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    Selereth wrote:


    This might have already been mentioned before, but since I can't be bother to go through 70 pages of text, I'll just pose the question again. How do you put music onto your Apple device?? It was so easy with the old iTunes, where you just dragged the music onto the device icon on the left but now I can't figure it out!

    I don't think you will get much help by posting to vaguey related thread. Create a new one ( or try to be bothered enough to read some of the things people took the time to post.

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    Not sure if I am technically proficient enough to try this.  Might jsut have to buy an old laptop.

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    jasctt7417 wrote:


    You can't.  The new OS will only work with the newest Itunes on the new MBP.  No way to get back. Believe me, I would if I could but I can't.  This is the only thing bugging me about my lovely MBP.



    With the help of this forum I went back in a few minutes.  Guided my Dad through it too.  What new OS are you talking about specifically...?

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    I'll throw my two cents (along with another 10 dollars for inflation) into this very long discussion (c'mon apple, this is what you get when you don't listen to your customers AND you think you can do no wrong ... as if you're buying into your own cult of personality).


    I got bit REALLY REALLY hard with the ios 6 upgrade fiasco on my ipod (music is like oxygen for me.. I need a really good dose of it every day and ios 6.0 was a horrible disaster from the time I said "yeah whatever, upgrade my ipod touch to 6.0" to the time 6.0.1 came out... 6.0.1 fixed most of the problems but there are a couple outstanding issues I still have to work around, but I digress..). In short, I did not upgrade to itunes 11, in fact, because of ios 6, I downloaded the offline installer for 10.7 before 11 came out and I'm sitting on it just in case I find itunes 11 got on my computer without my explicit desire and every copy on the net mysteriously disappeared.


    I have been following threads related to itunes 11 and I have taken it for a "test drive" on a spare computer with a mock up of my library and I find some of the complaints are a bit unfounded or exaggerated, but I think some of them are overlooked too and don't go far enough to condemn the new version.


    My background is this: I only buy from itunes store when I can't buy a CD copy any more or to fill in the few songs I like that are not covered by greatest hits. I have thousands of artists in my library, from many genres and thrash/metal, punk, rap, techno are probably the only things I don't have. What I do have constitutes over 14,000 songs (about 37 days nonstop) of stuff I listen to in as round robin as I can. I buy used CDs whenever I can, or new if needed, and then I rip in linux using the lame mp3 encoder with joint stereo VBR "-V 3" setting. I find this gives me the best compromise between file size and sound quality (the worst transparent CD like quality setting, which still kicks itunes file size by a ratio of about 5:8 and I swear the quality is ever so slightly better at that).


    I don't NEED itunes or the itunes store or the cloud, but I find of all the apps out there for music management and playing, itunes and the corresponding ipod player on the classic/touch/iphone has always been the best overall out there for my evolving listening habits. I get tired very quickly of listening to the same song or artist every day and I need a lot of variety.


    I am up to 35 days of "potential" music to listen to at any given time (I won't listen to my xmas music in july and that's about 1+1/2 days worth), and I like it just fine for most days to go from hard rock (deep purple) to classical (vivaldi) to country (alabama) in three songs, so my play lists are smart playlists based mainly on what I have not listened to in the past so many days, with a preference for songs I personally like better than others.


    I really like the feature of previous versions of itunes that are both inclusive and exclusive, no matter where you are (e.g. select a playlist and then group them by genre). I am currently chugging through one play list that allows me to catch up on songs I have not heard in the past 6 months, and sometimes, I want to limit the large 800 songs in that playlist to a specific genre (I feel bluesy tonight or I feel jazzy today and I sure as **** don't want to accidentally listen to a jazz song I heard 3 hours ago with another 50 I haven't listened to in the last 6 months).


    What I can do in 10.7 is to pick my "really old stuff" smart play list (everything more than 6 months old, rated 3+, not special occasion music, etc) and then subdivide by picking genre on that playlist. Now I can listen to 70 or 80 songs that are classified as 'blues', etc.


    What I cannot do or can't figure out how to do in itunes 11 is just that. I can pick the playlist, and I can pick my entire library and pick genre, but I can't subdivide a certain playlist by genre, short of creating NEW playlists that are based on that one, limiting to those certain genres (as in have an explosion of smart playlists that become increasingly more difficult to manage due to the increase in numbers and cross referencing). I think this is one simple easy feature apple could throw back in by not hiding the "show by artist/album/genre" bar when the sidebar is shown and you go from library music to a specific playlist... and it could be a feature you could turn on and off in preferences, defaulted OFF... (think "advanced user" features, man... don't just assume everybody listens to music the same way)


    Again previous versions allow me to limit on a whim.... itunes 10 allows me to pick the library, playlist, etc, whatever I feel like then do a keyword search which reduces the results of THAT LIST to a smaller list and if I start playing that subset, I'm playing only those songs... I want to play everything from tchaikovsky? go to entire music library, type in his name and I get the one album attributed to him and the several from valery gergiev who is a conductor who recorded some of tchaikovsky's plays and canons.


    I agree that itunes 11 has been simplified, but I don't agree that it is necessarily or automatically easier to use.


    If you are the type of person who is happy listening to just one artist or the same album over and over again, or a "casual" listener or anyone who is afraid of playlists, I think itunes 11 might be good enough for you and the power of older itunes versions would not be of any benefit to you, making itunes 11 "better" because it is "simpler" and "easier to use".


    While itunes 11 allows you to manage non bought from itunes music (such as in my case), they have made it much harder to do (can't drag/drop, you have to go file -> add to library) to try to steer you to their store, and for some, changing the way you manage your music, it might be annoying, but probably something you could live with. If you play apple's game and buy all your stuff from them, 11 is probably fine as it's simply "go to store, buy it, it shows up in your library", but if you are obsessive with the quality of your music like me and you need to have a CD quality version lying around (I also rip to FLAC for later reference) and don't like the quality of the result from itunes  when you rip directly in itunes, 11 can be a bit of a hindrance to work around its new UI.


    If you're a music freak like me and listen to pretty much everything you own, which is 5 banker's boxes FULL of CDs and growing, you probably won't find version 11 particularly helpful or easy to wield. In fact, I would suspect I'd slit my wrists, fire-axe the computer and/or switch to something else if I had no option BUT to go to itunes 11 in its current form.


    In my own opinion, itunes 11.1 or itunes 12 could be quite powerful and flexible if apple listened to their customers for a change and add silly things like being able to  subdivide by genre on a playlist, do something radical like show the current song progress slider bar, etc.... Things that are already in itunes 10.


    The UI itself is not quite as clunky as some people claim, but I do find it does run counter-intuitive at times, lacks really basic user interaction features like pick up slider and drag elsewhere (can't pause right now and have to answer the phone, **** it's a wrong number, get off phone, would like to rewind 30 seconds much harder to do without a slider progress bar) and problems seem to grow in proportion to the size of your library (slower searches with more songs, etc)...


    So, do I think it's better? meh... it's different, that's for sure... and it does lack certain capabilities that I have grown to depend on found in earlier versions of itunes, which makes it something I don't have any desire to move away from. Am I likely to upgrade to 11.0.1, **** NO!!!

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    @jasctt7417: It's really not difficult.  Here are the simplified steps that worked for me.  Since I see there are other directions on here for going back to 10.7, maybe it's ok for us to help each other out now, which is really the point of this forum (if not, my appologies to the moderator - just trying to help another user here).  First thing to do of course is to have an up-to-the-minute Time Machine backup.  Then:


    1, download and install an application called AppZapper



    2, download and install an application called Pacifist



    3, download iTunes10.7.dmg from wherever you can find it (might still be at



    4, uninstall itunes 11 using AppZapper (just launch AppZapper and drag the iTunes 11 icon into it's main dialog window).



    5, launch pacifist and click the first option Open Package. Open the iTunes10.7.dmg file you downloaded.



    6, during installation, click replace everytime a window pops up and asks you, DON'T click Ignore All.  You have to click Replace like 100 times but just do it and do it carefully even though it's tedious.



    7, Rename the iTunes Library.itl file in your \Music\iTunes\ folder to something like iTunesLibrary-Backup.itl (this is the iTunes 11 version which won't work with iTunes 10.7 and which you really will never use again).



    8, Copy the most recent backup you have of your 10.7 library from the \Music\Itunes\Previous iTunes Libraries\ folder to \Music\iTunes\ and rename it to iTunes Library.itl



    9, installation finished, the iTunes 10.7 icon should be back and you should be able to launch 10.7 just fine. You can move the iTunes 11 icon to the trash.


    Good Luck!!!

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    Well, I'll be honest.  I stopped paying for music over 10 yrs ago.  all my tracks are MP3s @ 320.  I don't know if this is a problem or not.  I have over 6 TBs of music (lots of live shows) and all of it has to be ported in from external drives.  I don't know if this is what causes the song info I customize to not be permenant liek it was on older versions of Itunes.

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    What ' s with the : do you wanna erase all these songs ? every time I try to play a song .... ******'  anoying ... I miss the old version

  • Drew Reece (Re:co) Level 2 (310 points)

    Apple are taking cues from Microsoft…


  • MacPow75 Level 1 (15 points)

    jasctt7417 wrote:


    I don't know.  All I know isthat this new itunes, on my new MBP, won't keep the changes I make to the track information.  It just goes back to it's original info.  I need to be able to modify it like I could on the old version.  It's useless.


    Yea... I heard that about this, in this hot mess of an "upgrade"... that you cannot edit metadata (track info).... while not as an obvious change as the loss of coverflow... that right there is a game ender for me... I arrange and label the music the way I want to, thank you very much apple, as much as you want to make my life utopia, I think I can handle my own database, that you would block me from editing the metadata is, well, offensive... The autocomplete feature in the text entry for the data fields is bad, but I have figured out how to live it...

  • MacPow75 Level 1 (15 points)

    Drew Reece (Re:co) wrote:


    Apple are taking cues from Microsoft…



    LOLOL... what, did they start drinking the kool aid up in Redmond??? Jeez, I am having a hard time accepting the dumbing down of apple... wow.

  • Selereth Level 1 (0 points)

    I already did create a new thread, and haven't gotten an answer there yet. That's why I came here, because it seems that this is where a lot of the "action" is going on. Either way, I'm not going to spend my time looking through pages and pages of text for a simple answer that someone could literally type in under a minute. My question is a simple one. All I want to know is how to put music onto my iPod using the new interface.

  • Mark Block Level 2 (270 points)

    MacPow75 wrote:

    Yea... I heard that about this, in this hot mess of an "upgrade"... that you cannot edit metadata (track info).... while not as an obvious change as the loss of coverflow... that right there is a game ender for me...

    I'm starting to lose faith not with Apple but with my fellow iTunes 11 haters. The above is just flat-out not true. It came up earlier in the thread and was debunked. You can edit metadata exactly like before, and it sticks. I do it several times a day. If it doesn't work for you, then there may be a deeper problem with your Permissions, or perhaps with important iTunes files not being where they're supposed to be.


    Several other posts today seem wrong to me. Off the top of my head: I can definitely subdivide a Smart Playlist by Genre; I can drag and drop tracks into iTunes; I can load anything on my iPhone and iPad the same ways (plural) I can do it in iTunes 10.7, including drag-and drop. Again, I do these things daily (except for the drag-and-drop into iTunes, which I think is a really bad workflow; I use aliases of "Automatically Add to iTunes," which I've put in several convenient locations on my computer).


    I have iTunes 10.7 on my main home system and iTunes 11.0.1 on my MacBook Pro. I switch back and forth quite easily. Except for Cover Flow, DJ, Column Browser and some view options, iTunes 11 has not eliminated very many features. It's a stupid "upgrade" and I don't recommend it, but it's hardly a disaster.


    I will not be installing 11 on my main home audio any time soon, but I sympathize with people who installed it by mistake. If you don't like it, a couple of users on this thread have kindly posted how to easily install 10.7 with Pacifist.


    Here's a brief report from an authoritative source:

  • jasctt7417 Level 1 (0 points)

    Where in the preferences can you fix the whole metabase/changing track info?  Looking through the Itune preferences, I can't find anything relating to it.  I have a brand new 2012 Retina Display MBP. 

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    jasctt7417 wrote:


    Where in the preferences can you fix the whole metabase/changing track info?  Looking through the Itune preferences, I can't find anything relating to it.  I have a brand new 2012 Retina Display MBP. 

    Sorry, I don't understand the question. What do the preferences have to do with editing track info/metadata? I edit the metadata exactly the same way in the new iTunes as I do in the old iTunes. The "Get Info" window has changed only a little from the old version. Gapless Playback is gone, but no real functionality has been lost, as iTunes determines Gapless Playback automatically.


    If it doesn't "stick" for you, I wonder if it's a permissions issue or a bad software update (rare, but it happens). If you have a new MBP, maybe make an appointment at the Genius bar. Let us know if you solve it.

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    Can someone tell me why in iTunes 11 I can't seem to rearrange songs within the "Songs" tab?


    I can move and relocate songs within the Playlist tab, but the Songs tab won't allow this...

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