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alyssabecht Level 1 (0 points)

Would really appreciate some help as I'm about to go crazy!


When I'm trying to add new albums to iTunes they just won't stay in the library. They are mp3 format, not corrupted, not appearing at all. They seem to be uploading as usual after I drag the file into iTunes, but just don't appear in my library thereafter. I have checked several times and they are definitely not there, tried adding files individually, also tried converting them to other iTunes compatible formats- nothing.


Please help, I've got all this great music that won't stay put!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Limnos Level 8 (47,190 points)

    You say "stay" which suggests they are appearing and then disappearing.  Is this the case?


    Are you using iTunes Match?  Are they in Recently Added?  If yes to both,  wait at least several hours, maybe even a day.  This is a common issue with Match.

  • alyssabecht Level 1 (0 points)

    No sorry they don't appear- iTunes looks like it is adding them for a half a moment but nothing more. I'm not using iTunes match and they don't appear at all in Recently Added.

  • Limnos Level 8 (47,190 points)

    Drag them to an empty playlist.  They may be adding but without labels.


    Will the files play in Quicktime Player?


    iTunes can be fussy about mp3 files.  They are not all the same and if they originated from some obscure PC encoder 15 years ago they may not be to modern iTunes' liking.  You can try:


    Topic : MP3 Scan+Repair - an ID3 tag evaluator for the Mac -


    MP3 Scan+Repair (including sources):

  • alyssabecht Level 1 (0 points)

    Success, they are appearing in an untitled playlist but won't appear in my main library. I tried repairing the files using MP3 Scan + Repair- they appear fine.


    The weird thing is, it's only the files I've downloaded in the last few days that won't show up in the library- which makes me think it's not the files, but iTunes. 


    They play fine in Quicktime, VLC etc.


    Any other suggestions? I can at least play the tracks off the playlist now!

  • alyssabecht Level 1 (0 points)

    Further info: my housemate just drop-boxed (mac to mac) a few of his albums that work fine in his iTunes and the same thing, they'll show in a playlist with their correct details but not in the main library. iTunes is definitely processing after I add them, and they are definitely not corrupt (shown MP3 scan +repair) - I've attached a couple of pictures to clarify.


    Please help! I'm a bit OCB about my music being organised correctly I'll admit!


    Repair.jpgProcessing.jpgdrop box,jpg.png

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,690 points)

    Can't really tell what's going on because don't know what is in the ID3 tags beore you add them to iTunes.

    If the ID3 tags are blank, iTunes will use the file name as the track name. Artist and Album will be Unknown Artist andUnknown Album.


    A few things to try...


    • Sort on the Artist column.
    • View > Column Browser - Use Album Artists.
    • Look in Compilations (under Artists in the left hand column).
    • Reverse sort on Date Added.
  • Limnos Level 8 (47,190 points)

    Don't drag them directly from Dropbox if that is what you are doing.  It may be confusing iTunes.


    Have you restarted iTunes?


    Get info on the tracks in the playlist in which they do appear.  Change something in the track information such as adding an X to the end of the artist name.  Close Get Info.  Does the track appear?  (You can undo changes later.)


    Delete the tracks from iTunes using the playlist window, but don't let the computer delete the actual files.  Drag the files back into iTunes so they are added again.


    When these files appear in the playlist window where they do appear, do they have just the filename in the track name or is the full track information parsed in the various fields?

  • JoCeeze Level 1 (0 points)

    I also had this issue.... After trying several things I noticed that the files that I was trying to import successfully showed up in the "Recently Added" playlist. I have no idea why this worked and nothing else, but out of curiosity I dragged the entire "Recently Added" playlist icon into my main iTunes library and suddenly everything finally appeared in my main library. Again, I have no idea as to why this would work, but I'm going to keep doing it until Apple comes up with a fix for this.

  • par larsson Level 1 (0 points)

    Restarting iTunes fixed the problem for me. I downloaded a remixed version of "Danza Kudoro" and it wouldn't play originally, despite switching windows to the open iTunes. Then I closed iTunes and double-clicked the mp3 file again, it started up iTunes and was able to play the file, and it appeared normally in the "Recently Added" playlist.



  • joae1975 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is also happening to me.  Ever since I downloaded the new iTunes update.  I can drag new files to a playlist, but the won't show up in the main library. They play fine.  What gives???

  • joae1975 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just figured out a fix for me.  Put the file in a new playlist, then right click and "create AAC version."  It will put it in your main library.  PRESTO!!

  • joae1975 Level 1 (0 points)

    I also found that there's a little delay.  If you click on an mp3 file, it won't immediately show up in your library.  Come back to iTunes after a some time and it will be there.  I'm not sure of the length of the delay.  I just noticed the files were apearing after some time.

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    This really is MESS, and I made a mess of my Library trying to fix it!  I bought some .mp3 files from (all 10p cheaper than iTunes Store) and experienced the same problems as everyone else in this thread - the songs appeared in Recently Added and then when I played them, in Recently Played, but not in the Library.  I waited 24 hours, but they still didn't show up in Library.  Finally I managed to make them to appear by highlighting all the files in Recently Played and (from right click) created AAC files.  I immediately got the whole lot, .mp3 and .m4A (AAC) and some duplicates too, all showing up in my Library!


    I have iTunes and my PC runs under Windows.  I used Windows Explorer to find the songs in my iTunes Music folder and deleted all but the .m4A files.  However, all the other versions were still showing in my Library, mostly in triplicate, with no indication of which were real.  To clean up that mess, I had to try and play all the songs to identify which were the .m4As and use Shift/Delete to delete all the ones that came up as not found.  Thank the deity that it was only a few files - it still took me hours to figure all this out.


    Too much to hope that Apple would help with or even acknowledge this monster fail in the latest iTunes version!  The conspiracist in me thinks it's deliberate.  Good luck.

  • Smackiepipe Level 1 (10 points)

    yeah, but since iTunes 11 got rid of the 'Find Duplicates' you're on your own for managing any duplicate songs.

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