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Iphone 5 not appearing in itunes.


sometimes itll show up completely randomly, then other times not at all


I reinstalled itunes last night, and the phone DID show up, but it took its time and didnt come up straight away.
now ive connected again and its not there in itunes. I CAN find it under my computer and every time i connect it applemobiledevicehelper.exe*32 and applemobiledeviceservice.exe*32 launch in windows processors(???).


recent things that have happened which may help you find the problem!

-i dont know why, but a few days ago (cant remember if itunes detected device or not) itunes asked me to choose my library? i chose my old library file but im still confused as to why it did this out of random.

- i was having problems with my iphone apps saying waiting when i downloaded them on my iphone so i read somewhere that i should reset settings on the phone... which i did, It did not fix the device but in the next day or 2 apps started downloading again. frustrating, but atleast its over... i think.
- and update to ios 6.0.1


i have iphone 5 64gb. my pc is runnning windows 7 64bit


also i should note that ive beenn having usb connection issues on a whole lately so could it be something to do with that? I personally dont think it does as the computer reads that the device is connected and i can access all my photos... its just not appearing in itunes... I am very frustrated. I would love you if you could tell me whats wrong