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    I don't blame you!  I upgraded to iTunes11 only because it will be necessary eventually, given Apple's policy of dropping older versions.  All I can say is that I really miss Steve Jobs.  He had a design sense of how to make things accessible, which is what made them popular. Between the Maps fiasco on the iPhone (I wish they would just give me Google Maps back and keep customers above their petty disagreement with Google) and this new user interface for iTunes, his successors are proving they lack his visionary ability.


    With iTunes 11, I miss the ability to have everything on one screen so I can simply drag songs where I want them, and see all the songs along with all the playlists and what's on my iPhone or iPod all at once.  With everything visible, it made it a breeze.  Why would I want to have to go through drop down menus and layers, which take extra steps and time?  This supposedly new feature of seeing a window with only the album or playlist actively playing was always available with a mere double-click.  That way, it was an option - one I rarely chose.  I surely don't want it as the default -- and I surely don't want layers of drop-down menus to perform tasks I used to do all on one screen with ease.


    While I've been figuring out how to drag and move songs around, and it all seems to work, it is less visible, less intuitive, more complicated, more time consuming.  Without Jobs, the new Apple team is going to turn their company into a Sour Apple.  I hope you guys read this forum and will consider putting your tail between your legs, admitting that you made another mistake, and return to the old user interface for iTunes.

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    I'm not sure who at Apple is responsible for the design direction of interfaces but it does seem that they are violating one of the primary rules of GUI design. Apple has always leaned toward a very clean interface. Sort of the Bang and Olufsen of computer interfaces. My beef is that they have just gone overboard with it. The extra clicking to find functions that used to be obvious is just a pain in the keester, not to mention the wholesale removal of useful functions. It does nothing to improve the user experience and in the case of v11, it makes matters worse. Apple needs to go back to the drawing board or the digital tablet.

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    To make it look and function like the previous version, just View-> Side bar, then view by Songs (icon). Hope this helps, not quite the same, but close.

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    I finally found a tutorial that was thorough and easy to understand, and I successfully downgraded to 10.7



    Thanks to everyone here who helped me.

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    The 10.7 installer tells me it won't install because the newer verion is installed. And trying to delete 11 gives me an error that it can't be deleted because it is required by the system.


    I downloaded Pacifist and see how to open packages, but do not understand how to use it to install 10,7.


    Any tips? Will it get arounf the "newer version already installed" error?






    To those having problems downloading 10.7, Mende1' link worked for me.

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    For those not using Time Machine, the five framework files are in System/Library/PrivateFrameworks.

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    Can't search song on ipod. No album art work drag & drop. I feel like I just downgraded my iTunes

    This is really frustrating...

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    I've already UPGRADED from iTunes 11 to 10.7! Its like going from a tablet to a computer!

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    I tried uninstalling with appzapper and reinstalling with Pacifist but still get the 42408 error. This is probably because everytime I tried to repalce the files using Pacifist it said the files couldn't be modified. Does anybody have a suggestion?


    Thanks... I hate iTunes 11 a.k.a. the biggest mistake Apple has made since firing Steve Jobs.

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    I missed the checkbox that gives you administrator privledges in Pacifist during my reinstall of iTunes 10.7. Very happy to have successfully downgraded.

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    hi guys


    please DON'T forget to pass on your comments about iTunes11 to Apple themselves here :



    that's the only way we might get back the features that matter to us, iTunes users



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    I could not have said it better. I also sucessfully completed my "upgrade" to 10.7  I've groused to Apple as nuno1959 recommended and hope that others take the time to do so as well.

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    Is there any other solution to iTunes telling you to restore iPods to factory defaults besides deleting the iTunesCDB file because I've heard that deleting it can mess up your iTunes library?

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    Thank you. Thank you. Thnk you. It work like a charm!

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