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  • texcat1969 Level 1 Level 1

    i have always found apple to be great - but my fear is that I was trying to fix what I thought was just 'glitches' myself since update, but now this greyed out wifi won't fix despite factory resets etc and my warranty ran out last month - argh so curious to know what they'll say - won't be able to get there till january either - so they'll see it as yet another month after warranty - argh. Do I just wait for the next update to address it?!!!

  • KiltedTim Level 9 Level 9

    Have you considered the possibility that the WiFi radio has physically failed?

  • texcat1969 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok - wifi radio - not really sure what that even means!!! However my biggest sticking point is the fact that ok, so my warranty is valid from original handset purchase which was end of November 2011 - but considering I got a replacement phone due to faulty glass in June 2012, regardless of whether my warranty is considered to be expired, isn't it even slightly alarming to anyone that this 5 and a half month old handset is suddenly just 'broken'???? what on earth are we all doing marveling at a piece of $700 technology one minute that is considered trash the next? I noticed it was made in China - seems like the price tag isn't really relevant to what I purchased....might be better off asking for my original 4s back with the cracked glass - seems that there are a million refurbished phones out there that the R&D departments are making better again to resell in a never ending cycle....

    If I download your 'free' software update in good faith and suddenly can't get wifi, why should I believe you when you say it's my problem and nothing that you've created? My phone was working just fine till then - why can't you enable us to re install iOS 5 just for s***s and grins to see if we get our wifi back?

  • elcomninos90s Level 1 Level 1

    will they replace it if it is just over a year old I got mine 2 days before christams last year and im planning on going to the store on saturday

  • elcomninos90s Level 1 Level 1

    will they replace it if it is just over a year old

  • harrietcranney Level 1 Level 1

    I'm getting realy stressed out with this now, my wifi went grey yesterday even though I've had 6.0.1 on my iphone 4S for a while now. I've tried everything, rebooting, restoring and resetting all the network settings and still no luck. My warranty ran out on the 18th december and I can't get over to my nearest apple shop in the UK until next week will they still replace it? I can't afford to pay out for a brand new one if they don't...

  • derek.the.great Level 1 Level 1

    I've got a 4s running 6.0.1.


    I noticed that the wifi had been choppy for the past couple weeks.  It wasn't grayed out.  It just couldn't find wifi networks.  I also had issues connecting to bluetooth the other day, which prompted me to look into it.


    I tried resetting my network settings.  Then I went to Settings: Wi-Fi...  Grayed out!  Gave it a hard reset.  Still grayed out.


    Then I tried the freezer fix, followed by a hard reset.  And it worked!  Briefly.  After a couple hours, it lost its ability to find wireless networks.


    A few things I've noticed:


    • Resetting my network settings to the factory defaults ALWAYS grays-out the wifi option. Every time it's been grayed out, it was immediately after resetting the network settings.
    • 15 minutes in the freezer, followed by a hard reset, ALWAYS brings the wifi back.


    I tried the freezer fix several times on Christmas.  Since then, I've consistently had wifi.  Extremely inconsistent wifi.  It works.  Then I load a few webpages.  Then it's back to fake 4g.  Then it comes back.


    If I try to do anything more demanding, like watch Netflix, the wifi disappears immediately.  Then it's back a few minutes later.


    Everyone keeps saying this is a hardware fault, which makes absolutely no sense. It's obviously correlated with the iOS 6 update. It's probably an extremely low-level software problem, but software nonetheless.


    Apple just realized a bug fix for iPhone 5. Not sure if it worked. Where's the 4s fix at?

  • pdx1amb Level 1 Level 1

    They will replace it as long as your 2-year warranty hasn't gone away..

  • harrietcranney Level 1 Level 1

    Oh right, I thought the warranty was only for a year am i wrong? I've tried the freezer thing it made no difference

  • pdx1amb Level 1 Level 1

    Apple is not going to let me be helpful. Nor can I say what is really going wrong with your iDevice.

  • pdx1amb Level 1 Level 1

    The 2-year warranty one applies if you have an iPhone or if you bought a 2-yea manufacturer warranty online.. It will be $50 if your iDevice is an iPod or iPad. $5 a month extra on your bill if it is a 2 accidental warranty and seeing as how this is a hardware failure it shouldn't cost you more than $70 (if even anything).

  • derek.the.great Level 1 Level 1

    I don't see why I should have to replace it.  A software problem should have a software solution.  If I do replace it, and restore the back up, could the problem remain?


    Also, do we know for a fact that jailbreaking and restoring the OS to 5.1.1 actually works?

  • DBeadle Level 1 Level 1

    Noticed this same issue last night, wifi greyed out. Tried power on, power off, restoring settings, backed up my phone (4S) to iTunes. Was nervous about doing the complete reset ... saw a brief mention in one of these posts just a few moments ago, and I apologize to the original poster whose name I do not remember at the moment, that said something about the passcode protection causing an issue. I removed the passcode, went into settings>general>reset>reset network settings and the wifi button is now working and I have just successfully downloaded an app over wifi with no difficulties. I don't know how long it will last, but I am satisfied for now that I did not have to do a hard reset - which admittedly makes me very nervous. If you have a passcode on your phone and don't really NEED to have a passcode on your phone, try removing it. Hope this helps someone else, because it has worked for me thus far. Thanks and good luck!

  • crazyskate66 Level 1 Level 1

    hi guys i am having the same problem with my wifi on/off button greyed out and it is still grayed out now after all i have tried i have had no luck and i have tried every thing..


    this is for apple if you are reading this just let us have a way of downgrading your iphones because it work perfectly well before the update.


    and for everyone else there is no way of downgrade without jailbreaking and that cant be done unless u already have jailbroken a older version of the IOS which most on here have not including me.


    so i will leave it with apple for now but this will be the last apple phone/ product i get, too many restrication on devlopment and edit my phone ....

  • Bombero_2004 Level 1 Level 1

    Regardless of how the phone is, or whether or not you have warranty or apple care you can still get a phone from the Genius Bar at apple store and just pay for a replacement. I believe the price for a replacement is about $200.00 after tax. For the iPhone 4S. And $. 250.00 for the iPhone 5. They will keep your old iPhone and you'll get a factory recondition/remanufacture. Make sure you go to the store near you but before you do that make an appointment with Genius Bar before you go. Plan well on this visit to the apple store. Allow yourself at least 2 hours once you get to the store this will help you pick a phone without any issues or problems like dead pixels, unresponsive screen, wifi issues or any other radio or ate a issues that will the performance of your phone with your carrier. Be very " selective and specific" while getting your phone replace. If you don't like the iPhone the brought out for you feel free to mention that to them and to bring you another phone 'till you feel comfortable with one. And then finish the process at the store, pick a latte and use the iPhone while you still at the mall or else if the store is far from home. Also ask questions like do I have any warranty this iPhone since is a factory recondition / remanufacture. Ask question that way if you come across another issue.

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