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  • Archie Raine Level 1 (0 points)

    I have this problem too!

    I have had many iPods. None of which have had a problem like this. Every time I plug in my iPod it gets rediculously hot. Not sure why. And from full charge it takes only two hours for the battery to run completely flat (this is on the lowest screen brightness setting!)  I have only had my iPod for just over three months and don't want to have it melt itself to a sloppy death. How do I prevent this!!?!?  

  • FrankMtl Level 3 (630 points)

    Get it looked at at an Apple Store or coaal them up; 2 hours is most certainly not acceptable.

    Use Apple's new Applecare chat system assuming available where you live.

    Let us know how it works out.

  • steve-ohhh Level 1 (10 points)

    On iOS 7 I have fetch mail and background app refresh on etc. I just checked, I've been using my iPod for 6 hours now, that includes movies, YouTube, games, music, social networking etc. plus it's had 7 hours of standby time and it still has %45 left, so maybe you have a bad battery?

  • steve-ohhh Level 1 (10 points)

    Take it back to where you bought it, they'll either send it away to be looked at and fixed or they'll give you a new one as all apple products have a 1 year warranty and since the iPod is not achieving any where near the specs mentioned for battery life, it'd be classed as a defective product and sent of to get fixed or you'll be handed a brand new one

  • TJ1897 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an IPOD 5 32 GB i bought it on my trip to USA in june 2013 from walmart. It was working fine until a few weeks ago when it started getting discharged very soon(4 hours). I live in India and i dont think that the apple store here would replace it and shipping it to USA would be really expensive. Is there some solution and some one told me (actually everyone tells me) that plugging it for too long also affects the battery life of the device

  • iheechee Level 1 (0 points)

    Since the battery started draining fast just recently, maybe a newly installed app is the culprit? I think it is worth trying to uninstall all apps you have installed within the last few months and see if this helps - I noticed that sometimes apps keep the ipod from standby.

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    My ipod is bad too. I was wondering if mine was bad but this might be a bit worse mine is 100% full use it for school for about 20 mins then its half so about 50% mines bad too

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    I just want to be sure I am reading this correctly i'm assuming the "screen shot" you posted was taking on 1/17/2013. Your iPod is claiming it was last fully charged sometime around January 11th 1970 at 8:21AM.

  • FrankMtl Level 3 (630 points)

    If that's what 15 701 days works out to, then yes you read correctly.

  • JEM24 Level 4 (1,995 points)

    Hey FrankMtl, I don't know which is more confusing... That you traded in a time traveling iPod that only needs to be recharged once every 43 years OR that someone had the time figure out what 15701 days works out to be! (Couldn't resist-- I'll understand if you don't respond.) Cheers.

  • FrankMtl Level 3 (630 points)

    LOL!..ummm wait, Jem. Did i trade in something that's potentially worth....*face palm*..could have been rich!! *sigh*


    Funny though how a glitch can pop up outrageous information. But hey, kudos to GiftofDoubt for tackling the calculation

  • JEM24 Level 4 (1,995 points)


  • tribit25 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine is really bad, too. It was fine when i had iOS 6, but a few days after I downloaded iOS 7, The battery started to deteriorate. If I have it on for about 2 or 3 hours, it already says that the battery is 20% or lower. And I'm not even talking about 2 hours in a row. I'm talking about being on it for a little bit and then turning it off for a while and going on it a little more. I always close apps when I'm not using them and I heard a rumor that turning airplane mode on helps save the battery a little bit, so that's on, too. Is it iOS 7 that caused it or is the iPod just defective?

  • FrankMtl Level 3 (630 points)

    If your iPod is still under warranty your best bet is call/see Apple.

    If not, try a Restore and load fresh copies of your apps (not from backup)

    What i do is in iTunes take screenshots of the apps loaded on my iPod so i know which went where or if I want to install it again. Then proceed with the Restore.

  • JEM24 Level 4 (1,995 points)

    Hey tribit25, I really have nothing to add to FrankMtl's suggestions. May help, may not, but will not hurt either, just make sure you make a current backup to your computer before you restore so you don't lose information. Don't know that this will help, I have had my iPod 5 a little more than one year, about 14 months. And updated to iOS shortly after it came out. Noted a decrease in power usage also, not your extent mind you but a decrease none the same. Noted you did not say what you are doing during the rapid power drain. This is some average use times I'm currently getting. All from a full four charge. I do use battery conserving methods given by Apple and by Cnet. Standby 36 to 40 hours. Viewing videos from the web or using the Internet 5 to 7 hours. Strength of Wi-Fi signal and whether viewing in HD effects time. Listening to music from the iPod's library at least 22 hours, I do use 128 kbps filter and the screen is off most of the time. Gaming kills the battery quickly! 3 to 4 hours at best. I never game more than 40 to 60 minutes without breaking. If gaming on line over Wi-Fi around 3 hours. Apple states the battery is good for at least 400 charging cycles. A cycle is a full 4 hour charge. Since iOS 7. + I'm finding I have to charge daily, sometimes twice a day. If so I'm nearing the end of my batteries life. (I hope I'm wrong). If none of this fits your situation I would contact Apple, set up an appointment and have your iPod evaluated for a possible battery issue.  Hope this helps. Good luck, Cheers.

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