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I have seen many posts/questions about this issue--but most of the "answers" i found for this problem were given in July 2012 which may be dated and are not working for me now.


According to Apple support, these are the steps to fix this problem:


None of the resolutions have worked:

1. I'm not using a third-party firewall, just the Apple firewall and it's turned off.

2. I've checked my /private/etc/hosts file and there are no entries containing or the default entries are listed.

3. I automatically set my date and time and have always had that feature checked.

4. I have one Apple ID associated with my email address and have confirmed that my Apple ID is verified.


Another discussion from someone who also couldn't fix it from the above resolutions suggested deleting/trashing info.plist file from apps folder. I don't have such a file in my apps folder.


Any other suggestions or help?!?! I've been using Facetime often on my Mac and it was working fine until about a week ago.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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