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  • preet16 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the news. Will wait for the final release to update and see the magic.

  • St Jaux Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problem using OSX 10.8.2 and dual Samsung S27B550. TheThunderbolt-port connected screen is ok but the HDMI-port has terrible graphics, no matter what I tried.


    I installed Winoes 7 is a Bootcamp partition, with the Apple-supplied tools and the displays are perfect - proof that OSX 10.8.2 is to blame.


    Does anybody know when 10.8.3 is going to bereleased?

  • jhmpub Level 1 (0 points)

    I run windows 7 and apple's bootcamp drivers. I too had washed out colors when connecting to the HDMI port directly but colors were just fine when connected using the DVI adapter. I went to Intel's website and downloaded their latest HD4000 driver and that fixed the problem! Apple's bootcamp HD4000 driver was version date 7/10/2012. The updated driver I got directly from Intel is for Windows 7 x64 version date 12/12/2012. FYI the Windows driver property version does not match the Intel web page version


    Intel HD4000 Driver

  • jhmpub Level 1 (0 points)

    This is a follow up to my previous post. The problem returned with the new driver! ;(. As a matter of fact, the color washout issue migrated to a different system with an ATI adapter when I moved the hdmi cable. That got me thinking the problem is some kind of handshake initialization issue between my Dell 2408 WFP monitor and these graphic adapters. I still don't fully understand the problem but if I switch modes on the monitor to force it to sync to a different interface and then switch back to the hdmi the color wash out problem will disappear. If I learn more, I will follow up with an additional post.

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    I have the same problems as a lot of people



    Mac Mini Core I5 3210m 2012 (sligthly upgraded with more RAM)

    Samsung Syncmaster 2493, build-in speakers, 1920*1200


    Osx HDMI/HDMI looks awfull and blurred , audio is present but no audio control

    Osx HDMI/DVI looks fantastic and crisp but with stupid cables and no audio

    Win7/Bootcamp HDMI/HDMI looks fantastic and crisp and audio works perfectly




    Theres something wrong with Osx HDMI/HDMI implementation.


    And then there's this stupid rejection of implementing a master volume control on HDMI audio which leaves the HDMI audio useless as some applications only supplies a 5 step sound control (or fewer steps).


    To be frank I'm seriously considering using only Win7 just for these reasons (HDMI/HDMI works as expected and there's a master volume control on HDMI audio). And I have tried Soundflower and it doesn't work.

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    I updated to 10.8.3.


    Just had a quick check regarding the color issues. I verified it using my own website where some of the colours were not visible. I am satisfied so far.


    Seems like issues have been resolved. Need to do further testing.


    But for the time being everything is OK.


    Guys please update and comment if your issues have bee resolved.



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    The 10.8.3 update solved the problem for me.


    LG E2742 Monitor

  • Matthew Pringle Level 1 (40 points)

    I have not been following the threads. Just got my Mac Mini today and plugged into a Samsung Smart tv 42".


    HDMI > HDMI with an Apple bought cable looked awful. Text blurry etc...


    The solution, at least for Samsung TVs is to set the HDMI port as a DVI port in the settings. This disables the overscan and the screen / image does not need adjusting, just like a monitor. I disabled LCD Text Smoothing as well and that made the text look a lot crisper. You need to use the port marked HDMI / DVI on the back of the TV, the other ports are just  HDMI.


    You can see how to do this on a Samsung here -a-Samsung-quot-SMART-quot-tv-solved


    Its not the easiest option to find. Maybe other TVs have the HDMI / DVI markings showing which HDMI port to use. In settings look for a PC Mode or DVI Mode. A few different TVs allow such settings.

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    Hi guys I have the same monitor as a comentor in this page, the vx2370smh viewsonic monitor and the colours look woeful... is it really true taht if i change my current hdmi to thunderbolt adpator to a dvi to thunderbolt it will improve? Thanks people... this monitor has been giving me distress for a long time...

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    Hi kanzie88


    I have a Viewsonic vx2370smh and the colours etc were awful until I purchased and used a HDMI to DVI-D adaptor - used this setup for a number of months.  However, with the release of OS 10.8.3 a few weeks ago I have reverted to using HDMI only, i.e. HDMI to HDMI.  This provides excellent colours etc, but there is a downside, and that is the sound volume levels can only be adjusted at the monitor; the Apple volume control is effectively disabled.  Having said that, it is still possible to adjust the volume from within iTunes if one is listening to music.


    Also, I have gone to System Preferences, Displays, then "Display" and selected "Best for display", Rotation : "Standard", Refresh Rate : 60 Hertz. Also in System Preferences click "Displays" then "Color" I have selected "VX2370 SERIES".


    In the Monitor menu "Input Select" I have selected "HDMI",  and in "Color Adjust" I have slected "sRGB"


    Hope this helps


    G in QLD


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    Thanks G for your helpful suggestions.


    the HDMI to HDMI cable had to be connected to a hdmi to thunderbolt adapter is that right? Thats my current setup... maybe woeful is an exagertaion but there are certainly some issue with the image reporduction ... there is the presence of ghosting around images... Did you ever had such experiences?

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    Hi Kanzie


    No - I used a single cable, HDMI at one end (connects to Mac Mini) and DVI-D connecter at the other end which connected to the ViewSonic monitor - this overcame all problems until OS 10.8.3 came along.  After installing 10.8.3, I reverted to using exclusively a HDMI cable, that is HDMI at both ends of the cable. Picture and colour reproduction are excellent.


    Apple supplies a HDMI to DVI-D adaptor with the Mac Mini.  So it is possible to use a DVI-D cable connected to the adaptor; I used this successfuly for a day or two. However,  as I wanted to minimise the clutter on the desk, I purchased the above mentioned HDMI - DVI-D cable and used this until 10.8.3 was installed.


    G in QLD

  • kanzie88 Level 1 (0 points)

    Icic... I am using a macbook late 2011 model. I have a feeling it has got to do with my adaptor.

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    Hello, everybody, I've registered in the forum just to answer and try to help you.

    I have a Mac Mini late 2012, with Mac OS 10.8.2. My display is an Acer S240HL.

    I've had the same problem with the HDMI cable. I bought a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adaptor but I had no success.

    So I tried to calibrate the monitor like somebody said before and... it's working! It's not the fantastic quality of the HDMI-DVI cable (include with Mini) but it's much better than before.

    I hope you all get fix this problem because Mac is a very good computer (it's my first Mac). See ya!

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    I am on 10.8.3 and have a 32" Panasonic TV and the text rendering is poor on HDMI. This is a common and well known problem to Apple and that is why people are reverting, like I have, to using VGA on my TV. DVI works fine on my Viewsonic but I do not want to clutter my desk with another monitor.


    As much as I enjoy using my new Mac the fact is HDMI worked fine on my widows 7 PC on the Panasonic TV. There is a problem that Apple needs to resolve. Calibration, which I have tried, is tinkering around the edge of what is a real problem.

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