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  • Sylvanter Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been a loyal and paying Apple customer for 30+ years now and even I'm scratching my head of iTunes 11.  I think there are some valid points in the digital life article cited above and some very valid complaints here.  I get that Apple doesn't actively monitor these boards but having submitted my feed back via official methods I thought I'd add my support to the voice of folks who are just not feeling this update.  While I am slowly.. sort of.. kind of.. getting almost used to it, I can't say I'll ever really like iTunes 11, it's just lacking on so many levels.

  • david.moody Level 1 (0 points)

    In respect to JoFlo57 and Appletini6, and others who have posted positive comments, I want to say go for it. I do also like many of the new features. especially the way the album contents are displayed now when you click on an album, and the whole design of the podcast section. I have no complaints about these aspects of the new design. My only complaints have been about the things that have been removed, that really did not need to be removed. Things like coverflow, which I used all the time. Also, for those who have been complaining about unreliability, I have had no problems with that that couldn't fixed by simply taking time to learn how the new version works.


    So, please don't criticise those who do like it, or like aspects of it. We all have different tastes, and we all think differently. In the end, opinions are just opinions, and the world won't fall apart if we happen to disagree.


    Apple: I like the new features of iTunes 11 - but I don't like the fact that you've removed its best features so unnecessarily. Please give them back to us asap.



  • cambridge diva Level 1 (0 points)

    It didn't feel intuitive to me.  It's fine but I have no interest in the new features...

  • katalinhopkins Level 1 (0 points)

    Check this out:


    I did the same thing: had to roll back to itunes 10.7

    I hate the new iTunes, Apple managed to "dumb" the software down so much it is barely usable!!!!  Can't show duplicates, Genius can't show a detailed list view, and the currently playing list is only in a popup: ***!!!

    anyhow: I followed the instructions on that link and it solved my issues....


    I had replaced all files during the reinstall of itunes 10.7


    I pray that apple figures out how insulting the itunes 11 is to any customer with 2 brain cells and restore all advanced functionality and let us decide on how the interface should look like.....arghh...what a headache

  • ron App Level 1 (15 points)

    david.moody wrote:


    I do also like...

    Like or do not like, not so important, the question we have to ask is - is it properly designed? It is NOT.


    Remember Audi TT? Everybody liked it, but it was crashing and killing people. And those deaths are partially  fault of those "happy customers" who never tried to drive faster than 80, yet vocalized that those who are complaining about instability, are just whining.


    Same with software, it needs to be properly designed to fit the purpose, not only somebody's limited needs or likes.


    Is iTunes even able to properly display Album artwork? NO.

    Is embedding arwork in each title idiotic? YES

    Did they even design a way to manage original lossless library at home + mobile compressed library on notebook computer? Or, lossless and compressed versions on the same dirve? NO

    Did they ever imagine that I may need to separate for example symphonic music from rap? NO, but I could do this with iTunes 10, because navigating of playlists was exactly the same as navigating the whole library. Not any more.


    Instead, they forcefully restrict users from using the older versions of iTunes. No amount of "like" will make all these and many other wrong things right.


    I also "like" and that is why I keep using MacOS instead of Linux, for example. But there must be a limit to how much they can abuse this? Or not?

    How much further can it even go? Preview is a fail, iTunes is a fail, Logic and FCP are on the ege, what's next? OS X 10.8 is on the edge with it's "new features", they still can be disabled, but for how long?

  • shroudloud Level 1 (0 points)

    The new iTunes is an iMare.


    Since Steve Jobs died Apple has been going down hill fast.  I can't believe such a huge company hung on the genius of one guy.  At this rate, in four or five years Apple will be just another computer company like Dell or HP.


    iTunes 11 is just horrible.

  • Michael Battenfield Level 1 (135 points)

    And let us not forget - iOS device updates and back-ups come through iTunes (unles you have lots of iCloud storage and are doing all your backups that way - and download your updates directly on the device).


    So - if you rely on iTunes for syncing/backing up/updating, then you are stuck with the latest versions...

  • mfaugustinius Level 1 (0 points)

    I Agree, and have thought the same myself twice last week. The Itunes 11 Idea really manifest that apple is going downhill now. How can a big company release something this ******. I cant find any of my functions. App air play has gone on all devices. I am unable to put songs manually to my devices and the whole program uses 30 seconds just to make search in the internal database. The Itunes turned from my favorite program to just another piece of **** in 5 minutes.


    And they wonder why the stock fell yesterday. Its because a couple of million users add together the stupid launch of Ipad mini and the new Itunes that crippled everybodyd systems. Thats why. People understand that after Steve there is no quality control and they start making mistakes like IBM



  • Gary1019 Level 1 (0 points)

    iDon't think it's as good as it's been Advertised.


    it is slow, tooo complicated and too many clicks on the UI.


    it's just another copy-version of the last one.


    what's wrong with apple?  


    iPad product line , the screen size : big -----to----- small !


    iPhone  product line ,  the screen size :  small ---- to ---- big !


    Show something REALLY BRAND NEW to us  , Apple !

  • Give_me_a_break Level 1 (0 points)

    An iTunes update is coming soon, but most of the issues don't look like they will be fixed (like album art in Song and List View). Also, no return of cover flow...



    Mossberg's conclusion that iTunes 11 is "better and easier to use" is of course an ***-kissing exercise. After all, he wants to have Tim Cook on his interviewing chair again next year. But maybe it's also just stupidity...


    <Edited By Host>

  • fkallop Level 1 (0 points)

    iTunes 11 looks & feels more like some Windows crap than Apple.

  • wd513 Level 1 (0 points)

    Lost ability to sync Outlook calendar and contacts.

  • sapata Level 1 (0 points)

    just terrible! are these the first signs of Mr Jobs absence?

  • Give_me_a_break Level 1 (0 points)

    Watch out what you say - several of my posts have been deleted already for stating the same by the Big Brother who watches these threads.


    BTW, I thought that censorship was a core skill of the Chinese and not the Americans. But maybe the screening of this forum has been outsourced to China as well...

  • nuno1959 Level 1 (25 points)

    Hi P Bob !



    follow these instructions & they will enable you to avoid the (in)famous error -42408 MANY people are getting ( i did to until i followed those )

   - trust me it's easy peasy !!


    then restore your iTunes folder from Time Machine from BEFORE you did the update


    please don't forget to send Apple some feedback about what you dislike in iTunes11 otherwise we'll be stuck with it...

    here :

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