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    Update to latest OS (.2). It will fix it.

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    This update is only for new devices (iphone 5, mini ipad).


    There is NO fix from apple for older models, like mine, iphone 4s !!! After upgrade from 5.1.1 to 6.0.1, wifi greyed out.

    I'm done with apple !

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    i had the same problem and i let my battery died and when i charged it again it seemed to have fix the problem, its only been 1 day though so im not sure if its completely fixed, hope this helps

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    Just to add my 2p worth.


    I turned the light on the phone on and kept doing video recording to drain the battery, let it die completely, recharged it and the wireless came back on. Powering on and off through the software didn't work. None of the other suggestions I'd read were any help, and to be honest some were stupid.


    The best thing I can think of is that there is some hardware on the wifi that gets put in an inconsistent state and that powering on and off does not fix it as there could be some sort of trickle going through the hardware to keep it alive. Draining the battery allows the hardware to be really turned off and it puts it back into the right state.

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    Well that didn't work. Yesterday evening the iPhone stopped finding networks though I could select wifi, after powercycling the phone, I then got the grey wfi button. I drained the battery again in exactly the same way as before and powered on again, but this time it didn't work.


    This is a pain as I use wifi all the time, plan B is a factory reset, Plan C is a Samsung Galaxy 3.