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  • snoop08 Level 1 Level 1


    1. Right click iTunes and click properties from the "Windows 8 Desktop" (or if you want to call it the 7 desktop thats fine too)

    2. Select the compatibility tab.

    3. Either run compatibility troubleshooter or set compatibility mode to Windows 7 and click apply.


    This seems to work so far. The iPhone driver doesn't crash when doing a restore. I'm not sure about the extra functions ie: syncing music/apps...


    On a side note: I wouldn't hold my breath for Apple releasing an update fix for Windows 8. If it really bothers you I'd suggest dropping iTunes all together and just use the iOS itunes store for songs you can't play on Xbox Music Player or Windows Media Player and just downloading from the Xbox Music Marketplace from now on, they give you mp3's for the most part (those play on anything). You'll still want iTunes for video though cause iOS can't play WMV's much less protected ones.

  • Tanja2711 Level 1 Level 1



    I just got a brand new computer, upgraded it to windows 8, and went to install itunes... I had no problems, and its working just perfect... But  then again, all the stuff i have ever bought in the store is on my phone, so i havent lost anything...



  • kode54 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a Windows 8 Pro installation where only my documents were retained, and the latest iTunes 64-bit won't even install. It gets to the step where it tries to write system-wide Start Menu shortcuts, and it fails because it lacks the privileges to write to that folder. It doesn't seem to be elevating itself properly, even though I did have to click past a UAC prompt.



    Failing to write the program shortcuts system-wide should not force a complete installation failure and rollback.

  • Frankied101 Level 1 Level 1

    My iphone 5 and my friend iphone 4 do not show up in itunes at all but my pc recognizes it with no problem. I dont know what to do about that please help

  • AW Frost Level 1 Level 1

    Hi I have just installed windows 8 and had issues with Itunes 

    these were resolved by doing the following;


    1) Uninstall itunes

    2) Download the latest itunes installer from apple

    3) Save installer to your downloads folder

    4) Right click on installer and run as administrator ( if you don't you will get windows error 2 after the install)

    5) run the install as normal

    6) open and authorize the PC in itunes.


    This process resolved all the issues I had Sync is working with my Ipod touch 4th gen and nano 6th gen. while running in compatibility mode may resolve some issues this will run smoother and use up less of your computer's memory as it works as it should in windows 8.


    Hope this helps

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    This actually worked for me. Thanks!


    I uninstalled my existing iTunes. Redownloaded it and ran the installer as administrator. All the songs that have failed to sync over the last 3 weeks synced to my phone with no problem.

  • PJWSTL Level 1 Level 1

    It works!


    Genius, thank you for sharing your knowledge!



  • bdfox1 Level 1 Level 1

    Mine runs iTunes just fine and all of my music shows up in iTunes but when I try to connect my iPod it tells me that it has detected it but can't identify it properly.


    That sounds a bit different. I changed it to run Windows 7 compatibility and to run it as an administrator. No change.

  • AW Frost Level 1 Level 1



    When you say that you ran it as an administrator did you perform a complete reinstall as this is required to get the Apple Application Support program running properly which appears to be the main issue with most of these. however yours sounds slightly different than the majority of cases on here and may be with the Apple mobile device detection  program a reinstall as in my previous post may resolve this if not I would take it to apple as we seem to have played around with most of what windows has to offer on here.



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    snoop8, that totally helped me ty


    I thought I'd never get to sync music thru itunes again

  • dark494 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem, and it's not getting fixed. Upgraded to windows 8 and iTunes doesn't see my iPhone 4S anymore. Tried reinstalling itunes from scratch with a fresh installer and that didn't change anything. Tried reinstalling the drivers for the iPhone and that also did nothing.

  • Composer22 Level 1 Level 1

    Your comment about Apple is proposterous!  Microsoft comes out with a new operating system, and an Apple product won't work on it correctly.  Apple doesn't want to dissapoint any customers, as it sells many products that work on Microsoft's platform.  Yes, Apple was aware of Windows 8 coming out, and Microsoft released beta programs to developers to give them time to work on their products to get them to function on the new Windows 8.  And it's a baffling and confusing mess of a system.  Even the new Microsoft Windows phones don't work properly with Microsoft's own products.  I bought a new Windows Phone 8, and it couldn't even sync on a Windows computer!  I bought it thinking that it would be able to "talk" to my Windows PC, but no dice.  There are numerous reports of how the Windows Phone 8 Sync application that you must download on your computer to sync with the new Windows Phone 8 is prone to crashes.  I could never get my Windows Phone 8 to sync with my iTunes library or my pictures folder on my PC.  Funny thing, I hooked it up to my Mac, and it synced perfectly.  In my opinion, Windows released Windows 8 before it was ready.  They were always blamed for giving out a tentative date for a new release, only to fall way behind, sometimes a year or more behind.  So this time they focused on releasing the software to meet the schedule, even though it's not ready, and the other software manufacturers aren't ready.  To blame Apple for it's products not working on a competitor's system is absurd.  Windows wants to get in on the act of selling music, to compete with iTunes.  Again, in my opinion (and quite a few reputable computer reviews), they're going about it in the wrong way.  You have to purchase a subscription to purchase music and videos, rather than buying music or videos when you want them.  I don't just download music to get my money's worth, I buy it from iTunes when I find it appealing.  That way, I may only download a dozen "albums" worth of music in a year.  If I subscribed to Microsoft's XBOX music store, I'd be paying triple what I'd pay from Apple on their "pay as you purchase" policy.  Your analogy is like saying that you have a Nissan and a Toyota, and certain parts are interchangeable (which they are in some cases), and Nissan comes out with a totally new transmission concept called "CVT".  Now your Toyota transmission won't work with it, since it's a totally different method of getting the propulsion to the axles.  Would you then rip on Toyota for not having a product that works with the new CVT that Nissan introduced?  Of course not!  I think Microsoft just doesn't want iTunes to work in W8 because they want to force you to buy your dowloads from them, on a monthly fee rather than when you desire to download something. . .

  • snoop08 Level 1 Level 1

    Good to know it helped! Check out the other tips if the problem isn't fully resolved. Apparently my fix doesn't always work.


  • dculture Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks so much. My iphone 5 now shows up and it works perfectly with windows 8.

  • AW Frost Level 1 Level 1

    I have done some more digging around the compatibility issues with Windows 8. if you installed windows 8 off of an upgrade disc the issue may be resolvable by checking your PC manufacturer's website as a number of computers require updates to their BIOS to work properly with windows 8. I have seen this issue causing problems on a lot of upgrade installs, often it causes partial function of the hardware with issues arising mainly with USB devices and keyboards and track pads on laptops. If you install all the new updates to the systems drivers and flash to the newest BIOS version this may resolve the issue.


    I hope that this helps if not contact microsoft's technical support as I have found them to be good at resolving this sort of thing.