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    I would sort of agree with you on the mouse, outside of the fact that every single Apple presentation using a Mac on stage shows the presenter mousing it I can only hope you're wrong as the track pad isn't that great for anything other than the gestures and scrolling. The speed and accurracy just isn't there. If anyting, I'd love to see them make a revision of the Magic Mouse with some kind of a side button modifier to allow a few more gestures. I do agree with you the Magic Mouse is great - and after using it for who knows how long now, I think it's the best mouse I've ever used. Period.


    Hopefully OSX never becomes iOS in function, and only continues along the path of bringing the best programs and small ideas over where it makes sense. I think it's really time to improve Finder on many levels as well, and work to push gaming on the Mac platform which would in turn move them to focus more on the underpinnings and graphic subsystem and drivers etc. With Windows 8 taking some of the focus off direct access to the file system, and with Apple creating more obstacles for 3rd party apps in regards to Sandboxing and folder permissions etc. I really hope the industry doesn't continue its move towards stripping the control of your file system to some dumbed down version aking to iOS and iCloud document storage. It'd be a very very sad day.


    Anyhow... to the original topic and Gruber's reply... I really hope that even if he's right, they will bring it back in another revision. Small but when the rest of OSX still follows the rule of double click to minimize as a global option it only serves to make Apple look lazy and stupid IMO. I think they tried something like this before... as well as with stacking the window control buttons before changing back to the original horizontal layout.

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    I'm not much of a prognosticator, so I wouldn't place much faith in what I have to say about a converged OS X and iOS. I'm sure that Apple would provide a rationale for why it might drop or pick up a feature from the other OS, if they ever truly did converge them. I'm just a bit confused by Gruber's response.


    It sounds like you use your Mac for more than just a "consumption" device. When your computer is central to doing your job, a little take away like the double-click to minimize is a big deal. I guess I'm glad they did it to a recreational app like iTunes, and not to a productivity application. I'm not a programmer, but I wonder if double-click to minimize is gone because iTunes on OS X shares a codebase with iTunes for Windows? You're right, though, that Apple has noodled with iTunes' interface quite a bit, only to bring back a feature in a later version.


    I remember being somewhat excited that Z File System from Sun was compatible with OS X, but the initial buzz evaporated. We're all like years more sophisticated in what we need and expect in file management. Maybe you've seen this video before, but it holds some promise for additional ways to manage the desktop.


    It's hard to believe it's 3-years old already. They would have had to build their desktop manager in a product like a large trackpad. With the benefit of hindsight, however, it seems like an idea that died upon the vine.


    I use Mission Control quite a bit, but Launchpad? Not so much. It seems that Apple is nibbling at the edges of improving the Finder experience, so I'm encouraged a little over their efforts to improve desktop management. I don't know if Apple is just bogged down by hangers on to old shortcuts (like me!), or if they're running out of ideas. Whatever the case, it won't stop me from b*tching!

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    Updated to iTunes 11.0.2 today.  First thing i tried when I opened it was to close it... with the double click.  Still nothin'.

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    I also use the double-click-to-minimize in just about everything I do on the Mac. It's very annoying that this no longer works in iTunes 11. And no, I don't want to use the mini-player! I want to minimize the window.


    This was so aggravating to me after upgrading my work computer to 11, that I am refusing to upgrade my home computer until hopefully this is resolved.


    Please fix this Apple!

  • David M Brewer Level 6 (9,350 points)

    I've been using keys CONTROL+M to minimize the window.

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    Thanks for that but I still want to Double click to minimize 8)

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    This is an issue Apple needs to fix.  It's a great feature and needs to be consistent across all programs.  Address Book has the same issue.  Shouldn't have to hunt for the little button when a simple double click does the trick.  Love Apple, but this is symptomatic of the fundamental corporate flaws driving the stock into the ground.

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    Yes, this bothers me too.  Bring the feature back Apple!

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    polishedstaple wrote:


    Yes, this bothers me too.  Bring the feature back Apple!

    Tell Apple ->

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    the reason this calculated change in UI happened is because Apple either thinks there is no other application in the world to use than iTunes, so why would you ever want it off your screen? Why would a global setting change something as important as iTunes?

    Or, Apple is cramming this product down your throats. This is almost as bad as when they took away our right/ability to map the keys on our keyboard, as the play button on my keyboard ONLY LAUNCHES iTunes. I don't use iTunes to play music, but it sure launches and autoplays when I press that button (unless you have Quicktime always open, the only way I know to get around it).


    One by one these seem insignificant, but more and more I want to uninstall this app completely, but this can happen only after I get my wife off her iDevices.


    What needs to happen, and what won't, is Apple should break apart the monopolistic conglomerate that iTunes is. I am constantly confused where to go on my wife's iPad. Mind you, I've been using Apple products for about 30 years and use my computer for my profession, so I'm no slouch, but I am at a loss.


    The problem is they are combining a music player with their main revenue stream. They used the name "iTunes store"and now they are stuck with it. They have turned themselves into such an unmaneuverable beheamout of a corporation that they feel it is best if they remove functionality from what we need in order to sell us more stuff.

    It's pathetic, and it's why I won't upgrade past Snow Leopard, won't buy another desktop from Apple, and have switched to Android.

    No, I won't send this to Apple - they know exactly what they are doing. They are the bug, this feature removal is not the problem.

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    It's years later and I'm still upset about this issue. Please add back the double click.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,235 points)

    JamesHarry wrote:


    It's years later and I'm still upset about this issue. Please add back the double click.

    Years later,  you still need to tell Apple ->

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