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  • bogoss Level 1 (10 points)

    Apparently, Apple is busy removing posts about solutions instead of offering one.


    I just downgraded without 42408 error, pacifist is the solution.

  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 (5,095 points)

    I reverted back to iTunes 10.7 also.


    Apparently no one at Apple no longer uses a computer.

    They seem to only use an iPhone or iPad.


    First they removed Front Row for all of us that used a large TV for an entertainment center and now "Full Screen" Cover Flow.


    I am attaching a photo below to show all the people at Apple what an entertainment center looks like when using Full Screen Cover Flow on a 55" Sony HD TV.

    Myself, like many other here, spent days, weeks, and/or months, collecting Album Art covers. The new iTunes is horrible showing small Album Art covers. That is pathetic.


    Try doing the below with the new iTunes 11



    To say I am unhappy with them removing Cover Flow would be an understatement.

    I will be staying on 10.7 as long as I can or until they bring back cover flow for iTunes 11.

    And yes, I get the -42408 error but can live with that much better then I can live with iTunes 11.

  • bogoss Level 1 (10 points)

    it's not only about the cover flow, it's the font, the easy search without any **** popping out, the sidebar, the playlist, the iTunes DJ.


    I hated safari 6, new mail, I didn't expect that Apple could have gone that far.

  • Unquity Level 1 (0 points)

    Any chance of you posting the steps you used to downgrade? I am getting 42408 which I can live with but if the solution is at hand I'll try again.


    p.s. Let us not forget my pet peeve which is the mini player. It's now useless for streaming radio.

  • bogoss Level 1 (10 points)
  • MarkieM Level 1 (10 points)

    Bogoss you are a genious!  I am back to 10.7... you are right about posts getting deleted, the one I followed is gone!  AMAZING that Apple is deleting posts!

  • Unquity Level 1 (0 points)

    Excellent! Thanks a ton.

  • Jeremy Krall1 Level 1 (65 points)

    You think it is amazing that Apple is deleting posts?  It has been the Apple way or no way for some time.  This is how they can control it.  I have been using a Mac since 2000 as my primary computer.  I refused to upgrade the OS past Snow Leopard because of losing Front Row.  My iMac is my "TV".  Trying to watch movies and TV shows through iTunes is horrible by comparison.

    But lately I have had enough.  I pulled an old Windows machine down from the attic and am upgrading it to use.  People didn't like Microsoft for many reasons, including the Windows being big and slow.  That is what gave everyone the options to do what they wanted to with their machines.

    Until Apple realizes that customer's actually want to be able to change things, without having to buy a Mac Pro, they have lost a customer.  With a 27" iMac, a MacBook, two iBooks, an iPad, an iPhone and 11 iPods over the twelve years, Apple has gotten enough of my money.

  • Unquity Level 1 (0 points)

    I couldn't agree more. The fact that a computer now has a lifespan of 3 or 4 years makes it all the more frustrating to have to go through upgrades that (at least in my mind) are not upgrades. I too have stopped at Snow Leopard (for a number of reasons). Can someone tell me why Apple insists on removing useful bits and pieces instead of giving the user some control over what works for them or doesn't?

  • dbleacher4 Level 1 (0 points)

    bogoss:: ive done the things youve suggested (downloaded 10.7 and pacifist) and saw your instructions on how but am so friggin scared to do it !!!! do you still think it was safe??????

  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 (5,095 points)



    I just tried using the Pacifist method.

    As always, you should backup just in case.


    I had no problems and now I no longer have the -42408 error.

    Everything seems to be back to normal using 10.7

  • dbleacher4 Level 1 (0 points)

    i know im stupid buuuuttttt..... how do i uninstall itunes 11 with appzapper

  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 (5,095 points)

    I didn't use AppZapper.


    I just used Pacifist which also removed all the iTunes 11 files.

  • Rodolphe Paccard Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks for the tip, it worked for me.


    I first had to remove iTunes 11 via the Terminal app as it would not let me do it by moving it to the trash. For those in this case, here's what you type in Terminal:


    To go to the Applications folder:


    cd /Applications


    Then to remove iTunes:


    sudo rm -R


    You will be prompted to enter your password.


    Then you can type:


    ls -s


    and check that it is gone (go to the bottom of the list where the apps starting with a small "i" are listed).


    Then you can install iTunes 10 from a backup or from the links in this thread and replace the "iTunes Library.itl" file in /Music/iTunes by a version from before you updated to iTunes 11 (using Time Machine for example).


    I recommand unchecking "Keep iTunes media folder organized" in iTunes advanced preferences, then quitting and rechecking it so it rebuilds the Library.


    I am however encountering problems syncing my iPhone. I get the famous -42408 error and warnings about unauthorized contents (songs and apps). Unfortunately the -42408 error seems to keep me from authorizing this content.


    Any thoughts on that?

  • Nathan Goldshlag Level 1 (100 points)

    I tried Pacifist and restored an earlier version of the library .itl file from before I upgraded to version 11.  But as soon as I tried to launch iTunes it complained about the library being too new and said to I want to download the latest version of iTunes.  Tried this a few times without sucess.


    Is this because the package receipts are screwed up?


    I noticed that sometimes with Pacifist there is a replace and an update option.  I tried both.

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