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I purchased iPad 3 two months ago. Now iPad 4 is out and twice as fast. I just wasted 729 dollars? IS nothing going to be done for the loyal apple customers who believed our expensive purchase wouldn't be obsolete in two months? THIS HAS NEVER been apples policy in past to upgrade before a year. Very disappointed

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular (VZ), iOS 6
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    I agree. I have owned all 3 ipad models so far. I was hoping the 3rd generation would last longer then 7 months!  It shows they don't even offer the 3rd gen anymore but they still offer the 2nd gen. Is the 3 that much of a waste that they won't even continue to sell it. How would we get it replaced with AppleCare Plus if something were to happen if it is no longer available. We should be allowed a special rate trade in.

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    Do we iPad 3 guinea pigs get a free 12months Apple care for being cheated?

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    I agree. If apple doesn't give the iPad 3 owners, especially those who bought in the past 6 months, some kind of prorated credit toward the new iPad 4 then I am done with apple.  They had set a standard that we should trust our technology wouldn't become outdated right away like the competitors by spacing it out a year apart.  Now with Jobs gone it seems that policy is too. They are going to lose the loyal customer base like me

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    You guys are lucky...I bought mine 3 weeks ago - along with an Iphone5 both from Verizon.  Still have not seen the Iphone5 that I pre-ordered...and Verizon is hiding behind their 14 day return policy on the Ipad3.  Doh!


    Seems like they should not have been billing it as the "NEW" Ipad3 up until yesterday, but just the Ipad3.  I fell for the sales pitch, thinking it would not see a sudden upgrade like this.  Very unhappy!

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    Thank you so much. I got the ipad 3 as soon as it came out, believing it would last at least a year. Now there's a new one with the minimal Improvements that should have been included with the 3rd generation. They don't even sell it anymore and it is nowhere to be found on their website. It makes me think that buying this ipad was just me giving apple hundreds of dollars for a half assed product.

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    I bought my Ipad 3 last month. Now i regret buying it in the first place after seeing ipad 4. Etreemly dissapointed!

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    Don't give up. My brother and many others got credits for being the ones who stood in line days for the FIRST IPhone and months after paying FULL price, they dropped the price several hundred dollars.


    Myself? Between ipad, warranties and accessories, I'm out of nearly $1000. Best Buy told me tonite I could do a trade in for $369. But clearly that price won't last forever as we get further from today. Fast action is the key.


    ANd I understand tech life cycle but darn it, my ORIGINAL Droid cell was the darling of Androids for darned near two full years. And considering it was almost ONE TENTH the price of my ipad I was comfy giving it a proper funeral.


    IPad 32gb, white, wifi only ....

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    I purchased 2 literally 20 days ago. Apparently my post was deleted because it was considered a rant and unconstructive even though it explained how disappointed I was in their customer service.

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    Apple has screwed over loyal customers, we are the core of Apple's business - The early adopters who eagerly await the introduction of new models.


    Any Apple customer that purchased a "New Ipad" will likely hold off on future next gen tecnology purchases to be sure it is legitamtely NEXT GEN not an in between model like the now, NOT SO "New Ipad"


    Come on Apple, you usually delight your customers not screw them over.

    You owe us a formal appology and an upgrade program, especially Australians, as the LTE radio in the "New Ipad" is NOT compatible with our 4G network carriers.

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    I bought mine a couple of months ago... outside the return policy. If i had known they would update its 6-7 months after the launch I would have waited. I don't disagreen the ipad 3 is a great device, but 2 months after purchase to be "obsolete" is just disappointing. The 4 is 2 times the performance, I would have certainly waited. Disappointing Apple!

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    A million times agreed. You verbalized my view PERFECTLY!! It's not just a cosmetic refresh. If its really TWICE as fast for same dollars. This is unforgivable :-(

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    First they ruin the maps And Youtube with the last OS upgrade and now they turn my iPad 3 which was supposed to be "new" into the Windows ME of tablets.  Thanks Apple!

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