile bought some of the same frequency from Orange ( EE ) but in order to keep vodaphone and O2 happy they won't be transmitting until August.

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    II've not been on this site long enough to know if you can send PM or email each otother if we can I can save you a hole load of grief.

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    Thank you for your post. I bought my iPad from Apple Store Regent Street. It is wifi and supposedly  4g, it is 3rd generation model A1430 that was approved in all European countries, but as I recently found out, is supporting only USA and Canada 4G frequencies.


    The guy in that store told me that this device is 4G for sure. He said nothing about compatibility issues as he probably did not know (4G was not available in UK at that time).


    I wonder what did I do wrong.... I was walking on that street, I saw new ipad with huge 4G advert, I went in the store, I asked questions, they answered yes it is 4G  and I bought it.


    1. Why would apple bring a non-compatable ipad to Europe?
    2. Why would they expect people who are coming to the retail stores from the street, to be aware of the details that they (apple) seem to be hiding at that time? people want to invest in the future....
    3. Why would they advert this iPad as 4G?


    I feel trapped now with this device. I want to use it on 4g, but it is not 4g. I was buying 4g. I did not need anything else... I have ipad 1 I have ipad 2, I wanted 4g device, and I dont have it.



    Could you please help me with this issue? Official apple said that this is my problem, and they refused to act

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    WHen did you buy it?.

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    A year ago, I think 12th of March 2012

    in fact on 16th of March 2012

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    THe problem that you have is one of time.

    having bought the iPad in march how long did you have it before you were made aware that it was not 4G LTE


    And when did you raise the issue with Aplle?.

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    I am in Greece right now, and I was extremely delighted that Cosmote (my service provider) announced going on to 4G. It was a month ago and I said YES!!! now a can use my iPad...


    unfortunately I was wrong, It took me many phone calls including Apply UK and Apple Greece, finally I wrote to Cork, a week ago. They said:


    "Your device is LTE compatible in USA and Canada. We regret that you are not satisfied with this final response, because Apple strives for customer satisfaction. It is our sincere hope that this situation will not diminish your enjoyment of the products and services that we provide...."


    I received this letter today

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    Mate, you were obviously lied to, how ever id just put it down to experiance, as a year has passed, and i can understand why apple wont do anything, how ever i do understand where you r comming from too.

    Why dont you sell the ipad 3 and purchase an ipad 4 i know its extra cost but you will have what you want.

    Do your research first !!!! (not saying you didnt as you took the word of a **** at apple) ,i had an experance like this and had to learn too.

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    "but as I recently found out, is supporting only USA and Canada 4G frequencies."

    This situation was known within a week after the iPad was released.