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I am trying to publish abook through Ibook author and I keep getting "Missing Required file: Vendor Identifier". I have gone back to the first page on ITunes Producer where you insert the ISBN number which I have inserted but the Vendor ID field remain greyed out and I cannot insert anything. How do I get around this? Do I have to insert the ISBN number in the actual book? If so can anybody tell me how to do this in IBooks Author as I cannot find out how to do it anywhere.



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    I'm having exactly the same problem  now. It could be that ISBN is not yet in public databases so iTunes Producer does not recognize it as a real ISBN? I got my ISBN certification yesterday so that's why I'm thinking this is happening. If this was the case ITP does not inform the user about this issue. Any help will be welcome


    Thanks in advance



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    I'm having the same problem and I didn't have it last week when I uploaded two books without issues, so this isn't because the ISBN numbers are too new. I purchased a block 2 weeks ago and this is the 3rd number from that group that's causing issues.

    Basically when you click "Publish" in ibooks author, everything goes fine.  When ITunes Producer opens up, and you begin to enter the information, as soon as you enter the ISBN it will change your vendor ID. When you add the Book title, it erases it and greys out the field.  There is no way to get it back. Put the curser in another field like the subtitle and suddenly that becomes your Vendor ID, which is invalid.

    Try a work-around by choosing to manually upload without the iBooks export by creating an export file and manually entering everything and the ISBN doesn't get changed, but the book gets rejected saying it wants an ibooks file (which is what it is) and won't allow for delivery. Same for the sample version which is created according to iBooks instruction.

    I tried uninstalling and re-installing iTunes producer; doesn't fix the situation.

    I tried uninstalling and re-installing iBooks.  Doesn't fix the situation.

    This problem did not exist November 1 and November 4 when I uploaded two other media rich books, which are currently on sale in ibooks. The bug has occured since November 4 and it's preventing books created in iBooks from being delivered. I've sent several SOS emails to apple.  Still no response. 


    I cannot afford to spend another month reformatting this book in InDesign to create an epub for what I already created for APPLE in iBooks. I doubt anyone else can either.

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    Same problem than you. Vendor ID Error why doesn't Apple Fix This ?


  • 4math Level 1 (10 points)



    Just a question, are you all on Itunes-Producer 2.8 ?




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    I'm on whatever the latest release is. I re-downloaded and installed.


    I did finally manage to get the book uploaded and into the approval process.  This is what I had to do:

    I went into the meta data for the book in iBooks software and replaced the name with the ISBN number.  Next, I clicked the "publish button"

    When ITunes producer opened up, I filled in everything except the ISBN number. This got it through the vetting and into the queue for approval.

    Once the book appeared in the 'My Books' section of iTunes Connect, I sent a support email to APPLE requesting they place the ISBN in the title's information since I was unable to do that through the software. That normally takes a few days to get a response but in the end, after wasting a full day fiddling with this I was able to get the book up.

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    Hi People,


    In iTunes Producer, go to the first screen where you see the ISBN field. Cmd-X the ISBN.


    Once the ISBN is gone, the Vendor ID field will populate with some value Apple has hidden away in secret to track what you are doing.


    Then Cmd-V the ISBN back in, and, if you are as lucky as I was, you'll be good to go.


    If you don't enter an ISBN you'll get a prompt that it's important but optional before you submit.



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    In Itunes Producer 2.8 they've made some changes that tries to auto-correct the vendor id.

    Instructions to fix can be found in the user guide


    Page 1 says ---


    Automatically generated Vendor IDs. iTunes Producer 2.8 for books now automatically generates a

    Vendor ID for your book. iTP creates an iTunes Store Package (iTP package) for your book using the Vendor

    ID and a .itmsp extension. To manually edit the Vendor ID, choose iTunes Producer > Preferences, click

    Publication, and then choose “Editable before delivery”.


    Hope that helps, it has me.





    Lindisfarne Scriptorium

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    it's still not working, now i can't submit anything with itunes producer 2.8, after making it editable before delivery it simply can't verify assets and won't upload to the apple store

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    I have had similar problems with two uploads...first one just one day magically delivered after 2 days of trying.  They were new ISBNs so I thought maybe is was as others said, the ISBNs were not in the public database, but when the second one occurred, I tried Mark's (Quarksplace) tip of changing the preferences.  I then took the Vendor ID from the iTunes Producer Vendor ID field before I put the ISBN number in (created a new book package) and pasted it in the now "editable" Vendor ID field.  That worked and it is now delivered.  Tip of the hat to Mark. ( probably need to change preference and then relaunch the iTunes Producer before the "editable" Vendor ID feature is enabled).



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    I found the easiest way rather than messing with preferences since that still didn't work is to do the following. Open iBooks Author, export it as an iBook, create a new package in iTunes producer, and you'll have an automatically assigned vendor id with new packages. Worked for me and many headaches!

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    I had the same problem, but with the complication that my block of ISBNs had been purchased in 2005, before the 2007 conversion to 13-digit ISBNs. I entered the old 10-digit ISBN and iTunes Producer added three zeros to the front of the number. When I got to "Deliver," this was not acceptable.


    I added "978" (the US prefix) in front of the number to get a 13-digit number, but then I discovered that this is wrong. The 10-digit number must be converted to a 13-digit number here:


    In my case, the conversion changed the final digit, the checksum, from a 1 to a 7.


    I put the properly-converted 13-digit ISBN into the ISBN field. Then I followed the suggestion to Cut (Command-X) it and hit Tab to generate a new Vendor ID. Then I Pasted (Command-V) the ISBN back in the ISBN field, and I got through to Deliver and, according to the Background Activity log, the package was successfully delivered to the iTunes store.


    Tom Brosnahan

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    Thanks! Your fix ardalp worked for me

  • AvianKingdom Level 1 (0 points)

    the only fix for me was, delete the itmsp file and start over

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    Delete the ISBN number you entered. Then the vendor ID will appear. Then re-enter your ISBN info. This worked for me.

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