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After deleting my first podcast from iTunes, i cannot upload new ones again. The error message is "The feed has already been submitted".

My questions are: does this mean automatic upload/update of new episodes because it says the RSS feed has already been submitted (I USE PODOMATIC.COM)?

What if it's completely a new and different podcast but with the same Podomatic account? If not, how can i upload my new episodes?

Does it mean that all podcast i will be preparing with will use absolutely ONLY one RSS feed URL to update many episodes into iTunes??

Any help will be appreciated.

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)

    Do you mean you simply deleted the feed file? Or did you actually contact the iTunes Store staff and ask them to remove the entire podcast?


    If the former, all you need to do is re-upload the feed with whatever amendments you want. Subscribers will see it immediately and the Store will take 1-2 days to catch up (sometimes more).


    When you want to add a new episode, you don't need to make a new separate feed. You simply add the episode to the existing feed and re-upload it.


    Are you trying to add episodes to an existing podcast, or are you trying to create a completely new and different one?


    If you want to create a completely separate podcast it needs to have a different title, and ideally the feed filename should be different, otherwise you will get the error you saw.

  • toxic57 Level 1 (0 points)

    I used the "Report a concern" method in iTunes. Then i chose "Remove Podcast". My first upload was a test upload for my employer.

    Now i need to upload the real work. I am not too sure but i think the feed file was deleted cuz from my Podomatic page, i clicked "subscribe with iTunes" and amazingly it started downloading from iTunes BUT i cannot locate it with search on iTunes cuz i think it hasn't been uploaded.

    Is it possible that the RSS Feed is still valid (reason for the download) but iTunes hasn't picked it up to publish it??

    I'm totally confused with what's going on!!!

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)

    Your subscribe link presumably just contained the feed URL and so your own iTunes application downloaded it from your server - the Store is not involved (nor once people have subscribed from the Store page).


    If you asked to have it removed then it won't be in the Store. You didn't need to do that - all you had to do was upload an amended feed. If it has indeed been removed then you will have to start from scratch and re-submit the whole thing just as before. As said, you need a different title and if possible a different filename for the feed.

  • toxic57 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sir, I just read your profile and OMG it's enough to be a hit CV in today's world. Ok so you are suggesting i start all over again, right? I used!!! That's honestly my problem. I have no idea about manual amendment and all that although i can learn it fast from you now...if you wish.

    I just read about <itunes:block> from the help page and i think i get it. I can either block the whole channel and start all over or block an episode. What's happening to me is that the very first channel is still active (from the rss feed) though the FILE is deleted so what i just did was an episode to the channel... am i right, sir?

    I also picked up this from my page, RSS FEED:


    This is my page:

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)

    The archive feed has no contents. Probably older episodes will get moved here once you have reached a certain numbere, but I don't know for certain.


    The link on the web page leads to the feed URL you give, which contains the one episode. The feed is not available by searching in the Store so I assume it has indeed been removed.


    So now you need to change the title slightly (you can always change it back once it's up and running) and then go through the submission process from scratch. In the meantime people can subscribe from your site, they just won't find you in the iTunes Store.


    When you want to add more episodes, just add them in Podomatic the same way you made the present episode and they will be added to the feed. You don't need to remove previous episodes: the whole point of a podcast is to add episodes and keep the older ones available. Of course you can remove an episode if you want to for some reason, but as a general plan you should let them mount up.


    I shouldn't start messing about with the 'itunes:block' tag - I can't see that it's relevant to what you're trying to do.

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    OK Sir. On it right away. WIll update you in about 10mins just don't leave me here, please...You have been such a wonderful help.

    I'm going to start by changing some details on my podcast settings page just as you have said...BRB

  • toxic57 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok Sir, so i changed the Title, changed the Tag line and even changed the image from the "Podcast Settings" panel. I saved it and went back to my "Manage Podcast" page and the RSS FEED is still the same : This is the very same rss feed i got when i created the account for my first podcast publication. So straight forward question Sir: Asuming i want to start a totally new project (not an episode) how do i get all the previous contents off and AS WELL get my rss feed changed. Cuz doesn't look like it's ever going to change.

    My boss just needs to see it available on iTunes before sunday and i'm beginning to have doubts!!

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)

    I'm afraid I can't advise on Podomatic. It's quite possible that the rss feed filename is fixed and can't be changed. Have you tried actually submitting it?

  • toxic57 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes Sir. What i am suspecting is that, with podomatic you can only have one major channel with subsequesnt submissions as episodes. I might be wrong but seems so to me. So i think i will need to learn how to do it manually within the next 3-4 days (or probably your way). Can you please help with a thread or website that talks about the steps to manually creating and submitting podcast? Cuz i'm getting nowhere with this podomatic buisiness.

    Thanks so much for your time Sir.

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)

    You may find it helpful to read my page, which walks you through the basics and also links to Apple's rather more detailed page:



    It shows you what a basic feed looks like, but I'm not suggesting that you should actually handwrite your feed as you can easily bog down in inexplicable errors if you're not familiar with XML. There are various podcast creation services available, of which Libsyn is probably one of the most flexible, though it does come at a cost. You shyould certainly look at their Help or contact their Support, making it clear exactly what it is you want to do, and see whether they can advise.

  • toxic57 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just thinking aloud here; If iTunes pings Rss Feeds at regular intervals then wouldn't it be wise to wait for at least 24-48 hours to see if the podcast will update automatically into iTunes store?

    Thanks for the guidance Sir. I really appreciate your effort and time.

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)

    But hasn't your podcast been removed from the Store? If it has, it's no longer checking the feed. Have you checked at the Store page URL you were given in the email when your podcast was accepted?

  • toxic57 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was given this

    But it's no longer in the store. If the podcast file has been deleted does it mean its rss feed has also been blocked? If not, then what happens to other available episodes or podcasts associated with that same rss feed??

    If iTunes says "The feed has already been submitted" what does it mean then? I am thinking the rss feed is still active in iTunes store. After creating another episode of a channel, is it immediately available in iTunes store or it takes a while?

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,104 points)

    As the feed has been removed the Store has no connection whatever with it: nothing you do with the feed will ever be picked up. If you don't re-submit your podcast and get it accepted nothing will happen.


    The submission problem is a bug in the process: if a podcast with the same name as one which was previously submitted and later removed is submitted you will get this error message, and the only workaround is to change the title.


    Once a podcast has been accepted and has appeared in the Store you can add further episodes: you don't have to submit again.


    When you add a new episode to your feed and upload it, it appears immediately for subscribers because their iTunes application reads the feed directly and the Store is not involved.


    However because of the huge number of podcasts in the Store (thousands) the Store caches the feed and checks it for updates periodically. For this reason it usually takes 1-2 days for new episodes to appear in the Store: sometimes it can be less, and occasionally the whole process seems to get stuck and it can take several days.


    You should check your feed by subscribing, either from the Store page or manually from the 'Advanced' menu in iTunes, to see that your new episodes are there. If not, then you have an error of some sort (such as a duplicated 'guid' tag). If all your episodes appear when subscribing then the Store should catch up after a bit.

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